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    Office 365 Migration Services to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

    Microsoft Office 365 is a popular suite of productivity tools that has redefined the way teams work and collaborate.

    Here are some numbers to underline its popularity.

    Around 83% of Fortune 500 companies are utilizing Microsoft Office 365.

    In a study, over 80% of users noted they saved a minimum of 15-30 minutes per day using Office 365 compared to older versions.

    1 out of 7 people on earth use Microsoft Office 365. ~ According to Zipdo

    Microsoft Office 365 owns nearly half of the office productivity software market ~ As per Statista.

    Now with those statistics to advocate the popularity of O365, it is obvious to start thinking about migrating to Office 365.

    And that is where Microsoft Office 365 migration services take the centre state in the modern business landscape.

    Uncertain if you should opt for Office 365 migration services or not?

    Hold that thought up right there!

    Let us answer all your questions through –

    • Do you really need MS Microsoft 365 migration services?
    • What is the yield to expect out of the MS 365 migration service?
    • How Office 365 migration partner sets you up for success?
    • With a Bonus – Questions to ask while qualifying the right Office 365 Migration Partners.

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        Get ready to explore…

        First Things First: Do You Really Need Office 365 Migration Services?

        Thinking about, “Can I go without O365 migration services?”

        If you’re done making your decision about Office 365 migration, it’s great!

        If not, here is an answer to your question: It is possible for you to migrate your on-premises applications and data to MS Office 365 without external support.

        However, this approach comes with a risk!

        The risk of overestimating your in-house talent, or underestimating the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365, which can cause your migration efforts to go off course.

        Since O365 migration is a one-off event, you as a visionary leader must ensure that your project is in capable hands, right from the beginning.

        Opting for Office 365 migration services backs you up with the tried-and-tested practices and proven expertise to ensure maximum efficiency, minimal disruptions, and drive positive ROI while guaranteeing a hassle-free transition.

        To better understand the contribution of Microsoft Office 365 migration services in your migration initiative, let’s take a closer look at the Office 365 key pitfalls that M365 service providers save you from.

        Delayed Migration

        As an Office 365 migration expert, we can confirm that the cost of delay is greater than the cost of migration itself.

        But with Office 365 migration consulting partners by your side, you can escape the costly delays and enjoy an effortless transition.

        Let’s understand this better with an example.


        You kickstarted your migration initiative without adequate knowledge of the capabilities of your internal team and complexity of the Office 365 migration process, causing roadblocks and unforeseen challenges in the migration timeline.


        You decided to opt for Office 365 migration services.


        With the help of Office 365 migration consultants, you got a clear visibility into your internal team’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Office 365 migration specialists addressed the knowledge gaps encountered during the migration process and fuelled your migration initiative at double the speed and efficiency, with timely completion of the migration project.

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            Failed Migration of Custom Solutions

            Migrating off-the-shelf solutions to Office 365 is one thing, and migrating intricate custom solutions is another.

            The latter usually consists of complex dependencies, configurations, and custom functionalities, leaving you feeling helpless if not addressed with care and expertise.

            Let’s understand this better with an example.


            Your business heavily relies on niche custom applications designed to solve your industry’s unique challenges.

            However, due to tons of intricacies, dependencies, and configurations involved, your internal Office 365 migration team is struggling to connect the dots and unlock seamless migration.


            You decide to invest in Microsoft Office 365 migration services.


            The Office 365 migration partner walked in with their prover expertise in migrating custom applications to O3656 environment. Their skilled team of O365 experts tested application compatibility, assessed the migration risks & challenges, and devised a customized migration strategy.

            As a result, they helped you successfully migrate your custom applications to O365 environment, with no to low friction.

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                Advanced Security Configuration Issues

                Maximum companies find that security complexity is one of the major migration risks followed by pricing and legacy infrastructure ~ As per a study conducted in partnership with Dell EMC.

                In the absence of advanced security configuration expertise and implementation, the biggest issue leaders face with Office 365 migration is the complexity of security.

                Let’s understand how O365 migration services come to your rescue.


                You aspire to reap the benefits of Microsoft O365 migration but are afraid that your corporate data and applications may be exposed to cyber-attacks.

                This fear of lack of security is hindering your business from embracing Office 365 migration and you’re missing out on the latest productivity and collaboration benefits.


                You decide to opt for MS Office 365 migration services.


                By choosing to avail the security and compliance expertise of a Office 365 migration partner, you are assured that your Microsoft 365 migration initiative is in capable hands.

                These O365 migration service experts prioritize security just as you do, ensuring that your migration efforts are safe and successful.

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                    Simply put – Investing in the Microsoft Office 365 migration services brings you a promise of prompt support, complete customization, guaranteed results, and peace of mind, which sets you up for assured migration success.

                    Thinking about – “What is the ROI to expect from Microsoft 365 migration services?”

                    You’re on the right track.

                    Up next, let’s unwind the ROI that business leaders, like yourself, can expect out of Microsoft Office 365 migration services.

                    What is the Yield to Expect Out of The Office 365 Migration Services?

                    Typically, ROIs are calculated based on sheer commercial benefits, which isn’t justifiable in every case.

                    You may invest in Office 365 migration services to –

                    • Boost operational efficiency
                    • Ensure airtight data security
                    • Extend collaboration capabilities or
                    • Lower the cost of your on-premises IT infrastructure

                    Each of these unique demands should be treated differently while calculating the ROIs.

                    Let’s understand this better with an example.

                    Assume that you are a newly appointed CTO of a financial institution.


                    You realize that what was once a profitable branch, is now bleeding because the team is struggling with the inefficacy of 20-year-old legacy infrastructure, disparate communication channels, and outdated platforms.

                    This outdated system has not only slowed down the team’s productivity and efficiency but also destroyed the institution’s edge in the market while security and compliance concerns continue to dominate.

                    Soon you realize that the outdated IT infrastructure is a ticking time bomb, making you urgently seek a one-stop solution to address all your challenges.


                    You decide to opt for Office 365 migration services.


                    The proficient team of Office 365 migration partner steps in and takes up a robust approach to revamp your existing infrastructure.

                    1. 360-Degree Assessment:

                    Instead of shooting recommendations, the reliable Microsoft Office 365 consultation experts first performs a comprehensive assessment of your current infrastructure.

                    They locate your pain points, security stature, vulnerabilities, communications channels, and room for improvement, laying the base for a successful Office 365 migration.

                    2. Customized Migration Strategy:

                    Realizing the pain points and considering your end goal, Office 365 migration services professionals design a customized plan that includes Office 365 migration strategy, with the aim to simplify communication and collaboration channels, integrate enterprise-grade security measures, and much more.

                    3. Implementation of Office 365 Migration:

                    After preparing the details of migration, it’s now time for smooth execution.

                    The Office 365 migration services experts leverage their years of experience and expertise to execute the migration plan and ensure a smooth transition.

                    The best part? During the process of migration, the O365 migration service professionals ensure no to low downtime and the highest data security measures to achieve the desired results.

                    They stay by your side throughout, overseeing the transition, ensuring data integrity, and delivering the promise of seamless migration.

                    After a successful migration, a reliable Office 365 migration consultant arms your team of end-users with the training and support to help them make the most of the Microsoft 365 investment.

                    Now, let’s look at the ROI yielded by opting for Office 365 migration services in this case.

                    Simply put –

                    • Cost reduction as the costly legacy system is replaced with cloud infrastructure.
                    • Improved productivity as the fragmented communication channels are replaced with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.
                    • Enhanced security as the previously compromised security infrastructure is now protected with Office 365’s powerful security protocols.
                    • Elevated scalability as Office 365’s infrastructure provides effortless scalability without additional infrastructure investment.
                    • Bettered employee satisfaction due to the collaborative work environment.

                    The list is never-ending.

                    Talking about return on investment, the above-mentioned benefits are merely at the surface level. Deep down, there is a lot that you can expect to achieve with O365 migration service.

                    Now, as you are aware of how Office 365 migration outsourcing service helps you unveil the potential of O365 and ensure positive ROI, you need a reliable technology partner to bring your seamless migration dream to reality.

                    However, finding a reliable Office 365 migration partner can be a challenge, especially in the competitive landscape where everyone claims to be the #1.

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                        Moving on, let’s unravel how to handpick a trusted Office 365 migration services provider.

                        Questions to Ask While Qualifying the Right Office 365 Migration Services Provider

                        There are over 600,000 US companies leveraging Microsoft Office 365 alone in the USA, confirms Statista.

                        Thinking about – “How do I differ in my approach to make the most out of Microsoft Office 365 migration investments?”

                        Simple – By leveraging the expertise of an Office 365 migration consultant and gaining a favorable return on investment and the best perks of Office 365’s features.

                        Moreover, there are thousands of Microsoft 365 migration services providers out there, or rather self-proclaimed Microsoft 365 migration consultants.

                        So, how do you dodge the ordinary MS 365 migration consultants and find a truly proficient partner?

                        Right before you end up choosing a wrong-footed menace, here’s a list of parameters that you should check for qualification —

                        • Industry expertise they possess
                        • Years of experience in O365 migration services
                        • Strategies and approaches for Office 365 migration
                        • Challenges to anticipate during the Office 365 migration
                        • Portfolio of O365 migration projects
                        • Case studies and references of projects
                        • Microsoft Office 365 migration pricing
                        • Factors contributing to the overall Office 365 migration cost
                        • Approximate duration required for the Microsoft Office 365 migration
                        • Post Microsoft Office 365 migration support

                        These key parameters shall help you gauge the capabilities and technological fitment of the Office 365 migration services partners.

                        Once you sort the wheat from the chaff, the next important step is to pose the right questions to the prospective Microsoft 365 migration partners.

                        This is to ensure tight alignment of their objectives with your business goals and ensure compatibility while setting the stage for successful collaboration.

                        Thinking about “What questions should you ask?”

                        Here’s what you should start with –

                        1. What’s Your Approach to Gauge the Compatibility and Readiness of Our Existing Infrastructure for Migration to Office 365?

                        You may think that this is a very basic question, but trust us, it’s not!

                        Whenever you decide to outsource Office 365 migration services, irrespective of the years of experience and level of expertise of the prospect partner, a thorough primary assessment is a non-negotiable parameter to consider.

                        Ignoring the importance of which calls for rework, which can be costlier.

                        As a general rule, it can take up to 30-50% of the total effort.

                        Costlier than you had imagined it to be, right?

                        Thus, your would-be Office 365 migration consultant must emphasize gauging the compatibility and readiness of your existing infrastructure, as they do for the entire transition.

                        2. When It Comes to Fine-tuning the Performance of Our Office 365 Environment, How Do You Ensure Uncompromisable Functionality and User Experience?

                        A well-optimized Office 365 environment is synonymous with the successful adoption of Microsoft O365, wouldn’t you agree?

                        But keeping this promise intact, without disrupting the core functionality is not everyone’s cup of tea.

                        It’s essential to assess Office 365 migration consultants’ approach to performance optimization, as it calls for a comprehensive analysis, proactive monitoring, strategic adjustments, and much more.

                        3. How Do You Approach the Migration of Deep-rooted Legacy Systems and Databases, While Minimizing Downtime and Ensuring Data Integrity?

                        It’s a fact that the migration of deep-rooted legacy systems and databases is one of the most stubborn challenges to win over.

                        The essence of this question is to understand the prospective company’s experience, problem-solving capabilities, and commitment to handle complex migrations without sacrificing data integrity and downtime.

                        As a technology leader, these questions give you an upper hand to go beyond the basics and assess the true capabilities of a MS Office 365 migration services provider, ensuring that your would-be migration partner’s experience and proficiency perfectly aligns with your migration goals.

                        Now, that you are aware of how O365 migration services help you unlock true value & positive ROI, we’re confident that you are looking for a qualified Office 365 migration outsourcing services partner, who matches your business’s DNA and translates your vision into reality.

                        Thinking about – “Where will I find an expert MS 365 migration services provider in the USA?”

                        We’ve got you covered!

                        Your Quest for a Reliable Office 365 Service Provider Ends at Integrative Systems

                        Whether you’ve held on to the thought of migrating to Office 365 or halfway through the process, our team of expert Microsoft 365 migration consultants have seen it all and done it all.

                        As you are looking for a partner as a catalyst for your Microsoft 365 migration success, we take huge pride in becoming the Office 365 migration service partners of your choice and making your Microsoft Office 365 investments worthwhile.

                        Have a feeling that we are the match you’ve been looking for?

                        Drop us a line at [email protected] and our team of experts will get back to you in 2 business days, to take it from there.

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