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Trust our expertise on both – legacy and modern platforms – to develop, support, maintain or migrate your new or existing projects.

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What brings you here?

Worries about shrinking talent for your IBMi/AS400 applications?

The anxiety of spending too much on developing, enhancing & maintaining your IBMi/AS400 applications?

Tenacity to harness greater value & improved performance by modernizing IBMi/AS400 applications?

In its existence of 30 years, IBM AS400 systems are appreciated for the stability, robustness & security they promise to deliver.

Integrative extends the same promise of reliability with unwavering expertise in AS400 integration, modernization & cloud migration services.

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    375 +
    AS400 Projects
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    AS400 Developers Deployed
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    Our Esteemed Clients

    iSeries Application Challenges & Solutions

    Has your IBM i become monolithic, legacy, and obsolete?
    Are your applications not able to "talk" to each other?
    Are you not able to optimize your AS400 applications' performance?

    IBMi/AS400 Development Company – Why Integrative Systems?

    Integrative’s sole motive is to help you succeed first!

    We help you get to your vision by empowering you with the right AS400 software and services support.

    To help you instil trust in us, we want you to know that we are IBM Silver Business Partners with 25+ years of exemplary experience working in the AS400 software space.

    An in-house team of 100+ Experienced & Certified AS400 developers working on the design & development of high-end AS400 applications for diverse industries and sectors.

    Hire AS400 iSeries Developers

    Proven expertise in IBM/AS400 platform including RPG/400, AS/SET, J2EE, WebSphere and Domino/Notes.

    An empathetic approach to understanding customer's IT problems and focus on identifying the root causes

    Focused on building holistic solutions that resolve our customer's IT issues

    Need a Seasoned Partner to Revive Your Legacy AS400 Applications?

    Our AS400 experts bring in years of experience in IBMi modernization, iSeries integration, GUI for iSeries, cloud migration and iSeries application enhancements. We strive to deliver high performance, cutting-edge solutions to help you gain a competitive edge.

    We ensure we follow the standard operating practices to help you yield better results.

    What our Customers Say About Us



    Case Study -
    Optimizing Order Fulfilment Process for a Global Educational Supplier

    Our client is the largest operator of campus bookstores, supplying students and faculty with textbooks and other course materials through more than 930 bookstores.

    IBMi/AS400 Services – Achieve Your Goals 2X Faster

    Hire AS400 iSeries programmers to augment and extend your in-house team.

    Get the leverage to select AS400 iSeries programmers that fit your project requirements and culture.

    Scale the size of your extended team of AS400 iSeries developers up or down, as and when required.

    Get dedicated AS400 developers to work on your project, as good as having an in-house team.

    Hire AS400 iSeries resources with top skills irrespective of the complexity and duration of your project.

    Get a 100% focused team of AS400 experts with 30-40% cost savings and 60-70% improved turn-around time for software development.

    No Compromise IBMi/AS400 Application Development Capabilities

    IBM iSeries AS400 Software development in RPG.

    IBM iSeries AS400 application development, support, and enhancements

    Third-party application systems administration and support
    Development of applications utilizing RPG/400, SQL/400 and CL/400
    Synon COOL/2e development
    Change/enhancements for existing applications

    Our IBM iSeries Development Features – Are You Spoilt for Choice?

    Synon Development for IBM System

    IBM iSeries Lansa ERP Framework Development
    Web sphere Development for IBM iSeries AS400
    AS400 Web Application Development
    IBM iSeries AS400 ARCAD Development
    AS400 Lansa Integrator Development
    IBM Power Systems AS400 SQL Server Development
    Report Program Generator (RPG) Development for IBM iSeries AS400
    AS400 ASNA Visual RPG Development
    IBM Power Systems AS400 Mobile Application Development
    IBM iSeries AS400 application development
    IBM Power Systems AS400 open source development

    Integrative’s IBMi/AS400 Services to Help You Meet Your Goals Faster

    Integrative has over 25+ years of extensive experience and proven expertise, working with IBM i/AS400 software applications across domains.

    The technology stack of our AS400 experts includes RPGLE, CLLE, SQL, COBOL, AS/SET, J2EE, WebSphere, XML, JAVA, Domino/Notes, etc.

    We are involved in every stage of the AS400 application development process for our customers - right from understanding the functional requirements, scoping the technical and software architecture, clarifying actual business outcomes, and implementing the solution to maintaining and supporting the software.

    Most importantly, our seasoned IBM i/AS400 experts immediately start producing tangible results from the moment they start working on their respective projects.

    The aim to is to eliminate the costly learning curves, make substantial cost savings for you and deliver the project within the committed project timeline

    We understand that, how green screen IBM i / AS400 applications are affecting your team's productivity and overall business growth.

    We help you modernize your green screens with minimal to no change in the business logic.

    The approach ensures that you get to witness a transformation of your IBM I/AS400 in a low risk and low-cost turnaround via leveraging the comprehensive IBM I/ AS400 investments you have made till date.

    Our IBM i modernization approach appeals to companies that are looking out for non-disruptive, and non-cost-prohibitive expertise. 

    We promise a secure IBM i modernization journey alongside our extensive experience with IBM i/AS400 GUI modernization, DB2 upgrade, RPG upgrade, API-fiction, and DevOps. We help your business thrive in the evolving global business landscape via our holistic business solutions.

    Integrative has been supporting its customers with their IBM i/AS400 business applications for over two decades. Their IBM i/AS400 systems are running seamlessly without any challenges in their routine operations.

    One thing that has made us help them better is our approach.

    Our team of AS400 experts will always try to investigate the issues surfaced rather than patch fixing them. This approach helps us understand the root cause and design a holistic process to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

    We offer 24/7 support, wherein the IBM i/AS400 systems with all resident software applications are kept up. At the same time, all enhancement requests are addressed to support the ever-evolving business needs.

    We have a proven track record of surpassing all our Service Level Agreements – to tackle the severity, criticality, and resolution timelines of all problems.

    We work closely with our customers to integrate the latest IBM i/AS400 solutions with existing IBM i/AS400 business applications. We strive to design solutions that help our customers reinvent their businesses for the future.

    What helps us resolve our customer problems faster and better – is our holistic approach.

    We help our customers identify efficiency issues and offer holistic solutions via open-ended assessments of their IT systems.

    We present them with the hard data with a variety of solutions that helps them decide the best course of action.

    We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and extensive experience and provide a guaranteed Return on Investment in our services. We believe that our IBM i/AS400 consulting should fix the root cause of an issue that our customer face and not just temporarily mask the symptoms.

    IBM i/AS400 migration and IBM i/AS400 integration are promising approaches to take when you are deeply invested in your AS400 systems, both economically and strategically.

    We have helped our customers protect their investments in AS400 software applications without taking the route of a complete system overhaul.

    Integrative has extensive expertise in quick and cost-effective migration of applications from IBM i/AS400 to other modern-day technologies like Microsoft Dot Net, Java, PHP, or any Open Source (UNIX or Linux).

    We ensure that you reap immediate benefits - financially, operationally, and strategically.

    IBM i/AS400 migration and integration makes the lives of your business users easier and enables them to accomplish more in a limited time. You can achieve the modern-day innovation and scalability that can take your business ahead of the curve.

    At Integrative Systems, we understand that in today’s hyper-competitive environment, software deployments can be infrequent, a complicated manual endeavour, and most importantly, a contention between development and operations teams.

    We follow the agile software development approach and leverage automated, tool-based collaboration environments to make the workflows seamless.

    Our team of IBM i/AS400 experts is supported by the software developers who build the solutions, the QA team who test the solutions and the operations team who deploys and monitors the applications with speed, quality, and control.

    With a proven track record of helping our customers thrive with their mission-critical IBM i/AS400 business applications, we always put our customers first.

    We have helped them transform from a slow-moving development to speeding up with continuous delivery, development, security, and monitoring of business applications.

    IBMi Modernization

    Today’s business environment needs smooth processing, and this includes data feeds to and from outside vendors, business partners, suppliers, and customers.

    At Integrative Systems, we understand business processes and the user’s demand from the workplace. We ensure that IBMi interfaces operate well with other platforms.

    IBM AS400 interface support from Integrative Systems helps users work at the point of conjunction between people and technology.

    ibm i modernization company

    We have an intimate understanding of IBM products, including IBM AS400, iSeries, and System i.

    EDI Support for as400 iSeries

    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Implementation Support for IBMi/AS400

    Electronic data interchange plays an essential role in every organization, but a minor change can bring your EDI down and cost you time and money.

    EDI can boost your Business Efficiency Cycle by 61%.

    Having said that, it’s inevitable to not lose it!

    Moreover, a lighting fast EDI system can decrease the order-to-cash cycle time by more than 20%, and this will also improve relationships between business partners.

    IBMi/AS400 Security

    72% of IBMi users have reported IBMi/AS400 security as a top concern.

    In today’s digital landscape, every software is vulnerable to security risks. Still, there are IBMi users who believe – “ As an IBMi user, security isn’t a big of a concern!”

    Well, with the increasing number of cyberattacks, data leakage and ransomware the security of IBMi/As400 is facing a lot of heat.

    IBMi users’ belief in the inbuild security features of the IBMi/AS400 system is not something that is being challenged.

    IBM i AS400 Security

    But, it’s the underlying truth that IBMi users are not adopting the changes that can make their IBMi systems potent to battle modern-day security threats.

    Integrative’s IBMi/AS400 experts help you verify your iSeries security levels and establish potential security standards as per the best business practices.

    Why Should you Outsource IBM iSeries Development to Integrative?

    At Integrative Systems, we have successfully delivered varied projects across different business verticals irrespective of their size. Moreover, our client retention record is excellent, and we foster unique business plans for our clients.

    Integrative has accomplished 850+ projects, working with a variety of industries and projects of different complexities. With a client retention rate of 90%, we strive to meet our customer’s expectations and deliver what we promise.

    Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] & we will be happy to help you.
    We look forward to prioritizing your success and transforming the way you do business.

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      Fill this form, let your IT story unfold,
      Via the details, our solutions behold.