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Business Process Optimization

Business process optimization is crucial to ensure that process improvement projects meet the desired outcome. 

Your organization is facing constant competition from rival companies, changing business norms and disruptive technologies. In such a scenario, optimizing the business process can offer many benefits and help a business stay afloat in the tidal waves of change. The benefits of business process optimization can be in the form of :

Streamlined business operations

Market compliance

Well-utilized resources

Decreased risks


Guaranteed quality

Complete transparency

Our business process optimization services fuel innovation by making it faster, easier, and cheaper to mobilize around new opportunities and freeing up resources – time, money, and people – that can be refocused on producing new ideas and smarter ways to operate.

The turf war between the business and IT is on, where innovation is rapidly shifting in favour of the company. Technology executives must stay relevant by moving their roles from providing software infrastructure and services to their organizations to becoming more of a trusted advisor and liaison officer for leveraging the capabilities and capacity of the new technology-enabled information services.

What are the Steps of Business Process Optimization?

Business process optimization’s primary goal is to decrease the wastage of time and resources or eliminate it. Moreover, it aims to reduce standard errors, bottlenecks, and unnecessary costs while achieving the defined objective. We only spend time correcting a mistake, but it is not enough. We should find the root cause and make sure it should not happen again. Following are the steps to do so:
Identify :

Once you have decided that your business process needs an overhaul, the first step is to identify all its key components. And to do so, ask these questions to yourself :

  1. What is the goal of this process?
  2. What will be the desired outcome of this business process?
  3. Beginning and end time of the process?
  4. What actions push the process forward?
  5. Which departments or employees are involved in the process?
  6. What info is being transferred between these steps?
Rethink :

The second phase will address your unique approach and show potential areas for improvement. Just think about every step you are analyzing, and that is involved in your business process. After that, ask these questions to yourself:

  1. How much paper is utilized in the complete process?
  2. How many copies of similar documents are there?
  3. How much time is required to complete the process?
  4. How much is the workforce needed to complete the process?
  5. From the total time, how much time will be spent on doing redundant tasks?
  6. Where does the process stop in-between, and why?
Automate :

In the third step, repeat unnecessary tasks and successful business tactics and separate the non-essential tasks from the overall process. Once you have successfully separated both the business tasks, apply the solution, and make the process automated. You may feel daunted during the complete process if this is your first experience with such an approach.

Areas within Business Process Optimization

Process analysis and optimization
We enable organizations to map As-Is and To-Be procedures and perform gap analysis by consultants having extensive knowledge in their respective fields. We give fair input and simplify the process optimization across departments.
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development
SOPs are essential to the agreement supporting the business with a clear overview of processes and dependencies that are easy to navigate. We offer a full range of services and enable the development of new SOPs and business templates.
Complete process framework analysis and development
A useful process framework is needed to be efficient and scalable. We can develop and optimize your current setup. The framework is generated by analysing the existing processes, eliminating cumbersome workflows, and closing gaps (if any have arisen).

Another way through which companies can grow more effectively is simply by taking advantage of the ability to reallocate resources – at a fraction of the cost while shifting from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operating expenditure (OpEx) on the balance sheet. Valuable capital can be redirected into other areas of the business or applied to more substantial bottom-line results.

Being able to scale in real-time is an exact driver for growth enabled by cloud technologies, which can drive business results by consistently and cost-effectively delivering speed, scale, and stability.

How can we Help with Optimizing your Business Processes?

An up-to-date process on board will leave your company less at risk as knowledge will be preserved and shared across departments.

Integrative Systems can power your process optimization endeavors with ease. Our process will help you quickly integrate with other existing applications and make the process seamless. Moreover, the real-time insights and complete transparency throughout the process will help you be on track smoothly. At Integrative Systems, we will also enable effective business collaboration and drive organizations towards maximum efficiency.

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