Case Study

Legacy iSerices ERP application

How Integrative Systems helped Australia’s Largest Motorbike & Accessoriey retailer upgrade their Legacy iSeries ERP Application and build additional e-Commerce functionalities.


Peter Stevens Motorcycles is Australia's largest motorbike and accessory retailer. They have 10 service locations in Australia and have the largest selection of products in stock at competitive prices. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, they have an enormous collection of motorcycle accessories and spare parts and support the largest range of new and used motorcycles.   Peter Stevens, a family-owned firm, takes pride in making every purchase a wonderful one.


  • Peter Stevens Motorcycles (PSM) used the Magento e-commerce application for their online business.
  • The initial integration between PSM’s legacy iSeries ERP application and the earlier version of Magento (M1) was done using XML and FTP file transfer methods, which were less efficient and not secure.
  • Additional e-commerce business functionality desired by PSM could only be accomplished by upgrading to Magento’s later version (M2).
  • The new M2 version was decided to be integrated into their legacy IBMi ERP application using APIs, which required a complete redesign of the existing iSeries integration with Magento.

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