What are IASPs and Why You Need Them on IBM iSeries

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    What are IASPs and Why You Need Them on IBM iSeries?

    IBM iSeries software was designed to stand the test of time. Released around 30 years ago, the software is alive and kicking. AS400 software is the only software from IBM in which Microsoft has shown interest.

    Whether you call it AS400 software, IBMi, iSeries, or System i, the OS400 server has always been integrated OS, including an IBM DB2 relational database. The software can run on IBM’s UNIX OS, the open-source Linux OS, and AIX 5L.

    The AS400 software is widely considered the best OS in the universe because of its solid architecture and uptime of 99.9%, which is faster than any other system.

    Every one or two years, IBM AS400 software releases an upgraded version of the software. And now, IBM has announced the modern approach to license compliance via IBM authorized SAM provider, known as IASP.

    IBM has announced a new, more admirable, approach to license compliance – via the IBM Authorized SAM Provider Offering “Independent Auxillary Storage Pool” (IASP).

    For now, it’s an invitation program only. And, the customers who qualify for the program, IBM will allow them to work with authorized IASP partners to monitor IBM usage continuously. Previously, IBM had an LMO program that was developed to provide the same services. But now the program has been disabled and no longer available for IBM AS400 iSeries customers.

    What is IASP?

    As per the internet definition of IASP, it’s an “independent auxiliary storage pool” – made by IBM. Here it seems that vendors are running out of acronyms.

    In ITAM terms, IASP is a new approach to compliance, i.e., it’s an alternative to the traditional software license review process. The complete program is managed and run by four authorized SAM partners (we will get to know about them later) who work with clients to proactively manage their business environment.

    Objectives of IASP includes:

    • Introduce and enhance the SAM process and benefits.
    • Provide better assurance of conformity
    • Enable practical IBM management
    • Accelerate the transition to hybrid cloud

    What Does the IBM Authorize SAM Provider (IASP) offer?

    – The IASP by iSeries software is a friendly and non-punitive approach to fulfillment. It is an alternative approach to the traditional software license review process. The thinking behind the same is – An alternative designed module will attract the customers better.

    – The customers selected through invitation will get a chance to work with one of the four ASPs to manage the IBM AS400 software assets across their organization.

    – The offering for IASP is not like a “back-door” audit. SAM works directly with customers and is bound by strict confidentiality.

    For Whom the Program Is?

    As of now, it’s an invite program only, and IBM AS400 software is looking for customers fulfilling some specific requirements. If you are fit as per their needs, it will be worth talking to IBMi and knowing how to get an invitation.

    Requirements to Join the IASP Program

    • Invitation based participation.
    • The customer must use services from one of the four IBM approved SAM providers in a managed way.
    • An organization participating must be dynamically changing and complex.
    • Should have multiple sites and entities as a part of the modern business portfolio.
    • Must have leveraged many software publishers across its IT estates.

    IASP Partners

    These are the four authorized partners to deliver IASP engagements:

    • Deloitte
    • KPMG
    • AnglePoint
    • EY

    What does the Partner Do?

    The IASP partners provide the specialized skills and knowledge required to address specific challenges within IBM AS400 software. Some of their tasks include:

    • Knowledge entitlements
    • ILMT connection & structure
    • Planning & optimization
    • Completeness of stocks
    • Reportage on S&S declines, associations, etc.

    Benefits of IASPs

    – ASPs can provide a base for long-term, scalable HA/DR.
    – IASPs can offer improved uptime by empowering administrators to leave non-critical processing.
    – IASPs offline and free up storage space.
    – IASPs also boost safety through path encoding and offer alliance perks, including lower costs by reducing software licensing fees and the number of necessary upgrades.
    – IASPs can be used for different objectives. They are frequently used to divide data connected with specific applications and facilitate a more granulated method to work management.

    Commercial Benefits

    This is where the IASP could make a real difference for companies as IBM AS400 software is ready to sacrifice some of their traditional penalties for license non-compliance. For customers in the IASP program, IBM iSeries software will permit them to buy shortfall licenses at their regular discounts and waive the usual maintenance cost. Moreover, according to AngelPoint, there will be no full-capacity controls irrespective of historical ILMT status.

    Other Advantages of IASPs are:

    Data Security and Compliance

    • Leaving non-critical IASPs offline and getting them online only when required
    • Encoding the IASP where classified data resides
    • Isolating data to meeting conformity requests

    Isolate Application Instances

    • Having various editions of the same application available but isolated
    • Having several applications on one separation but isolated in separate IASPs


    • And instantly imitate a copy of application data for offline backup, development, or testing utilizing IBM’s FlashCopy;
    • Library data or documents to lower-cost exterior storage space.

    At Integrative Systems, we see various customers using IASP technology following PowerHA technology. PowerHA provides them the ability to transfer a large quantity of data between two physical servers. Moreover, nobody can use PowerHA without an IASP.

    And as the demand for the application is growing and other applications are moving with IASP applications, many of our AS400 software solutions work in the IASP. With IASP licensing, customers can directly install or upgrade instantly with IASP.

    Need an IASP Expert?

    Integrative Systems is the silver business partner of IBM and has many IBMi AS400 software experts on IASP technology.

    Ready for Next Steps?

    You can see that IBM is shaking things with exciting upgrades and approach to SAM. Integrative Systems have more than 20 years of experience providing services regarding IBMi AS400 software and IASP offerings.

    If you have any queries about the software and want information about any of the AS400 software support and service, schedule a meeting with our experts. Feel free to tell us about your requirements at [email protected] and we’ll be back to you within 1-2 business days, with the best possible solution.

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