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    How Switching from Java to Asp.Net Development Platform can Benefit Businesses?

    Application development with JavaScript is losing its appeal. For a long, the idea of JavaScript on the server-side was exciting. The new prodigy on the server-side was JavaScript, and this programming language was looking to overturn time-tested established enterprise development frameworks. But of late, JavaScript developers are turning into .NET core developers by joining an asp net development company. Reality has set in finally – because JavaScript’s client-side expertise cannot translate into server-side expertise too. This is because client-side and server-side paradigms are fundamentally different – and demand a set of tools suited for the purpose.

    Why Can’t Javascript Be A Full-Fledged Server-Side Language?

    NodeJS is currently the most-used JavaScript-based server-side framework. It is a web development framework and a runtime. Based on Google’s JavaScript v8 engine, NodeJS’s I/O, networking, file handling capabilities have been developed using C/C++ APIs. But NodeJS understands only JavaScript, and JavaScript has its problems being a server-side language. Unlike .NET asp net development company with full-blown server-side capabilities, NodeJS’s server apps developed by -side addition seem more like forced patches.

    Weak Typing

    WeakTyping is an additional layer of compilation. Imagine multiple server-side projects trying to integrate, each project written in a different flavor/version of JavaScript. It can cause integration overheads. On the other hand, using .NET core apps developed by an asp net development company are simple. All .NET Core projects have a consistent codebase and can be integrated without additional coding.

    Limited Problem Domain

    Compared to .NET application development by an asp net development company, and considering that .NET is a versatile software framework, the use of NodeJS as a universal framework is questionable. NodeJS has a limited set of use-cases. Compared to the .NET core’s universal appeal, NodeJS often becomes more prototyping or POC framework. For serious, business/mission-critical applications with predictable scalability requirements. .NET application development wins by leap years. When it comes to enterprise security, business-to-business application integration, data analysis, and ingestion, .NET is the preferred framework.

    Batteries Included Vs. Get It On Your Own

    One of the reasons why an expert asp net development company prefers the .Net framework is because it has lots of inbuilt APIs and libraries for every type of use case. Compared to NodeJS, which only has a limited set of inbuilt API support, .NET application developers do not need to look out of the framework towards third-party plugins or libraries. In contrast, in the NodeJS world, almost every NodeJS project has used a high percentage of APIs/libraries/tools from third-party unverified sources, independent developers. For an enterprise-level project, this is a strict no. Third-party plugins that are sanctioned and vetted by organizations are the ones to use.

    In NodeJS, the vetting process is arbitrary and based on hearsay. Dot Net Core application development by an asp net development company uses third-party libraries from reputed sources.

    Why .NET Core Is Better Than Node JS?


    .NET Core is the new framework used by many an expert asp net development company that allows for writing object-oriented server-side code, unlike in Node JS where server-side code is ‘pseudo-object-oriented. In other words, it is enforcing object orientation with JavaScript, when JavaScript is more of a functional programming language. Unlike C#, where entities of the natural world and anything is expressed as classes and objects, in JavaScript, the intuitive way to express an entity is by way of a function. Coercing object-orientation in JavaScript can be done, but JavaScript was never intended to be a full-blown object-oriented language. Being object-oriented has several advantages, including but not restricted to polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance. In server-side Microsoft net development, modeling entities as objects provides scalability, manageability of code, and debug-ability.

    .NET Core is Optionally Asynchronous Whereas Node JS is Fully Synchronous

    One of the main advantages of NodeJS for a software application development company is that writing asynchronous code is an intuitive process. This is because the quality of being asynchronous is what makes NodeJS different. NodeJS APIs are either synchronous or asynchronous. The use of promises and callback functions makes the whole NodeJS paradigm ideal for fast CRUD operations. The non-blocking IO of NodeJS, its event loop, and low-latency fetch-retrieve-respond cycle have their use cases. But .NET core has asynchronous programming too. The asynchronous and await patterns implement this same functionality, albeit as an optional feature. So the question is – when .NET core application development by an asp net development company has asynchronous programming inbuilt, why is there a need to select NodeJS only because of its native support for asynchronous functions?

    .NET Core is Container Friendly Where Node JS is Only Being Container Ready

    There is a difference between being container-friendly and container-ready. The former state is when a framework is optimized to run the container. The latter state is when a framework provides out-of-the-box support for containers, and not much development has gone into optimizations. Considering that the .NET framework is closely integrated with Microsoft Azure, container friendliness is an inbuilt quality of .NET app development by an asp net development company. The close association with Azure, Kubernetes and several other containerization platforms makes .NET possess more features and functionality to spawn and manage containers effectively. The Microsoft Nano Server is an efficient container OS providing a cost-effective runtime for developers to deploy containers on Windows or Linux.

    .NET Core Is Suited For Computation Intensive Backends

    .NET core has multithreading which enables parallel programming. Although NodeJS lovers may argue that callback functions create a similar programming effect, it is a well-known fact that NodeJS is not suited for computation-intensive backend programming. NodeJS is suited for fast CRUD operations where there is little or no backend processing. For example, loading videos, photos, tweets, and blog posts are examples of data retrieval. But use cases such as processing banking transactions, flight ticket processing, secure financial payment processing, credit card validations, mathematical computations – all of these require high parallel programming – for which .NET framework is best suited.

    Any asp net development company will instead stick with .NET core even for CRUD intensive applications so that their applications are future-proof if there is a need for backend intensive processing. NodeJS is only for one-dimensional applications, where the future of these applications is predictable. Even if a NodeJS application needs to adapt to computation-intensive backends, then extra work is required to cross-integrate the application with other microservices implemented in .NET to fetch the computing services. So .NET is preferred as a wholesome tool for all types of application development.


    .NET core is faster because it works with .dlls directly. A .dll is closer to the machine code incomparison to the intermediate code that NodeJS creates. In Node JS, the JavaScript interpreter, which is the V8 engine, translates JavaScript files. But this translated code has to go through another level of compilation. This is because NodeJS is not just about JavaScript; it is also about tons of code written in C/C++. The double collection adds a bit of latency and probably cumulatively decreases the performance of NodeJS applications. Dot Net Core is highly performant on CPU-intensive tasks – in which NodeJS generally fares average because of the architecture of NodeJS that is not based on parallelism.

    To handle heavy CRUD load, an asp net development company can skillfully utilize the optional asynchronous programming methodology. Because this feature is natively and intuitively available in NodeJS, programmers implement this technique by default, which might give the illusion that NodeJS performs better on high throughput request-response cycles.

    .NET Core Libraries Are Vastly Superior

    .NET core inherits the libraries of the veritable .NET framework. That’s like inheriting decades of good work in the form of established libraries that have been optimized for performance. The fact that Microsoft has always committed to keeping library code as close to runtime means any library’s code is ahead-of-time rather than just-in-time. Dot Net Core also has practical tools for an asp net development company to manage code, libraries, and dependencies – whereas in NodeJS, managing dependencies is left to the developer’s discretion. There is no absolute standard technique to do this.

    .NET Core Has Support For GUI Development

    With .NET core, an asp net development company can build GUI applications. The recent addition of .NET MAUI will support cross-platform GUI development in Windows and macOS. There is an active developer community to find many GUI frameworks that work with the .NET core. This is one of the main reasons why Javascript fatigued developers want to switch to .NET core.


    Get the best software development services from an expert asp net development company. Integrative Systems offers .Net development services for web, mobile, and desktop utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies. Reach out to Integrative Systems at [email protected] for building new digital assets, application development, technology modernization, up-gradation, and consulting services.

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