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    Top 5 Reasons to Choose Power BI for Business Reporting

    Data visualization, predictive modeling, and effective reporting are need of the hour.

    They could effectively answer several questions that could help in amplifying your business gain. No doubt excel has several advanced features that helped several businesses for ages.

    In a situation where the requirements of businesses are changing at a rapid rate. Data are piling up than ever before, they could answer and solve some of the complex problems in your business.

    Therefore, a robust data analytics tool is recommended to solve complex business problems.

    Read the entire blog to know why PBI is a great business reporting tool.

    Power BI is easy to learn and affordable BI suite. Apart from this, it is a cloud-based reporting & analytics platform that connects to a broad range of data through appealing and interactive dashboards.

    We have mentioned top five reasons why businesses should shift to Power BI for reporting.


    Power BI is total value for money for small organizations where data set is low. It is, in fact, free of cost for data set less than 1 GB. The Pro license costs $10/monthly.

    The free version is not limited by any time period; however, it allows only 1GB per user to analyze. Otherwise, it costs $10 per user per month for 10GB storage.


    Power BI allows users to create complex data sets just by clicking & creating the database. Further, it can be integrated to excel as Power BI is built on the same interface as Excel power.

    Furthermore, in case you are familiar with Excel power than learning and using Power BI will be simple and straightforward.

    Query Processing:

    One of the best features included in Power BI is a natural language query tool. This is similar to google your data. You can just ask your question of data like” Top 10 Customers?” and you get customized visuals as the answer to your question while Tableau has extensive support tools that teach you everything from the basics of setting up the software through initial data analysis.

    Visual Customization:

    Power BI is super flexible when it comes to importing the customized visuals. It has a simple drag and drop customization features therefore even a novice user can import a customized visual.

    Data Models benefit from utilizing a multiple-table design with relationships. Which reduces file size and increases performance.

    It’s ability to embed reports directly in web pages is regarded as one of the best features of PBI. With many ways to filter, interact, or drill into the data. There are several ways to create interactive stories and narratives for published reports.

    Multi-Connection Data Source:

    Most of the top data analytics tool does not support multiple connectors whereas in Power BI Multi-connection data sources are supported by Power Gateway to refresh on Power BI Services.

    Power BI Reports contain over 32 built-in visuals and have access to a vibrant marketplace of custom visuals. Reports are designed to be highly interactive and customizable.

    Integrative Systems is specialized in data analytics in terms of report development & design by leveraging the Microsoft Power BI.

    Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss your business goals and needs!

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