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    The business intelligence market is at its all-time high.

    • Over 89% of companies consider Business Intelligence critical in their operational processes. ~ Dresner
    • 77% of Enterprises, where CEOs make data-driven decisions, are likely to reach their business goals. ~ Deloitte
    • From 2023 to 2028, over $25.73B → $34.16B growth is projected within the Business Intelligence software market, with a CAGR of 5.83%. ~ Statista

    Amidst a busy day, what sets you on the pursuit of reliable Power BI consulting company?

    • Is it the anxiety about making wrong decisions with scattered and unstructured data?
    • Is it the frustration of failing to identify critical business problems due to data silos?
    • Is it the fear that your internal team lacks the technical BI prowess?

    If you find yourself nodding along to any of these questions, it’s high time to stop thinking about it, and rope in a Power BI consulting partner to expedite data-first initiative.

    Thanks to data analytics and advanced technological tools – such as Microsoft flagship BI software Power BI, businesses, such as yours, can always rise above the everyday data-related challenges, provided you utilize them correctly.

    But within some time of embracing such a robust BI tool, independently, leaders encounter a new challenge – incapacity.

    Incapacity to maximize their investment while effectively interpreting and acting upon the wealth of insights generated by this tool.

    In such dire situations, businesses turn to an expert Power BI consulting company that grooms the discrepancies and streamlines the BI efforts.

    If you are a leader planning to opt for Power BI or have already invested in it – navigating the world of Power BI alone can be like trying to solve a complex puzzle.

    You may be confident that all the pieces somehow sit together, but figuring out the How can pose a challenge unless you have a team of experienced Power BI consultants in your arsenal.

    Sit back and relax! In this insightful blog, we bring you USA’s top Microsoft Power BI service providers you can turn to for your BI needs.

    Before you pick your Power BI consulting partner and decide to make Power BI the backbone of your business intelligence initiatives, let’s unfold why you should join the path of Power BI.

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    Why Should You Follow the Power BI Path to Make Your Mark?

    Power BI is considered one of the best and most powerful BI tools, contending for the top spot in the business intelligence market.

    Power BI consulting companies

    Now, that you are aware of how Power BI proves instrumental in shaping your business intelligence growth, let’s look at the top companies providing Power BI services in the United States.

    Top Power BI Consulting Companies and Services Providers in 2024

    1. PixelPlex

    Headquarters – New York, New York

    If you’re looking to gain a holistic view of business via data analytics-driven BI services, PixelPlex is an ideal Power BI consulting company. It is renowned for helping businesses of all sizes, incorporating proven BI tools and strategies into their business ecosystem.

    With 7 years of experience in the business intelligence domain, their BI professionals assist companies like yours to achieve your BI goals with full-service Business intelligence consulting, Enterprise BI solutions development and implementation, and BI platform customization and integrations.

    PixelPlex stands out among other leading Power BI services companies in the USA due to its expertise in offering blockchain BI solutions ensuring airtight security and building a reliable blockchain foundation.

    Their dedicated Power BI unit fully engages itself in each project with the commitment to achieving uncompromised success. Their hands-on practice with BI tools such as Power BI and cross-discipline proficiency, ensures that your project is in capable hands.

    Power BI Services offered by PixelPlex include –

    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI Visualization
    • Power BI Customization
    • Power BI Implementation
    • Power BI Data Augmentation
    • Power BI Support and Maintenance
    • Enterprise Power BI Solutions Development
    • Power BI Integration and Architecture Migration

    2. Azumo

    Headquarters – San Francisco, California

    Whether you’re looking to make data-backed decisions or simply need to optimize the existing data analysis processes, Azumo – a reliable Power BI consulting company from the USA, may be your best bet.

    Azumo boasts a talented team of nearshore Data Engineers and Data Scientists with specialization in Power BI to unlock and understand the power of your data and find valuable insights you need to make informed decisions.

    With their expertise in data modeling, machine learning, and visualization, they help you derive valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive your business forward.

    Whether you need support with a specific project or consultation for ongoing data strategy, their skilled professionals aim to minimize your hassles and help you build a data-driven culture.

    Microsoft Power BI Services offered by Azumo include –

    • Power BI Support
    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI Visualization
    • Power BI Data Modeling & Machine Learning

    3. Integrative Systems

    Headquarters – Chicago, Illinois

    Renowned Power BI implementation partner and Power BI consulting company, Integrative Systems is irreplaceable in the list of top Power BI consultants in the USA.

    To guarantee the highest level of quality, Integrative houses the best and brightest BI strategy consultants, implementers, trainers, developers, and analysts who are at your service 24/7 to cater to your needs throughout the end-to-end Power BI lifecycle.

    What makes Integrative Systems stand out as a reliable Power BI services provider in the list of top companies is their belief and dedication to helping you succeed first.

    As a Microsoft partner, securing the name in the INC 5000 award, alongside recognition as a Great Place to Work, Integrative Systems ticks off every box of what an ideal Power BI consulting firm should possess.

    Having been in the Power BI market for 10+ years, they have successfully delivered 115+ projects for diverse industries. This is what qualifies Integrative Systems to be one of the top Power BI consulting companies in the USA that you can count on for your Power BI services.

    MS Power BI Services offered by Integrative Systems include –

    • Power BI Support
    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI DirectQuery Setup
    • Power BI Dashboard Creation
    • Power BI Mobile App Integration
    • Power BI User Training and Workshops
    • Power BI Data Visualization Optimization
    • Power BI Paginated Reports Development
    • Power BI Report Design and Development
    • Power BI Implementation and Deployment
    • Power BI Report Performance Optimization
    • Power BI Data Modeling and Transformation
    • Power BI Dataflows Setup and Management
    • Power BI RLS (Row-Level Security) Implementation

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    4. The Sunflower Lab

    Headquarters – Hilliard, OH

    Are you seeking a Power BI services provider who empowers your business by tapping into smart data through Power BI? The Sunflower Club has got you covered.

    USA-based Sunflower Lab boasts a robust team of Power BI experts who create immersive dashboards that dynamically visualize the A-To-Z of your data through inventory, backlog, revenue, pipeline, bookings, and orders.

    They further enable dynamic options such as forecasting, and empowering effortless decision-making for your business.

    As a Power BI consulting company that offers Power BI dashboard development, DAX in Power BI, integration services, reporting services, data modeling, migration, maintenance & support, and not to mention Power BI consulting, team Sunflower Lab is one stop solution for all your BI needs.

    Microsoft Power BI Services offered by the Sunflower Lab include –

    • DAX In Power BI
    • Power BI Migration
    • Power BI Reporting
    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI Integration
    • Power BI Data Modeling
    • Power BI + Microsoft 365
    • Power BI + Dynamics 365
    • Azure Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI + ERP Development
    • Power BI Maintenance & Support
    • Power BI Dashboard Development

    5. Analytics8

    Headquarters – Chicago, Illinois

    Looking to gain a strategic advantage over your voluminous data?

    Founded in 2003, Analytics8, from the USA’s top Power BI consulting companies list, may have what you are seeking.

    Whether you’re looking to pivot, modernize, or grow with your Power BI investment, their BI experts have walked the path hundreds of times, ensuring that each move is strategically aligned with your business goals.

    Right from Fortune 500 companies, small innovative companies to non-profit organizations, Analytics8’s capable Data team is dedicated to helping leaders like you make the most of your business data through 360-degree Power BI services.

    MS Power BI Services offered by Analytics8 include –

    • Power BI Data Visualization
    • Power BI Implementation
    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI Reporting
    • Power BI Training

    6. Datafactz

    Headquarters – Northville, Michigan

    Are your Power BI investments still leaving actionable insights buried in reports?

    Datafactz is here to reveal the game-changing potential of Power BI through its definitive actions.

    Datafactz, a USA-based Power BI consulting company boasts a team of vetted data professionals who specialize in various areas including data integration and data warehousing, self-service BI, data visualization, data science, and big data, unlocking the full potential of your data assets for strategic decision-making.

    Datafactz has a proven track record of empowering hundreds of businesses with their expert Power BI development capabilities. Datafactz effortlessly partners with your team and becomes your extended business intelligence workforce.

    Power BI Services offered by Datafactz include –

    • Power BI Assessment and Strategy Development
    • Power BI Dashboard and Report Development
    • Power BI Implementation
    • Power BI Consulting

    7. Expeed Software

    Headquarters – Columbus, Ohio

    Technology is more than a tool; it’s a strategy – believes USA’s top Power BI consulting company – Expeed Software. Interestingly, Team Expeed is all about problems solved, not just promises made.

    With dedication to customer service, team Expeed sits down, understands your needs, and maps out how to help you get closer to your BI goals. With this approach, Expeed has been successful in turning companies, such as yours, into a data powerhouse.

    With over a decade of IT experience, Team Expeed offers top-notch Power BI consulting services catered to solve your precise BI challenges.

    Instead of offering fixed solutions, they adjust their team size based on the services required, ensuring you receive the right expertise without unnecessary overhead.

    Leveraging their advanced Power BI capabilities, Expeed has been renowned as a Power BI consulting partner who helps businesses, like yours, to identify the opportunities that can multiply your revenue streams and expand your markets.

    Microsoft Power BI Services offered by Expeed Software include –

    • Power BI Data Warehousing
    • Power BI Self-Service Analytics
    • MS Power BI Strategy Consulting
    • Power BI Dashboard and Report Visualizations

    8. BlueOrange Digital

    Headquarters – New York, New York

    BlueOrange Digital is one of the best companies providing Power BI services in the USA, specializing in offering modern infrastructures and data-driven business solutions.

    Founded in 2015, BlueOrange is a leading Power BI consulting company, helping companies tackle their big data and analytics problems and leverage the best of technology such as Power BI.

    Their expertise lies in providing the latest data transformation, predictive analytics, and visualization solutions that assist businesses such as yours to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

    Whether you need to migrate to Power BI and start your BI efforts from scratch, Blue Orange’s experts are all set to plan, develop, and execute and provide you with Power BI solutions that will help your business grow.

    MS Power BI Services offered by BlueOrange include –

    • Power BI Infrastructure Implementation & Optimization
    • Power BI Data Visualization & Reporting
    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI Strategy

    9. GreenM

    Headquarters – Redwood City, California

    Amidst the crowd of tech-centered companies, if you’re looking for a human-centered Power BI consulting company, GreenM may be your best bet.

    With a strong emphasis on the healthcare sector, GreenM is one of the leading Microsoft Power BI service providers addressing unique data industry standards and requirements, which are built into the blueprint of each project they work on.

    Power BI professionals at GreenM don’t believe in initiating from scratch.

    Instead, their clients benefit from the pre-existing frameworks, including advanced data management tools, and processes systemized with their in-house methods. This serves as a robust foundation, and you get ready access to the features and accelerated project completion.

    Power BI Services offered by GreenM include –

    • Power BI Audit
    • Power BI Consulting
    • Power BI Customization
    • Power BI Data Integration & Visualization
    • MS Power Business Intelligence Consulting

    10. EffectiveSoft

    Headquarters – San Diego, California

    Do you want to make the most of your data at your fingertips with Power BI but don’t know how?

    Worry not!

    EffectiveSoft – USA’s top Power BI consulting company maybe the answer for your business intelligence challenges.

    In diverse industries such as healthcare, trading, cybersecurity, retail, manufacturing, and logistics, their BI consulting experts are trained at telling stories hidden in your data, crafting high-quality solutions, and crowning you as a data-driven decision-maker.

    Along with Power BI consulting services, EffectiveSoft offers data visualization services such as customized dashboard creation, interactive reports, geospatial mapping, and data storytelling that enhance your Power BI journey.

    Microsoft Power BI Services offered by EffectiveSoft include –

    • Power BI Data Visualization
    • Power BI Visualization Consulting

    11. Cymetrix

    Headquarters – San Francisco, California

    Cymetrix is a team of tech enthusiasts who are helping businesses solve real-world problems through innovative IT solutions.

    If you are looking to grow with the right technological capabilities, Cymetrix could be your best bet for Power BI consulting company in the USA.

    Leveraging over 3 decades of expertise to empower businesses with comprehensive solutions, Cymetrix drives growth in action with data-driven insights.

    Ranging from Data Warehousing, Big Data, Data Migration, Data Quality Management, Data Science, and Cloud, Cymetrix is a trusted Power BI consulting company promises customized analytics solutions, close collaboration, and maximum data value, powered by deep industry knowledge.

    MS Power BI Services offered by Cymetrix include –

    • Power BI Integration and Architecture Migration
    • Power BI Data Warehousing
    • Power BI Implementation
    • Power BI Consulting

    As we come to the end of this blog, we are confident that this list will prove valuable in your search for a compatible Power BI development company in the United States.

    To enjoy guaranteed Power BI success, and fully leverage the power of data-driven decision-making with intuitive visualizations and custom dashboards, partnering with Integrative Systems – a trusted Power BI services provider, is your best bet.

    Why Integrative Systems Is Your Best Bet for Power BI Consulting Company?

    At Integrative Systems, we are a partner synonymous with – A company that translates your business intelligence vision into reality.

    The answer to this question is simple – we have consistently prioritized customer success and have assisted businesses and business leaders, like yourself, to achieve double the ROI at half the overheads.

    Here’s what makes us stand out in the crowd of leading Power BI services companies

    • An acknowledged Microsoft Partner.
    • A team of 250+ proficient specialists.
    • Successfully delivered 115+ projects and counting.
    • Helped our clients increase their IT ROI from a mere 5% to 30%.
    • 20+ years’ experience in the IT industry and 10+ years’ experience in the Power BI market.
    • Recognized thrice in the INC 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

    Want to more about Integrative Systems?

    Reach out to us at [email protected] and our team of experts will get back to you within 2 business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Power BI Consulting Companies

    1. Which Company is Best for Power BI?

    Integrative Systems is the best Power BI consulting company based out of the U.S.A. It holds a stellar record of supporting Power BI initiatives for 10+ years and guiding businesses on each stage of Power BI execution, to build result-driven Power BI solutions. It is also one of the top companies hiring Power BI developer, ensuring an expert approach to all Power BI needs.

    2. What Does a Power BI Consultant Do?

    Power BI consultants possess advanced proficiency in Power BI to help you with data collection, analysis, and visualization which ultimately sets the stage for informed decision-making. Power BI consultants sleep over the features and updates of Power BI, ensuring that your business can maximize its benefits.

    3. What’s the Process of Power BI Development and Implementation?

    Power BI developers from an experienced Power BI implementation, consulting, and development company follow a tried-and-trusted process of –

    • Analysis
    • Planning
    • Visualization designing and development.

    Their full-range of services include Power BI implementation, integration or migration (as per the case), and finally, post-project completion Power BI testing and support to ensure that the final solution meets your expectations and assists your company in making data-driven decisions, effectively.

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