ACM Transformation

American Collegiate Marketing (ACM) Transformation

  • January 4, 2024

American Collegiate Marketing (ACM) experienced increased business outcomes and enhanced customer satisfaction with timely IBM i batch jobs completion.

  • In 1974, Founder and CEO, Irv Lesher, wanted to give college students a break. He believed that giving them a discount on magazine subscriptions would benefit both the students and the magazine publishers. He was right! And so, the parent company, American Collegiate Marketing, was born.
  • Today, they sell discounted magazine subscriptions online to students, teachers, and just about everyone in the USA, and their commitment to superior service is stronger than ever.
  • Their call center is still located in our company headquarters, right down the hall from the President/CEO. They work directly with publishers to ensure fast and accurate delivery.
  • They are proud to say we’ve helped over 5 million Americans save a billion dollars on magazines!

  • ACM user software programs are menu driven and collectively called FAMIS (Fulfillment and Marketing Intelligence System).
  • Order entry and payment entry was done during the day and evening hours. All data entry records were batched as they got created.
  • At Midnight everything switched over to batch operations. This includes nightly Order Edits, Credit Card Processing for any transactions not handled via the website, and others, various reports on the day’s activities.
  • During batch processing when things encountered bugs and crashes, it will be almost always happened after Midnight and will have to have the problem fixed immediately because all additional processing would come to a halt until the crashed processes were fixed.
  • ACM had a shortage of trained IBM i skilled resources who can fix the high severity issues/abends immediately. This affected their business growth and customer satisfaction.
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Case-Studies Accounts Receivable Workflow-Email Automation

Accounts Receivable Workflow Email Automation

  • June 2, 2023

The customer’s AR (Account Receivable) team communicated with their customers for outstanding payment via e-mails which is a manual process, in which AR team collects data of unpaid invoices with outstanding amount and due date, and then according to due date AR team sent e-mails to respective customers.

The AR team bifurcated e-mail based on due date in 4 types as follows.

1. Friendly Reminder (Due date between 1 and 10 days):

This is a simple friendly reminder e-mail which is sent to those customers who have invoices with due dates between 1 and 10 days.

2. 30 Days Past Due (Due date between 11 and 30 days):

This is an acknowledgement e-mail for payment, which is sent to those customers who have invoices with due dates between 11 and 30 days.

3. 60 Days Past Due (Due date between 31 and 60 days):

This is acknowledgement e-mail for payment, which is sent to those customers who have invoices with due dates between 31 and 60 days.

4. Past Due (Due date greater than 60 days):

This is an acknowledgement e-mail for payment, which is sent to those customers who have invoices with due dates greater than 60 days

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Microsoft Teams consultancy services

9 Make or Break Priorities for a CIO CTO in 2023

  • May 16, 2023

Being an IT leader, it’s a job of the sheer difficulty that one could lose the peace of mind over it, setting up priorities and strategies for business growth. Not just that, you are also responsible for ensuring seamless IT operations sprinkled with a higher ROI and reduced TCO. Be it uninterrupted IT talent acquisition and retention or new project implementations, you are the creator, driver, and the head of all things IT.

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IBMi Software

How Integrative Systems helped North America’s premier multi-channel retailer of Boating and fishing supplies upgrade their legacy IBMi software & hardware

  • May 9, 2023


West Marine is the premier multi-channel retailer of boating and fishing supplies serving boaters online and with over 240 stores in the US. It’s an American company founded in 1968, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has more than 5000 employees. West Marine also runs Blue Future a non-profit organization.


  • West Marine had 7 Logical Partitions (LPARs) of legacy IBMi that needed hardware and software upgrades.
  • There was a lack of skilled IBMi experts in-house who could help with upgrades.
  • IBMi subject matter experts had to coordinate with both business and development teams during work hours.
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Legacy iSerices ERP application

How Integrative Systems helped Australia’s Largest Motorbike & Accessoriey retailer upgrade their Legacy iSeries ERP Application and build additional e-Commerce functionalities.

  • May 9, 2023


Peter Stevens Motorcycles is Australia’s largest motorbike and accessory retailer. They have 10 service locations in Australia and have the largest selection of products in stock at competitive prices. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, they have an enormous collection of motorcycle accessories and spare parts and support the largest range of new and used motorcycles.   Peter Stevens, a family-owned firm, takes pride in making every purchase a wonderful one.


  • Peter Stevens Motorcycles (PSM) used the Magento e-commerce application for their online business.
  • The initial integration between PSM’s legacy iSeries ERP application and the earlier version of Magento (M1) was done using XML and FTP file transfer methods, which were less efficient and not secure.
  • Additional e-commerce business functionality desired by PSM could only be accomplished by upgrading to Magento’s later version (M2).
  • The new M2 version was decided to be integrated into their legacy IBMi ERP application using APIs, which required a complete redesign of the existing iSeries integration with Magento.
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iSeries MMS

How Integrative Systems helped North America’s major retail store modernize the graphic user interface of their legacy ERP package

  • May 8, 2023


Calico was founded as a modest store in Bedford Village, NY in 1948. Currently, the company has 60+ retail stores in North America. It offers 10,000 first-quality designer fabrics, plus the ability to transform any of them into custom window treatments, furniture and more.


  • Calico had a MMS ERP package for retail business processes. The MMS was an IBMi hosted software package with a legacy user interface with green and dark screens.
  • The user experience on their MMS screen was very poor, although the software was very stable.
  • To replace the MMS with the latest ERP package would cost heavily considering the huge effort of customization.
  • Paging up and down on their IBMi screens took a lot of time, affecting their user productivity.
  • Users couldn’t access the MMS software outside of the office network.
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How to Modernize B2B Trading Platforms?

  • April 11, 2023

Our client was founded in 1915 as an independent college bookstore and has evolved into a college textbook wholesaler and point-of-sale solution provider. Over 400 university stores utilize their POS, e-commerce platform, and fulfilment software applications to cater to their customers.

The client was facing various challenges and need –

  • Revamping of their B2B Trading Platform
  • A Communication Channel
  • Digital Payment Method

Our client was looking for a partner who could help design and modernize the website by integrating the latest Retail MMS e-Commerce technology, hosting, order fulfillment, customer service, merchandising and order management, online merchandising, and digital transaction methods.

Integrative Systems entered a relationship with this client, and since then, it has evolved continuously and has achieved multi-dimensional growth.

Integrative Systems helped in –

  • Improving User Experience
  • Integrating Communication Channel
  • Adding Digital Payment Method

Download the case study to know –

  • How Integrative Systems enhanced the go-to-market time of the client.
  • Improved SLAs
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Which Technology was Used for Modernization?
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Improve website performance

Integration of Web API’s And CMS Can Improve your Website Performance

  • April 11, 2023

The client is one of the leading digital marketing agencies based out of Chicago specializes in digital media and analytics for Fortune 1000 companies. The agency works as a strategic partner and helps marketing leaders make smarter investment decisions.

The client faced certain challenges on their software platform. They needed to track information on their clients and how their services or products are performing; things such as basic info, investment portfolio, complications, commodities, emails, graphics, and supporting text documents. The system needed to be robust, easy to use, secure, comply with rules and give them the ability to generate flexible reports.

Integrative Systems implement implemented a state-of-the-art .net development service to overhaul the platform infrastructure.

Read this case study to understand & know –

  • How Integrative System revamped the customer’s .net platform setup?
  • What was the key technology used by Integrative Systems?
  • What were the key business benefits?
  • How can you contact our team for more details on what more we can offer?
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web and mobile application

Unique Framework to allow building of base code on Web and Mobile Application

  • April 11, 2023

The client is Chicago’s leading recycling and waste diversion services provider. LRS was born in 2012 by way of a merger between two of Chicago’s strongest waste recycling companies. The client provides:

  • Recycling and industry-leading waste diversion programs.
  • Affordable roll-off container services.
  • Comprehensive waste removal to businesses and residential homeowners.

The client had embarked on building a mobile application to track safety incidents.
The idea was to have a flexible and scalable mobile application to enable the business to deliver the performance as per customer’s demand.

With Integrative Systems delivering modern, agile, and lean custom software solutions to companies worldwide, the team worked closely with the client to prepare the roadmap for their journey ahead.

Custom software development services from Integrative Systems helped the client by designing a solution as per their requirements.

To understand how we did it and know –
  • How Integrative Systems designed a classic app for the client?
  • What are the features included?
  • How will the new mobile app benefit them?
  • What technology did we use?
  • And how you contact our custom software, development team?

Download this case study to know why Integrative Systems is one of the USA’s leading custom software development companies.

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EBook for 90 days plan to pull out business

90 Day Plan in 4 Easy Steps to Pull Out Business from Covid-19 Slump

  • April 11, 2023

Pandemics like COVID-19 force businesses to rethink their strategies, from business model to methodology. Across various industry verticals, companies have had to modify their operations to abide by social distancing protocols and stay submerged during an economic downturn. Such conditions have made it difficult for businesses to survive. Enterprises are facing severe impacts no matter how much capital they have, so they need to re-look at how they manage and operate their business.

Moreover, the market is changing every day, so it is important to re-evaluate your business model and know where your business stands. We are all in this together, so the ideal way is to stay transparent with what you are going through.

Also, if you need a partner to help with this Covid-19 slump, we are here to help you.

At Integrative Systems, we have provided IBM AS400 iSeries, .Net Development, and Custom Software Development services to clients worldwide. We have prepared a full-proof business plan to take a business like yours out of this scenario. So, if you are willing to look into our services and what we can offer you. Would you mind downloading the infographic?

And please remember that some of the best business projects are developed in trying times. So, do not hesitate to give it a try. Like all other situations, this too shall pass!

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