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    Demystifying Common Fears Around Switching Software Development Partners/Outsourcing Software Development

    You already know that you need to change your current software service partner or vendor for benefits like a better ROI, faster time to market, doing more in less time and optimized TCO. Maybe you already have experience outsourcing or you are considering it for the first time. Whatever the situation, there are some common concerns, fears, and risks that can hold you back.

    We absolutely understand that your fears are valid and are based on your past experiences. This is exactly where we come in to not just become your newly contracted software partner but become an extension of your team and your business. We address all your fears and concerns, help you overcome them, and move ahead only when you start trusting us.

    Based on our 20+ years of dealing with multiple customers, we have summarized a list of top fears businesses have when it comes to switching software partners or outsourcing software development.

    Also described herewith is our unique approach on how we work through each of them.

    Four Common Concerns Every Prospect Has

    Let’s begin by classifying these concerns type:

    Price Based Concern:

    Price is the most common concern as you may be worried about, mainly the financial risk associated with negligence, wrong estimations and going over budget due to poor requirement analysis of the exact services you need.

    Customer Trust Concern:

    People love to do business with trustworthy companies or someone they already know. Trust objection shows your concern regarding credibility of the service provider. The common objection we have heard – “I have never heard of your company.”

    Time Related Concern:

    Time-related objections are common, and we hear terms like “Send details in an email,” “I don’t have time,” and many more.

    Comparing with Competitor/Current Software Partner:

    Many a time, our potential customers compare our services with a competitor and come up saying – “Your competitor’s services/prices are better,”.

    We are being brutally honest about the type of concerns our potential customers put across when communicating with us. However, we ensure that they realize the empathy in our efforts for their cause right from the first conversation – no matter the type of concern they raise.

    Broad Classification and Solutions of your Panic or Fears

    Customer fears regarding our services can revolve around various issues. But we have categorized them into four common types. Have a look:

    Concern: Budget – “Prices are too high”

    As discussed earlier, budget is a common concern because money is the top priority for every individual/company. But the price is just a perceived value, as concerns related to ROI also fall in this category.


    When a prospect comes up to us with such concern, we try to dig deeper about their genuine concern and try to understand the reason what makes them think like that. Is this price bothering them, or are they not satisfied with the services being offered at that price?

    We try to go the root cause of the concern, as it makes the communication process easy with the prospect.

    After knowing the root cause, we make them aware of the value offered by us. Furthermore, we try to make them understand, how much money they can save by availing our services in the long run.

    Authority: “I need to talk to my team.”

    In this, the potential customer may is usually not a decision maker and has to consult his senior. This happens when a company has multiple decision-makers. Sometimes we hear – “I need to speak with my boss for further proceedings.” So, we simply try to understand if we are speaking with a decision-maker and if not – is it possible to get them to have a conversation.


    First, we validate the concern raised by the prospect as it helps us to connect with them in a better way. We offer a follow up meeting with all decision-makers. Getting all on one table helps us know about their needs in-depth and their fears about our services. Lastly, we address all their concerns calmly and take a step closer to sign a lifelong deal.

    Concern: Time Crunches – “I don’t have time right now.”

    The commonly used phrases are – “Please call me later, please send in PDF form, or please send a proper email.” Or they may say – “We don’t have time” or “isn’t important right now.”


    In such a scenario, we simply get on a quick call. If the prospect says that they don’t need the service right now, our duty is to find out the reason behind the same. Also, we remind the customer about the long-term benefits of our services if they start early. Moreover, we get to know the projects or technology they are working on, and if it is related to our services, make them understand the benefits of integrating our services for better results.

    For example, if the customer plans to develop a new software in-house, we make them understand how outsourcing the project to a third-party custom software development company would benefit their business. As their ongoing projects won’t be affected and they’ll get access to all the latest technology which they might not have onboard currently.

    Concern: “We’re already taking services from a competitor of yours”

    Sometimes, our potential client tells us that they are already taking services from a competitor of ours.


    In such a scenario, we try to understand about competitor offerings and their service portfolio. After getting a clear picture, we can talk about cost-efficiencies and benefits that can be offered. We also use our social media reviews for better demonstration.

    Customer ratings and reviews are the ultimate proof when it comes to comparing products/services. We understand the issues they face with their current setup and show our services’ reviews on how our offerings can solve their problems. Many independent reviews offering sites provide the best comparison of services. Furthermore, we also try to give our services as “add-on” instead of competing directly.

    Our Strategy to Help You Succeed First

    Presenting, our three-pronged approach to helping you get to your vision faster-

    • We listen to your needs patiently: We listen to needs of our customers patiently and try to provide the best solution, without being salesy.
    • We are never pushy or salesy: Even if we lose you, we try win by leaving a long-lasting impression on you.
    • Provide Relevant Information: Objections and pushbacks are natural – we deal with them by helping you uncover the real concerns that are pulling you back, provide relevant information and suggest ways to overcome them.

    We hope we gave you a fair idea of how at Integrative we help businesses overcome their natural fears, objections, and pains before trying to get their feet wet into the world of outsourcing software development.

    If you have any queries or feel that we have missed something, please write us at [email protected], and someone from our team will connect you soon.

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