Culture and Administering at Integrative Systems

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    Defining a Culture and Administering at Integrative Systems

    DEFINING A CULTUREEvery company’s wish is to incorporate a good corporate culture as a part of their business brand. But do we have any definition for a good corporate culture.

    There are several theories and articles on what good corporate culture is and how one can achieve this; then why is it that several companies, including the top companies, are struggling with issues centered around culture.

    The answer, according to us at Integrative Systems is very simple – Culture can never be borrowed and cheated upon; instead for a culture to succeed, it takes a clear definition of a Company’s Mission, It’s Value System, And Expectations of all stakeholders – employees, customers, vendors, etc.

    Further, cultures develop within an organization and are constantly tested with every decision at every level. Let’s discuss what makes a good culture within an organization.

    Good culture has a pivotal impact on the growth of the organization. And, we cannot ignore the fact that every company is unique, has different goals and varied methods of achieving its goals.

    Hence borrowing a good corporate culture and administering it at one’s organization will never bring effective results.

    In fact, a company’s culture is influenced by myriad factors. We at Integrative Systems believe corporate culture is derived, not defined.

    A company’s culture develops organically over time from cumulative traits of people we hire, train and retain and the decisions our associates make within the organizations at all levels.

    We are very diligent that every decision we make is bounced against our Mission, Ethics and Value System. “For example, If an opportunity doesn’t pass the muster, we gladly pass on that opportunity”.

    At Integrative Systems, we foster a culture that ensures our employees understand the underlying meaning of their work – it’s not just about working, but also caring deeply about one’s work, which in turn ends up being rewarding.

    We gladly give up “Short Term Gains” for “Long Term Impacts” We believe every employee can be trained to see this differential aspect of their professional contribution.

    We work deeply at understanding the expectations of our employees, and firmly believe that not every person, who has the required skill set to work at our company, can work at our company. It is vitally important that there are synergy and convergence of values.

    Our culture at Integrative Systems is made of five major elements, we have tried to elaborate them below, have a look-

    Vision Beyond Short Term Goals

    Vision beyond Short Term Goals:

    Understanding the difference between short term v/s long term goal setting is one quality which we expect from each of our employees.

    A target-oriented vision helps employees articulate the purpose of their work and help them plan their work accordingly. This makes them plan their day to day work activities and help them realize their full potential – both professional and personal.

    Values towards Work:

    We believe that what we work on has a deeper impact on everyone and everything within our entire professional ecosystem – growth of our clients, relationship within the internal and external teams, unleashing value within our partnerships, etc. And that is the reason we put values at the core of our culture.

    If a vision articulates a company’s purpose, values offer a set of guidelines for the behaviors and mindsets of our employees, who are required to consistently drive business results required to achieve the required vision. We believe there is no single-minded growth, there is only collaborative growth.

    Practicing Value and Vision:

    Setting good values and great vision will only be fruitful if we are successful in our efforts to enshrine them deeply at all levels in our practices.

    Like when our human resource manager says that “People Matter”, she is ready to invest all her efforts in her team in every possible way. She understands her success lies in her team’s success, and so does for every individual on that team.

    Right People:

    A company can only build a coherent culture with people who share its core values and possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values. Hence our business managers take the utmost care while recruiting talent for our organization.

    For us, a candidate with the right skill sets is important, but the paramount question is “Are we bringing in the candidate with a value system, that is consistent with Integrative’s value system?”

    Applying our Narrative:

    Integrative Systems is known for its immaculate performance for well over two decades. Our team’s dedication has helped us remain firm and strong in delivering meaningful and long-term results for our clients.

    It is our commitment to our clients, employees, vendors – supported by an unwavering company culture that has helped us – gain our customer’s loyalty and helped us grow during these past two decades. And, we plan to continue on the same trajectory, with the same unwavering commitment for the coming decades.

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