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    Choosing a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider? 4 Things to Look Out for

    Are you finding it hard to choose professional Microsoft 365 solution providers?

    Multiple organizations across the globe desire to control different business aspects from one space and increase the efficiency and ROI (return on investment) of their business.

    Microsoft business intelligence 365 can help businesses automate routine tasks, manage their workspace, protect data, and cut operational costs.

    But you need a professional Microsoft solution provider to help you achieve your business goals. Before finalizing a dedicated Microsoft cloud solutions provider, you need to understand multiple aspects.


    Let’s find out. But before we jump to the core aspect, let’s understand some of the basics of a Microsoft cloud solutions provider.

    What is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider?

    A Microsoft cloud service provider is a third-party company that offers you a cloud-based platform, application, infrastructure, or storage services that can help you streamline your business operations.

    Based on your business demands and requirements, you can choose the Microsoft services offered by the cloud solutions provider and achieve your desired business goals.

    Apart from the pay-per-use model, a Microsoft cloud solutions provider can offer you multiple benefits like scalability and flexibility by expanding beyond the physical constraints of on-premises servers.

    You also get the reliability of different data centers and customization by configuring servers based on your preferences. You can avail benefits like responsive load balancing that quickly adapt to the changing demands.

    But out of multiple certified Microsoft solution providers, how can you filter the best for your business?

    Multiple factors need to be considered while finalizing your Microsoft 365 solution provider to maximize your ROI and expenses.

    How to Choose a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider?

    Once you plan to move towards cloud computing, the next vital step is to finalize a Microsoft cloud solutions provider.

    It’s important to assess the capability and reliability of the Microsoft-certified solution provider before entrusting them with your organization’s applications and data.

    Here’s what you need to consider:

    1. Business processes and health

    The Microsoft solution provider should have a track record of healthy financial position and stability with sufficient capital to ensure successful operations for a long time.

    Your Microsoft certified solution provider should have a formal process management structure and established risk management policy to ensure proper governance and planning while managing your requirements.

    The provider should have a formal process for accessing different vendors and providers. They should validate compliance with your requirements using a third-party audit.

    The Microsoft 365 solution provider should understand your business and your requirements to match their technical knowledge and experience.

    You should check the reputation of the Microsoft solution provider by reading customer reviews, going through their online presence, and checking their level of cloud experience for better decision-making.

    Microsoft Administration support2. Administration support

    Your Microsoft solution provider should deliver you a basic level of service that ensures you cover the requirements and keeps you comfortable with the management.They should provide you with detailed performance reports that can help you optimize your performance and scale your business profitability to achieve your desired business results quickly.

    Your Microsoft cloud solutions provider should automate the billing and accounting process to make monitoring resources easier. It can avoid getting unexpected bills and maintain complete transparency between the two parties.

    You should also get dedicated support for billing-related issues to bypass different troubles and streamline payment. The Microsoft solution provider should have control to monitor and track the services provided to you and the different changes that can be made in the system.

    A better configuration management and resource monitoring can ensure that the Microsoft solution provider is reliable, and you can choose them.

    3. Technical capabilities and processes

    You need to ensure that your Microsoft solution provider has the mechanisms that simplify your software and applications’ deployment, management, and updates.

    The Microsoft cloud solutions provider should provide the data transforms and standard APIs to ensure your organization can smoothly build connections to the cloud.

    Your cloud provider should have a set system for event management that can be synced with the monitoring or management system. The Microsoft 365 solution provider should have formal and documented processes for logging, requesting, testing, accepting changes, and approving.

    The cloud solution provider should support the hybrid model even if you don’t want to use a hybrid cloud at the initial stage.

    You can explore the advantages of hybrid capabilities at a later stage and avoid the hassle of switching to different service providers.

    Security-practices4. Security practices

    Your Microsoft-certified solution provider should provide a professional and robust security infrastructure for different cloud service types and levels.The security policies should be comprehensive, and the security procedures for controlling access to the customer and provider systems should be thorough.

    The identity management should be kept in check, and the changes to application service or any hardware components should be authorized on a group or personal role basis. The authentication should also be controlled for users who wants to change the data or application.

    The procedures and policies for data retention and backup should ensure the integrity of customer data, and it should be operational and integrated into the cloud service provider’s ecosystem.

    The physical security provided by the Microsoft certified solution provider should be comprehensive and in place to control the access to co-located hardware. The data centers should have an environmental safeguard to protect equipment and data from disruptive events.

    The Microsoft 365 solution provider should have a documented disaster recovery and a business continuity plan. There should be redundant power and networking to ensure proper cloud protection for your organization and the vital data managed using Microsoft cloud services.

    Now that you know the factors for choosing a professional Microsoft service provider, let’s understand how an agency becomes a Microsoft-certified solution provider.

    What Is the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider Program?

    The Microsoft cloud solutions provider (CSP) program enables the partners to manage their Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. The cloud service providers can utilize dedicated in-product tools to manage, provision, and support the client’s requirements.

    The program enables the Microsoft cloud solutions provider to package their tools, services, and products and create monthly or annual customer plans.

    The program also enables the partners to become trusted advisors and deliver Microsoft cloud services to businesses or enterprises like yours to fulfill the requirements.

    You can get pricing, experience, and service from different service providers based on these models.

    But choosing a Microsoft 365 solution provider can help you unlock multiple benefits that can help you stand out from the rest in the industry. Have a look.

    Benefits of Opting for a Microsoft 365 Solution Provider

    Pay for what you want

    You can get customized packages for the cloud service and products you require, and it can help you avoid paying a hefty price for multiple Microsoft services and products.

    You can choose between a monthly or annual plan offered by the Microsoft certified solution provider that helps you satisfy your requirements.

    You can enter or leave the subscription as there is no commitment restriction, which lets you have flexibility while choosing a Microsoft solution provider.

    Great support

    You get great support from a professional Microsoft 365 solution provider that can help you streamline your cloud environment. With customer support, you can bypass difficulties with finesse and achieve your desired outcomes quickly.

    You can contact the technical team of the cloud service provider and break the complexities for better performance.

    Save time and money

    The cloud service provider can help you manage your cloud to save you the hassle and minimize the operational cost. The providers can optimize your Microsoft infrastructure and improve the performance of your cloud management.

    The service providers can look after the subscriptions and licenses to help you save your time and energy and focus on the core business operations. The providers can help you get the best deal and maximum value from the services to achieve your business goals.

    These are the top benefits you can get from accessing Microsoft from a Microsoft 365 solution provider. But out of multiple Microsoft cloud solutions providers, which one is best for your business?

    How can Integrative Systems Help?

    With years of experience in the Microsoft cloud solutions provider industry, Integrative Systems has helped multiple companies get the best Microsoft 365 solution for your business.

    With over 500+ successful projects and 85 clients globally, we have a qualified and expert cloud team that can handle your business requirements and help you achieve your results quickly.

    We offer 24×7 support all year round and aim to deliver 360-degree cloud management results.

    So, if you want to discuss Microsoft cloud service solutions requirements, get in touch with our experts for a complete overview.

    Contact us today at [email protected]

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