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    How SMBs Get a Strategic Edge with Microsoft Consulting Services

    To all the leaders of small and medium-sized businesses, we can feel you.

    We know the challenges you face every day while –

    • Ensuring the cost-efficiency for your customers
    • Embracing technological advancements
    • Answering the board of directors
    • Leading cross-functional teams
    • Outpacing competitors
    • Pumping up the ROI

    It’s a demanding journey, worth applauding.

    We get it.

    Is there a way to rest this hustle, break-through and focus on the core business objectives?

    It is quite possible with reliable partnership with third-party expertise that takes over a significant share of your responsibilities, enabling you to focus on core business competencies.

    And this is where Microsoft Consulting Services comes into the picture.

    No, it is not a quick fix to your challenges, rather it is the key to a strategic future.

    We know there are plenty of questions around What, How, and Why Microsoft consulting services will pave the path to successful future, right?

    Let’s embark on the journey to get all your answers!

    But first,

    What is Microsoft Consulting? What are Microsoft Consulting Services?

    Microsoft consulting is sharing expertise in diverse Microsoft tools, software, and solutions.

    Microsoft consulting services comprise a third-party, strategic partner who understands your business and suggests new possibilities for better functioning. Their job is to analyze the challenges, recommend new solutions, and implement suitable Microsoft products.

    Their role goes beyond mere recommendations.

    They create tailor-made solutions using their expert knowledge and harness the true power of Microsoft for your Business.

    From using Power BI to gather insights to leveraging Azure for scalable cloud infrastructure, they make the most out of your Microsoft’s investment.

    As we’ve explored the ‘what’ of Microsoft consulting services, let’s take a deep dive into its ‘why’.

    The Strategic Value of Microsoft Consulting Services

    Small and medium-sized businesses often face resource constraints, making it difficult to ride through the rollercoaster of technology effectively.

    In addition, they are grappled with the:

    1. Fear of falling behind the competitors

    2. Panic about poor cyber security measures

    3. Anxiety over a shortage of skilled candidates

    4. Worry of being overtaken by the industry giants

    Did any constraint resonate with you?

    Don’t worry!

    Microsoft consulting services literally put a full stop to all these challenges and translate them into new opportunities.

    Let’s look at the strategic value of Microsoft consulting one by one.

    Competitive Edge

    Microsoft consulting partners offer a strategic roadmap to help you gain a competitive advantage. They first help you analyze the market trends, competitor strategies, and customer behavior using Microsoft solutions like Azure AI and data analytics, to take a data-driven approach and gain a competitive edge.

    Cyber Security

    Cybersecurity has affected businesses of all sizes. As a leader of a growing business, you must be on your toes to make cyber security your priority. Microsoft consulting services offer cutting-edge cyber security solutions using Microsoft solutions like Azure Security Center. The consultants study your current system security, spot bottlenecks, and recommend improvements to save your business’ reputation from modern thieves.

    Access to Skilled Resources

    Especially for small and mid-sized firms, it gets difficult to achieve the high targets with minimal errors and delays. The Microsoft consulting companies provide efficient training and skills leveraging platforms like Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Virtual Training. It trains your staff with the essential skills to address evolving tech issues and create a smart workforce.

    Worry of being Overtaken by the Industry Giants

    Microsoft consulting services partner leverage their years of knowledge of Microsoft technologies and solutions, to create customized solutions that will solve your unique challenges. Whether it is implementing cyber security measures or overcoming resource scarcity, their goal is to prioritize your operational efficiency and maximize the benefit.

    This brings us to our next point the diverse Microsoft consulting services and how they can be strategically utilized by SMBs.

    What are the different Microsoft Consulting Services?

    There are a bunch of services offered by the consultants. They are:

    Power BI Consulting Services

    Power BI is a user-friendly, leading Business Intelligence tool. Power BI consulting services comprise of a strategic and special help offered by Microsoft professionals to meet your data analytics and visualization needs.

    For instance, Microsoft consultants help SMBs gather sales data from various resources, creating immersive dashboards that update in real-time. This empowers SMB leaders, such as you to take swift action, optimize your strategies, and improve ROI.

     Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

    Azure is a public cloud computing platform with 200+ solutions and cloud services designed to meet your various business needs. Microsoft Azure consultants closely work with your SMB to understand your unique challenges and create tailor-made solutions to serve your requirements.

    For instance, they can bring digital transformation by migrating your legacy system applications to Azure ensuring a flawless cloud transition.

    Microsoft SQL Server Consulting Services

    Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that stores and retrieves data as requested by other software apps. Microsoft SQL Server consultants ensure seamless data management, cutting-edge security, and optimum performance within your business.

    For instance, if your business heavily relies on data analytics for decision-making, the consultants can fuel the database for faster results, add additional layers of security, and ensure compliance.

    Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

    Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one suite of cloud-based apps and services that boost collaboration for all. It mingles productivity tools like Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word with cloud services to optimize workflow and encourage desired teamwork. A Microsoft 365 consultant holds expertise in helping SMBs and business leaders, such as you to maximize the use of the suite.

    For instance, the consultant may spot gaps in communication and recommend Microsoft Teams for smooth collaboration.

    Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services

    Microsoft SharePoint is a secure platform used to store, manage, share, and access data from any device. Microsoft SharePoint consultants set up secure document warehouses, implement access controls, and automate workflows for guaranteed security.

    For instance, they help you authorize only role-based permits to ensure that only permitted professionals have access to specific data.

    Microsoft PowerApps Consulting Services

    Power Apps is a comprehensive suite of apps, services, and data platforms. It is designed to offer a speedy development environment to build and develop custom apps for your enterprise. The Power Apps consultant leverages your investments to the fullest and designs holistic solutions.

    For instance, the Microsoft PowerApps partner streamlines your data management by creating a custom app that centralizes information from various sources, resulting in better efficiency for your team.

    Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

    Microsoft Teams is a holistic messaging, communication, collaboration, file, and app-sharing platform. Microsoft Teams consultants have mastery in optimizing the platform for efficient communication and collaboration.

    For instance, they may create a customized chatbot to improve internal project management.

    This was all about Microsoft consulting with real-life examples.

    Considering the Microsoft consulting for your SMB? Read on to discover the role of a Microsoft consultant partner. 

    What do Microsoft Consultants do?

    The role of a Microsoft consultant in your business success may include:

    • Documenting the needs, aims, and objectives of customers after conducting discussions with them.
    • Assessing the client’s existing tech and gather the customer needs and challenges.
    • Be accountable from beginning to end, for planning, organizing, and managing the budget.
    • Drafting a project plan and provide details on risks, challenges, assumptions, and dependencies for the project.
    • Convince the business value of planned technology to the stakeholders.
    • Learn and employ the use of emerging technologies, services, and methods on industry trends or business needs.
    • Engage in mentor-mentee relationships to enhance the use of Microsoft solutions’ capabilities.

    Have you made up your mind to utilize the Microsoft consultancy? Now is the time to look for a trusted Microsoft consultant.

    How to Select just Right Microsoft Consultants for your Business?

    You’ve done it. You’ve decided to opt for Microsoft consultancy services.

    Now, all you need is a reliable partner who knows the ins and outs of the technology.

    A quick search takes you to hundreds of Microsoft consulting companies, claiming to be experts, so how do you choose?

    Here are 8 impactful questions to ask your potential partner before you seize the deal:

    • What is your relevant domain experience?
    • What is your experience across the Microsoft Stack?
    • How do you approach project management?
    • What’s your payment structure?
    • What, in your opinion is the biggest change that has happened in (your desired tech) since the last year?
    • What differentiates you from other Microsoft consulting services partners?
    • Can you guarantee success?
    • How will you respond to (a hypothetical situation) during the course of our partnership?

    These questions will help you filter out the inexperienced candidates and draw a clearer picture.

    How to Judge a Potential Microsoft Consultant in Advance?

    Here are the characteristics of a trusted Microsoft consultant:

    • They are unbiased
    • They are honest about the services they don’t offer
    • They have proven experience of working for your domain
    • They satisfy all your queries satisfactorily, without dodging them
    • They showcase a respectful approach, prioritizing your needs without being salesy

    Moving on, let’s address the frequently asked questions about Microsoft consultancy by SMBs.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Consulting Services

    1. Are Microsoft Consulting Services worth the investment for SMBs?

    Ans: Think! Does your business need growth, competitive edge, or efficiency? If it does, Microsoft consulting is the tried and tested solution that unlocks new opportunities that you hadn’t realized, making a significant difference in achieving your goals.

    2. In what ways can Microsoft consultants help me with digital transformation?

    Ans: Microsoft consultants are subject matter experts who demonstrate the best use of Microsoft tools for a successful digital transformation. They walk you through the technology, understand your challenges and strengths, and employ the technology to meet your goals, ensuring you enjoy a smooth journey toward digital transformation.

    3. How do I choose the right Microsoft consulting services for my industry?

    Ans: First, understand the current and future trends of your domain that could benefit from Microsoft solutions. Next, look for a reliable Microsoft consulting services partner with a proven record of working in your domain who can do the job for you while you focus on your crucial operations.

    Hire Microsoft Consulting Services for SMBs from Integrative Systems

    We are a certified Microsoft consulting firm, and Microsoft partner based in Chicago, with decades of industry experience and expertise.

    Our first goal is to help you get the most out of your corporate investments and provide the ultimate customer experience throughout our partnership.

    Are you assessing your SMB’s needs?

    Do you want to maximize your existing Microsoft investment?

    Or do you just need help getting started with Microsoft technologies like Microsoft Azure or Power BI?

    In any case, Integrative Systems is your go-to Microsoft consultant to achieve the desired business goals and accelerate your business’ progress.

    Let our Microsoft consulting experts clear your doubts or walk you through the steps of the Microsoft consulting process.

    Reach out to us by simply filling up the form at [email protected] and booking your Microsoft BI consultation today.

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