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    Hiring a Microsoft 365 Consultant in 2024

    Microsoft 365 is a darling of business leaders, especially veteran leaders, who have leveraged it to surpass traditional limitations like geographical constraints, high operational costs, and device independence.

    Are you and your team using the Microsoft 365 platform to enjoy improved productivity, business intelligence, and tightened security?


    • Are you aware of the possibilities that Microsoft 365 enables you with?
    • Are you leveraging every feature of Microsoft 365 that you’re paying for?
    • Are you able to effectively manage and keep up with the latest upgrades Microsoft 365 is coming up with?

    If your answer was “NO” to the set of questions posed, you must get a Microsoft 365 consultant to turn things around.

    Think you can do it all alone on your own?

    We don’t doubt that.

    Every new-age business leader can crack the code and make the most of their Microsoft 365 investments. But…

    It comes with undefined complexities that may either slow your operational capacities down or obstruct your focus on the core business objectives.

    Not an acceptable cost to trade, right?

    In this blog we are going to discuss how Microsoft Consultants help you navigate the complexities of adopting Microsoft 365, allowing you and your IT team to focus on the core business objectives.

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    Stubborn Challenges Microsoft 365 Consultants Solve for You

    Being a Microsoft 365 consulting expert, here we have listed the top challenges that our customers from diverse industries are grappling with.

    Inefficient Usage of Microsoft 365 Tools

    Microsoft 365 is a rich platform, with multiple apps catering to your productivity needs.

    But in addition to the common apps such as MS Teams, Word, and Excel, there are various tools designed to boost your team’s productivity.

    Such as Microsoft Planner for effective task management and Power Automate for seamless workflow automation.

    Thus, one of the most common challenges encountered by the users of Office 365 is the inefficient usage of Microsoft 365.

    Isn’t it obvious that diverse range and versatility have made Microsoft 365 a bit intimidating for business leaders to crack and avail the benefits of?

    So, how do you decide which is the suitable tool for what job?

    Well, there’s no concrete answer to this question as each digital workspace is unique and every business has its unique way of communication and collaboration.

    However, you can escape the confusion by teaming up with a reliable Microsoft services consulting provider for a custom Microsoft 365 solution.

    Engaging with the Microsoft 365 Consultant before starting your initiatives ensures that you save both guesswork and resources, decoding the puzzle of Microsoft 365.

    Right from helping you choose the right Office 365 plan that suits your needs to customizing each tool to perfectly fit into your workflow, they’ve got it all.

    It’s not a one-time service. It is a 365 x 24 x 7 dedication to ensure your team doesn’t say, “I wish we had someone to help with this Microsoft 365 issue right now.’’

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    2. Costly and Time-Consuming Customizations

    With thousands of businesses relying on Microsoft 365, it could be assumed they all are using off-the-shelf Microsoft products.

    Although the similar solutions are available to all businesses, the makers of Microsoft have left a huge room for customization.

    The customers enjoy customizations like industry-specific templates for Microsoft Teams, personalized themes reflecting their brand values through colors and logos, or customized designs for SharePoint sites.

    You can explore a myriad of customization options that make this tool uniquely yours.

    But implementing, designing, and managing all the custom components can be time-consuming, not to mention expensive, if it involves many intricacies.

    However, a professional Microsoft 365 consultant helps you save both time and resources by simplifying the customization process with expert guidance catered to your precise needs.

    Additionally, the consultant Microsoft Office 365 provides ongoing technical support to ensure flawless implementation while assisting in troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

    Visionary IT leaders, like yourself, choose to partner with Microsoft 365 consulting services providers to not only avail of the customization benefits but also to unlock cost-effective solutions and escape costly mishaps.

    3. Managing Microsoft 365 Governance at Scale

    Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool, transforming thousands of workplaces and empowering workforces.

    Yet, the question persists – Is every user aware of Microsoft 365s strengths?

    As a Microsoft 365 consulting services provider for more than a decade, we have witnessed a common trend among our clients – Many were harnessing a mere 23% of its massive potential.

    Through proper guidance and strategic training, we have empowered them to unlock the remaining 77% of the platform’s potential for 3X productivity and business excellence.

    As a visionary leader that you are, we’re confident that you understand the significance of full-fledged training on the efficient usage of tools.

    But if you are a technology leader whose team has embraced Microsoft 365 without receiving adequate training, chances are your users are frustrated making sense of Microsoft 365 apps, and the toll on their productivity is inescapable.

    Not surprisingly, many customers urgently sought our assistance as a Microsoft 365 consulting services provider when they reported data security concerns that emerged due to inadequate governance practices, compromising the integrity of their business.

    So, setting up adequate governance is non-negotiable for a successful deployment of Microsoft 365 tools and solutions.

    It proves beneficial to have a dedicated Microsoft 365 consulting partner to help you figure out the best governance strategy when you are deploying Microsoft 365 for the first time or optimizing your existing setup.

    Moreover, our well-versed Microsoft office 365 consultants help you to stay in the loop of the latest governance guidelines, ensuring you stay updated, and focus on the right things in your business.

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    4. Security and Compliance to Help You Be Fearless

    Although Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools, like any other cloud-based solution, it is not without its share of security threats.

    As a Microsoft 365 consultant, we identify the common threats to Office 365 as E-mail risks, data loss, and leakage, credential theft, privilege abuse, account breaches, etc.

    Given that Microsoft Office 365 is the lifeblood of your business, it’s crucial to access the information and collaborate with your peers safely to protect the integrity of your assets.

    This may not be always possible.

    There are going to be instances where the users may leave loose ends, posing a potential risk to your system.

    But that doesn’t imply that information must be completely locked down in a vault. There must be a balance between facilitating productivity, smooth access, and security.

    Instead, you must implement a strict review process that empowers your colleagues in executing the necessary actions, whether they operate under one roof or in a remote space.

    When it comes to new-age security, business leaders prefer to adopt a two-way approach – combining precautionary measures with the implementation of extra care.

    As extra care, it’s recommended to engage with a technology expert such as a professional Microsoft 365 consulting partners who understand Office 365 as well as they understand the modern security landscape.

    The consultants help you assemble a highly productive workforce and a secure ecosystem using tactics such as Zero-Trust security models.

    A professional Microsoft 365 consultant performs a 360-degree risk analysis to identify security and compliance vulnerabilities.

    Additionally, the best Microsoft services consulting partner provides ongoing monitoring and reporting support to ensure your security and compliance policies are being effectively implemented.

    By leveraging the Microsoft 365 consulting services, you and your stakeholders operate fear-free, knowing that your Microsoft 365 Office environment is protected against sophisticated cyber-attacks and operational disruptions.

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    5. Integration With Other Tools

    Our Microsoft 365 constants often hear our clients reaching out with challenges of inefficiently integrated Office 365 with foreign technologies and tools, due to technical incompatibility, data insecurity, and user resistance as their top challenges.

    Although Microsoft 365 is an easy-to-use platform with an easy UI, its complex back-end challenges need advanced technical expertise.

    To unlock seamless integration, you require a deep understanding of both the tools being integrated and of Microsoft Office 365.

    The crucial challenge lies in ensuring data compatibility between different systems, particularly when data formats and structures differ.

    Figuring out the solution can be time-consuming and requires significant efforts to set up and maintain.

    Moreover, it typically turns out to be a costly affair, not only through direct expenses for software and resources but also through indirect expenses such as lost productivity in setting up and maintaining the integration.

    It proves to be an expensive approach to hire an in-house team of Microsoft 365 experts unless you have an extensive need for Microsoft Office 365 expertise.

    This was about the challenges witnessed by IT leaders like you and how an adept Microsoft 365 consultant empowers you to overcome them.

    Moving on, let’s understand what Microsoft 365 consultants do for you.

    What Do Microsoft 365 Consultants Do For You?

    An expert Microsoft 365 consulting services partner takes up a manifold approach to help you make the most of your Microsoft 365 investment and translate your challenges into solutions.

    Let’s understand their approach step by step.

    1. Performing a Situation Analysis

    1. A. The professional Microsoft 365 consultant performs a rigorous situation analysis to figure out the areas for improvement. They help you work out the best course of action and move forward without wasting your efforts or making false moves.
    2. B. Next, they gauge the level of user adoption to identify key areas of user frustration and highlight the need for additional training.
    3. C. Additionally, the Microsoft Office 365 consultants dive deep into your data to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities and suggest tactics for improvement.
    4. D. To ensure air-tight security within your Microsoft 365 environment, and avoid every possible security complication, Microsoft 365 consultants review your ecosystem’s security posture and identify the vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

    The end-to-end assessment enables the consultants for Microsoft 365 to identify the need for improvement, provide expert recommendations, and help you optimize the use of Microsoft 365 for multiplied productivity and efficiency.

    2. Providing Expert Guidance & Recommendations

    Once you are settled in the Microsoft 365 environment, you need expert advice on multiple questions such as –

    • Is there any scope to optimize my workflows?
    • How to boost my team’s collaboration using Microsoft Teams?
    • Are any advanced features available to automate mundane processes?

    A plain Google search will probably provide shallow answers to these questions, but to make an informed decision and truly explore the complexity, you need the expertise of an experienced Office 365 consulting services provider.

    In addition to the answers to all your tech-related questions, they possess industry expertise, helping you with the questions of – “How do I comply with my industry standards?”

    If needed, the Office 365 consultant also provides detailed insights on empowering user adoption in your organization.

    Thus, engaging with a tech expert not only enables the effective implementation of Microsoft 365 tools but also overcomes every challenge that hinders your efficiency during the process.

    Active Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    The consultant Microsoft Office 365 doesn’t stop at the successful implementation of tailored Microsoft 365 solutions.

    They use monitoring tools and dashboards to keep track of the performance of Microsoft 365 tools. Also promptly identify and resolve any issues before they impact your user productivity.

    Furthermore, Microsoft 365 consulting services providers perform root cause analysis to identify the root cause of every issue and help you uproot them.

    With this dedicated approach, Microsoft Office 365 consultants identify and resolve the challenges within the ecosystem and strives for optimal performance of the tools.

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    4. Seeking Technical Support from Microsoft

    Yes, you read that right!

    If required, the Office 365 consultants can also reach out to Microsoft seeking assistance for your unique challenges.

    The professionals possess knowledge of how to engage with Microsoft’s support team and efficiently guide your team through the process.

    The Microsoft 365 consultant also manages your case with Microsoft, ensuring that your issues are resolved well in time.

    If the issue still stands unresolved, they offer alternative solutions or workarounds to make sure your workflow remains efficient and uninterrupted.

    Thus, engaging with a professional Microsoft 365 consulting partner brings you peace of mind that ‘’whatever goes wrong, I have an expert by my side’’.

    5. Offering Comprehensive Training and Support

    Using Microsoft Office 365 is not an easy feat.

    You need expert support to quickly adopt the evolving technology unless you have time for a “Ctrl + Z” workout.

    A professional Microsoft 365 consultant takes away the guesswork, helps you overcome the challenges, and empowers your team with the knowledge and support required to efficiently use the tools.

    You can get your IT team trained by the best Office 365 consulting services providers to maximize and strengthen your business ecosystem to achieve your desired goals.

    So that you as a business leader can focus on your core business objectives without getting your hands dirty in the technical intricacies.

    Now as you are aware of WHAT Microsoft 365 consultants do for you and HOW!

    As we have reached the end of this guide for business leaders, utilizing or intending to utilize Microsoft Office 365 suite, we are sure that your confidence in the capabilities of Microsoft 365 Consultant has multiplied.

    Wondering where to find professional consultants for Microsoft 365 who bring genuine value to your business?

    Integrative Systems has got you covered.

    Integrative Systems: Making Your Microsoft 365 Investments Work the Way You Need

    As a true leader that you are, we understand that you would choose the best for your company.

    Choosing Integrative Systems for your Microsoft 365 consulting needs proves to a strategic advantage for multiple reasons.

    We take pride in being your go-to partner and making your Microsoft 365 investment work the way you need.

    With our 15+ years proven expertise, working with diverse industries of different shapes and sizes, we ensure we help you tailor make your Office 365 environment, to best suit your needs.

    Our team of professional Microsoft 365 consultants ensures that you can focus on your core business operations with confidence.

    Simply drop us a line at [email protected] and our expert Microsoft 365 consulting professionals will be at your service within 2 business days.

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