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    Why RPG Programmers Are Essential in Today’s Tech Landscape?

    Are you among the technology leaders, who are heavily invested in the AS400 systems for their mission-critical applications and business operations?

    We bet you must have found yourself in the spot where scarcity of RPG programmers must have been a reason for you to loosen up your peace of mind.

    Well, then what about today?

    Given the modern business scenarios, do you feel any different?

    • Is it still difficult to find out the adept and cost-effective RPG developers to work on your AS400 initiative?
    • How relevant is RPG programming in today’s modern business landscape?
    • Are the RPG programmers still in demand, today?

    There are many questions around the art and the artists – AS400 and RPG Programmers; that still bother the IBM i users like you.

    But don’t worry.

    We are going to discover the answers to all your queries in this blog, today!

    Let’s the discovery begin!

    But first, let us understand the evolution of RPG, its capabilities, and its integration with modern technology to unlock unrecognized opportunities for you and your business.

    The Everlasting Legacy of RPG Programming Language

    There is a foggy perspective on the RPG Programming language’s relevance.

    Founded in 1959, when punch card systems were transitioning to more accessible programming languages, IBM introduced RPG as an alternative to the punch card processing system on the IBM 1401.

    Since then, the company has released multiple versions, with RPG IV or ILE RPG as its latest version.

    Today, thousands of businesses prefer using RPG Programming for IBM i initiatives, including small, medium, and large organizations.

    However, the tech industry felt a shortage of RPG programmers, during the time 2017 to 2020, as around 30% of COBOL and RPG developers retired. 

    Despite this challenge, the platform is dominating the global businesses relying on it for mission-critical operations, building and deploying unique business applications, data access, and report generation.

    Whether you are an IBM i user or aspiring to become one, embracing RPG programming language can prove to be of strategic advantage for your business.

    Don’t be under the misconception that RPG is old and weak.

    With its capability to seamlessly integrate, it has transformed its way into a powerful future.

    The integrations enabled by RPG are:

    • AI and Machine Learning integration
    • Web services integration
    • Mobile app development
    • Security enhancement
    • Serverless computing

    Leverage the expertise of RPG programmer analysts to tap into the immense possibilities and drive digital transformation, data-driven decision-making, and optimized business processes.

    That brings us to our next point concerning the relevance of RPG Programming in the modern landscape.

    Thinking about if RPG programming is still relevant, today?

    Not to blame the doubt, considering the maturity that RPG has seen over the years, it’s obvious to have those thoughts around the future of RPG.

    Let’s look at how RPG programming maintains its relevance in the modern business!

    Modern Applications: Use of RPG Programming and How RPG Developers Contribute

    Business Applications

    RPG programming in AS400 is customarily used in modern cloud computing to build scalable applications that benefit from the cloud’s flexibility.

    The expert RPG developer contributes to the design of the apps and optimizes the performance for efficient processes.

    It is also used by businesses to build customized ERP systems, centralized business processes, and data management. The RPG programmer analyst creates highly customized ERP solutions and ensures seamless integration with the current set-up.


    RPG programming for IBM i is a widely used language in the Manufacturing industry to develop software applications to reduce the operational friction using technology.

    The developers employ modern methods such as real-time data collection and analysis with IoT integration. They can also improve operational efficiency with predictive maintenance and streamlined operations and transform the way for smart manufacturing.


    The global e-commerce market is growing dramatically. The RPG programmers help you overcome domain challenges by enhancing the platform with highly customized solutions for offering a personalized shopping experience.

    They help you optimize AI and Machine Learning models to mitigate challenges like personalizing product recommendations, virtual product experience, automated customer service, and more.

    Finance and Banking

    RPG programmers play an important role in the modern finance sector. They leverage the dynamic RPG capabilities to guarantee reliable financial transactions and multi-factor authentication, by creating a safe online environment.

    They also employ Augmented and Virtual reality in mobile applications to create an unparalleled customer experience.

    Now, as you have realized the importance of RPG programming in the modern business landscape what should be the next step?

    It is to find an expert iSeries RPG programmer/programmers who will justify your IBM i investment and drive your project toward assured success.

    We totally understand that there are worries about landing the wrong candidate?

    But what if you have a time-tested checklist of technical and interpersonal skills to validate, right before you hire your next RPG programmer?

    Sounds fascinating, isn’t it?

    That’s exactly what we have done for you!

    Let’s look at the ideal skill set for an RPG programmer!

    Ideal RPG Developer Skills to Look For

    An RPG analyst/programmer has their set of challenges, and a skilled developer strikes through them fixing and maintaining the integrity.

    Let’s see how you can spot the right one from the pool of RPG programmers.

    Navigating the world of RPG developer skills

    Technical Expertise:

    Mastery of RPG programming language

    The candidate must showcase expertise in the programming language. Look for an experienced candidate who comes with proficient RPG development experience to ensure smooth operations.

    Solid Understanding of Database Management

    The candidate must have deep knowledge of data storage optimization and improve the reliability of your business’s database.

    Proficiency in writing SQL and Query Optimization

    The best RPG programmers will leverage their proficiency in writing SQL and query optimization to gather game-changing insights while optimizing the performance.

    Knowledge of integrating RPG with Modern Technologies

    Integration is the need of the hour. Ensure the candidate is well-versed with the past and the current to clear the way for effortless integration and modernization initiatives.

    Debugging and Troubleshooting

    You can count on the right and adept candidate to anticipate challenges, minimize the issues, and ensure smooth continuation.

    Soft skills:

    Ability to analyze complex problems

    Analytical skills are essential soft skills that the prospect candidate must have. Their ability to scrutinize the challenges, analyze, and solve is directly proportional to your project’s success.

    Strong focus on details

    The RPG development requires meticulous planning and attention to detail to guarantee flawless execution. They must understand the importance of each line of code.

    Excellent verbal and written communication

    An expert RPG developer with poor verbal and written communication skills is like a brilliant application with poor user interface. Ensure their communication skills are at par so they can maintain effortless collaboration and understanding within the team.

    Ability to work effectively in a team

    Irrespective of the size of your project, the candidate must be a team player for smooth collaboration and collective success.

    Skill in managing time

    A seasoned RPG programmer with poor time management skills is likely to increase the time to market and cause unnecessary delays, which can prove costly in the fast-paced tech world.

    Okay, now imagine, you have just landed the right RPG programmer who ticks all the boxes scoped by you for technical and interpersonal skills, what next?

    Its time build that alignment with the vision that you want them to co-vision.

    • Tell them the outcome you expect of them
    • Elaborate the Return on Investment that you are looking for
    • Express the definition of peace of mind for which you roped them in for

    And you are good to move!

    The True Value of RPG Programmers

    To realise the true value of RPG Programmers, we will have to understand what will happen if we overlook them.

    RPG Programmer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is IBM RPG still used?

    Ans: RPG (Report Programming Generator) is a go-to programming language for IBM i users. Although IBM i supports other modern programming languages such as Java and C++ and frameworks, RPG remains the primary language for the IBM i applications with its most current version RPG IV, which is also known as ILE RPG.

    Is iSeries RPG a dead language?

    Ans: RPG is very much alive and proving to be pivotal for thousands of organization’s successes. Thousands of apps are built using RPG. It allows the low-code method where RPG programmers can easily build and deploy them to the IBM i platform.

    To your surprise, RPG programming is a favorite option for SMEs and large enterprises, majorly for its adaptability and ease of use. The IBM i users prefer it because it has developed a reliable user community, powered with a bunch of useful tools and resources.

    Is RPG same as Cobol?

    Ans: Cobol and RPG are as different as the letter ‘W’ and the letter ‘M’.

    Both possess unique capabilities with Cobol known for ease of use and portability whereas RPG is renowned for simplicity, low cost, and effectiveness. Although both programming languages are old and considered outdated, technology leaders around the world have leveraged their capabilities to build robust applications using them.

    Why Choose Integrative Systems for RPG Programmer Staff Augmentation?

    At Integrative Systems, we offer years of expertise in helping businesses with staff augmentation models to manage their IBM i initiatives. We also come under the top companies to hire AS400/RPG programmers and help you achieve the goal at twice the speed & half the price.

    Our RPG programmer analyst provides 24 x 7 and 360-degree support to deliver highly customized, on-demand solutions to strengthen your initiatives.

    If you are looking to hire the best AS400/IBM i/RPGLE programmers, we offer the best services at cost-effective prices.

    Drop us a line at [email protected] and our expert will reach out to you in next two business days.

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