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    Tick these Boxes Before You Shortlist an IBM i Software Support Service Provider

    Are you looking for an IBM i software support service company to help you support your legacy system?

    The forever evolving IT ecosystem is the primary driving force behind the technological upgrade required by legacy application programs.

    Outdated IBM application systems such as AS400 software provide a wide range of capabilities but have become legacy or obsolete. It is because newer versions provide a pool of advanced features for IT business needs.

    Let’s understand the challenges posed by legacy software and how they can be mitigated with a realistic solution.

    What Are the Bottlenecks of Legacy Software?

    Legacy systems such as the AS400 iSeries have been the cornerstone of many industries for over 30 years, particularly those involved in manufacturing, transportation, and freight. Businesses in such industries must analyze massive amounts of data, which necessitates using a powerhouse like the iSeries platform.

    The iSeries systems are reliable to work with. IBM, the system’s creator, has been sustaining the hardware aspect of it by releasing the latest versions with additional efficiency under the hood.

    IBMBut regardless of hardware upgrades, IBM i software support service is limited to OS and other basic updates. One of the major shortcomings of the iSeries systems is the software developers who were in charge of administering and maintaining them. They are either about to retire or have already retired.

    Furthermore, AS400 iSeries systems include 5250 green screens that demand modernization.CTOs are now in a pickle because millennial developers understand advanced technology but not RPG. This leaves the CTOs and CIOs with only two possible choices:

    • Move away from the iSeries framework completely.
    • Employ the services of a third-party company that can support legacy systems.

    The first alternative is easier said than done. The iSeries systems are already reliable to work with, and there’s always the fear of the unexpected.

    Working with iSeries for decades and then transitioning to a whole different technology can be quite frightening. The nightmare, however, does not end there. Another pain in the neck is data migration from DB2.

    Migration, in addition to its various advantages, carries vulnerabilities that, if not handled carefully, might have catastrophic consequences.

    Because of the fear of change and unfamiliarity, most leaders of tech companies are hesitant to migrate from on-premises servers to the cloud.

    But what if there’s another option that is not only viable and affordable but timesaving too?

    What Is IBM i Application Modernization?

    When technology or software system ages, their capabilities tend to deteriorate, which can have a negative impact on an organization’s ability to run without interruptions.

    Aging legacy systems can also impact customer experience, which can influence how customers perceive a specific brand or service. Fortunately, businesses can catch up with advanced technology without spending a fortune on completely new systems.

    IBM i application modernization is an affordable solution for lowering IT expenses while increasing flexibility and productivity. It is the process of repurposing legacy software applications to better meet the demands of a business.

    When tech solutions become old or outdated, it can be a serious impediment to technological advancement in enterprises. Outdated platforms might be difficult to use and could have features that are no longer compatible with newer technologies.

    Therefore, to keep legacy software applications running smoothly, businesses might need to make necessary updates.

    Why Consider IBM i Application Modernization for Legacy Systems?

    Here are a few key advantages of IBM i application modernization for legacy applications:

    Incorporate new features

    When a company first acquires software, it often selects a platform that satisfies its current needs without regard for the far future. Companies, on the other hand, are always evolving and adapting to new and emerging technologies.

    When existing and old software applications become outdated, organizations may find it challenging to keep meeting the expectations of current clients.

    However, suppose businesses go for application modernization services. In that case, it will enable them to develop and incorporate new features and services that are more in alignment with their current needs and future business goals.

    These additional features can be tailored to the needs of the organization to ensure that the legacy system continues to provide worth.

    ibmi staff productivityImprove staff productivity

    Staff productivity is one of the most critical aspects of IBM i application modernization that is frequently neglected. Developers and administrative personnel are generally more productive when they have access to technological solutions that are simple to use and avoid time-consuming tasks.

    Application modernization can assist automate work processes and eliminating repetitive tasks, allowing staff to make better use of their time.

    A modernized platform can also result in fewer system issues, high efficiency, and more capabilities aimed at streamlining business processes.

    Eliminate technical debt

    Maintaining outdated IBM legacy software systems can be an expensive affair.

    As per market research company Vanson Bourne, organizations who took the necessary measures to upgrade their old IT systems lowered their operational expenses by 13%.

    In addition to lowering operational expenses, application modernization has the potential to increase yearly revenue by more than 14%.

    Therefore, savings can be made by eliminating technological debt without purchasing whole new software systems. Businesses that use a modernized system save money on maintaining obsolete technology while encountering fewer problems overall.

    Improve customer experience

    In terms of customer service, running an AS400 iSeries legacy application may appear inconsequential. Continuing to operate an old technology, on the other hand, can have an adverse effect on the customer experience.

    Customers want businesses to keep up with new technologies and trends. Failing to do so, businesses risk losing their potential customers to rival companies.

    However, with IBM i application modernization, organizations can improve the customer experience through several changes, such as:

    • Transforming the front-end user interface
    • Adding new features
    • Launching new services
    • Automating previously manual operations

    Create new opportunities to develop additional sources of revenue

    Modernization of IBM i software applications can help create opportunities for additional sources of revenue.

    When an organization decides to modernize its systems, it creates the opportunity to develop new workflows or solutions that provide extra value to its clients.

    Outdated legacy applications are typically inflexible, restricting organizations from making the necessary updates to make lucrative improvements.

    As a result, incorporating new solutions or processes leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher profitability. And if clients are satisfied, they are more inclined to promote a company, resulting in more leads.

    We hope that these points were satisfactory enough to make you consider modernization. And once you go forward with IBM i application modernization, you need a reliable IBM i software services company.

    But how do you choose one that is both affordable and reliable?

    Factors to Consider Before Finalizing Your IBM i Software Services Company

    Here are some factors that tell your iSeries systems are in capable hands:

    Must have expertise in AS400 systems and tools

    Despite the fact that choosing an IBM i software services company is an easy job, several organizations struggle with it.

    Because certain software solution vendors are well known in the technology industry due to their marketing and branding efforts, decision-makers of IT companies go for the wrong vendor.

    Going with software solution providers who claim to provide software development services for all platforms is a bad idea. Most of these companies may not have any experience with legacy systems or iSeries.

    As a result, decision-makers should look for IBM i software support service providers who have ample experience with iSeries, RPG, Mainframe, RPGIV, and other platforms.

    Must be process-oriented

    It is not advisable to work with a company that offers IBM i software services without a procedure and a clear strategy. You should choose a vendor who offers a comprehensive blueprint for your support project.

    Offers fixed pricing model

    Every IT leader has been given a budget by their organization to achieve targeted goals while adhering to a predetermined IT strategy for the year. Choosing an IBM i software support service provider with ambiguous or hidden prices can cost you a fortune.

    Look for partners who provide fixed-price plans that are tailored to your specific business requirements. You can choose a pricing strategy that allows you to pay just for what you need and how much you use it.

    Offers 360-degree RPG programming

    This is something to consider while building a team for IBM i Software Support Service work.

    Because iSeries software support relies primarily on RPG language, it is prudent to assess the RPG skills and quality of IT professionals before hiring and onboarding them.

    Considering these factors, here’s a company that provides reliable IBM i software services and IBM i web services.

    Integrative Systems as your IBM i Software Support Service Provider

    We have over 20 years of industry experience and expertise dealing with IBMi AS400 software solutions at Integrative Systems.

    We have been involved in every level of the application design and development process for our IBMi AS400 clients.

    Understanding functional requirements, software architecture, scoping technical requirements, and clarifying actual business goals are all part of the process. We also assist with the implementation and maintenance of the solution.

    Contact us today at [email protected] with your business goals and requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a detailed strategy ASAP!

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