IBM i Modernization Company for All Your Software Application Needs

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    IBM i Modernization Company for All Your Software Application Needs

    Are you considering modernizing your legacy system through an IBM i modernization company?

    If so, you must read this blog to make an informed business decision!

    The rapidly evolving IT landscape is the primary motivator for existing apps, often known as legacy applications, to undergo technology modernization.

    It has now become imperative to identify the primary modules and develop a dynamic modernization plan to ensure that companies modernize their apps gradually rather than all at once.

    This could, however, cause major impacts and force teams to reject modernization projects in favor of continuing with legacy applications, incurring technical debt down the road.

    Older IBM i application systems, such as IBM i AS400 software, undoubtedly, provide a wide variety of functionalities. But, it has now become a legacy as newer versions provide a slew of new modern features. Continue reading to find out how IBM i application modernization can benefit your business!

    Benefits an IBM i Modernization Company Can Provide

    1. Faster provisioning

    Quickly launch IBM i software applications, then shut them down once you’re finished.

    2. Modernized IBM i applications

    Convert fixed-format RPG to free-form RPG by automating the process.

    3. Reduced time to market

    Develop new IBM i business software applications rapidly and release them faster than ever.

    4. Single DevOps pipeline

    Streamline the development of software applications from test to production with a single DevOps pipeline.

    5. Accelerated developer onboarding

    With modern tools like Jenkins and Git, new software developers will have a shorter learning curve.

    6. Shift IBM i application development to the cloud

    Create a cloud-based AS400 development environment in a matter of seconds, complete with Jenkins and Git. With modern tooling, you can accelerate the onboarding of new IBM i developers.

    7. Secure deployment of IBM i applications

    Using next-generation deployment technology, you can speed up the provisioning of test and production environments.

    8. Transform legacy RPG to modern free form

    Automate the process of converting fixed-format RPG code( without interrupting the run) to contemporary free-form RPG as part of your DevOps workflow. Make RPG simple to understand for the next generation of software developers.

    Our Modernization Approach

    Our Modernization Approach1. Application assessment

    • Functional knowledge of each software application can be obtained from existing system documentation and business analysts
    • Assessment of technical environment will be done
    • Case Tools (such as Synon and more ), RPG (version), Operating System version, and third-party tools
    • Size of the Application (LoC), DB
    • APIs, Interfaces, and third-party applications are involved
    • Assessment of database, including security protocols and transaction volume
    • Choosing the best path for IBM i modernization and migration

    2. Analyzing client’s business

    • Analysis of business rules
    • Target system UI design
    • Planned and continuous improvisations in software application
    • Impact analysis

    3. Migration and post-migration changes

    • Automatic or manual modernization and migration of IBM i
    • Design of Target Database
    • Analysis of GAP and customization post-migration will be done
    • Any unused or unnecessary code will be removed
    • Code patches will be applied to the target system, and customizations made in the source system that were skipped during the migration and customization process will be reconfigured
    • Handle existing system features such as Data Areas and Data Queues to hold and manage them in sync with the system’s target
    • Identification of reusable parts, redesign, and enhancement of existing architecture
    • Redesign of interfaces

    4. Data migration – active and archive

    • Target system database architecture
    • Normalization of DB tables
    • Database creation and reorganization
    • Handle differences in field attributes – Some features in the source system may differ from those in the target system
    • Migration of database
    • Data migration testing from the source to the target system
    • Uploading archive data
    • Active database migration – Move data from the source to the target system first, then set up a sync process to move the remaining data up until the Go Live date

    5. Testing application-wise and integration

    • Run tests with set business rules
    • Comparative evaluation of the source application

    Legacy iSeries Applications

    At Integrative Systems, we have successfully modernized legacy iSeries applications:

    • IBM i (System i, AS400, iSeries) to Linux, Unix, Windows
    • DB2/400 to Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL
    • RPG, Synon, COBOL to C#, .NET, Java
    • Green screen 5250 UI to GUI (rich-client or Web-based)

    iSeries Modernization Tools Expertise

    We can convert any native language of IBM i, and the following are some of the examples of native IBM i languages that can be converted by us:

    • CLP/CLLE

    We have extensive expertise in converting native IBM i languages to the following Windows-based languages:

    • C#
    • JavaScript
    • VB.Net

    ERP Integration with IBM i Migration

    ERP Integration with IBM i MigrationERP integration with IBM i AS400 can be migrated to a .NET/MSSQL environment. The following steps would be involved in the conversion approach:

    • Understanding the current Integration
    • Migrating RPG dependencies to C#
    • Making a DB2 environment replica in MSSQL
    • Validating the ERP integration with IBM i in MSSQL

    Why Modernization for IBM i?

    1. Update your IBM i assets for today’s business needs

    For decades, the foundation of many companies’ business operations has been the core IBM i AS400 software applications.

    As an IBM i modernization company with a strong focus on IBM i, we assist hundreds of organizations in preserving and increasing the value of their IBM i investments. We accomplish this by modernizing host-based IBM i software applications to meet the user expectations and today’s business requirements.

    For many organizations, modernizing their AS400 iSeries software application is a far more sensible approach than opting for costly and risky alternatives, such as migrating to a completely new environment that is not tested.

    This is where we come!

    Integrative Systems leverage the power of IBM i applications, allowing organizations to incorporate new capabilities, user experiences, and workflows without altering or affecting the source code.

    This ensures that the investments companies have made in their IBM i systems will continue to yield results.

    2. Narrowing the skills gap

    As veteran IT experts retire and take their in-depth knowledge and expertise of these systems with them, many companies find it difficult to maintain and upgrade their IBM i software applications.

    As a result, businesses that rely on IBM i-based systems may find it challenging to modernize them to deliver the functionality and accessibility that customers expect today due to skills shortages in the IT industry.

    However, core business systems must adapt to the changing demands of the business rapidly, effectively, and affordably in industries that are constantly evolving, such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation.

    Integrative Systems assists in restructuring and modernizing these IBM i systems so that even newer IT employees can make changes quickly, allowing partners, employees, and customers to benefit from new capabilities.

    3. Enhance employee productivity while reducing onboarding costs

    While assisting you in updating your IBM i software application’s front end is only a small part of Integrative System’s modernization strategy, new GUIs and the foundational changes that support this software are critical.

    They assist businesses in achieving the following:

    • Reducing new employee training time
    • Increasing employee retention
    • Enhancing service levels
    • Improving customer self-service options

    Streamlined onboarding reduces training costs, allowing employees to work efficiently from day one.

    Call center employees, for example, are more productive because the UI is similar to other web and smartphone technological solutions they use.

    Their jobs are made easier by more intuitive navigation, which leads to higher productivity, better customer service, fewer errors, increased levels of client satisfaction, and even higher profitability.

    List of Top 5 IBM i Modernization Companies

    1. Integrative Systems

    Integrative SystemsIn today’s competitive business environment, smooth processing is required, including data feeds to and from corporate partners, customers, third-party vendors, and suppliers.

    At Integrative Systems, we are aware of business procedures as well as user expectations for the workplace. We make sure IBM i system applications function efficiently with other platforms.

    Integrative Systems’ IBM i AS400 interface support enables users to work at the intersection of humans and technology. We have a thorough understanding of IBM i products such as the AS400, iSeries, and System i.

    We have transformed and modernized Green screen IBM i AS400 software applications into a modern browsers, windows, and mobile-based applications.

    We have achieved this with little to no modification to the databases and underlying business logic, providing a low-cost and low-risk method of leveraging your current investments in IBM i AS400 systems.


    • AS400 development and programming
    • IBM i application modernization
    • AS400 support and enhancement
    • IBM i consultation
    • AS400 iSeries migration and integration
    • IBM i AS400 DevOps

    Benefits we offer:

    • Certified and experienced IT talent
    • Agile project management methodologies
    • 360-degree requirement analysis
    • Unbeatable performance and speed
    • Maximum security, reliability and, scalability
    • 24×7 customer support
    • Post-live support

    Pricing: Contact us at [email protected] to know more!

    2. Srinsoft

    Srinsoft has extensive experience and expertise in transforming IBM i-based applications to web-based applications without negatively impacting business operations.

    Their team specializes in modernizing iSeries business rules or modules into web applications that can be integrated and used across various platforms such as web, smartphone, and tablet devices.


    • Modernization of the user interface with improved features
    • Real-time reports and dashboards on the web
    • Provides assistance for event-driven layout with business modules reorganized as web services
    • enhances database architecture


    • The in-house team of experts provides solutions for modernization by utilizing a variety of existing tools.
    • Full-stack modernization supports the rewrite, reface, and renew methodology by increasing the overall value of the application.

    Pricing: Get in touch with their team and find out!

    3. Rocket Software

    Rocket Software provides several solutions, the most popular of which is the Rocket Modern Experience, which is used to manage the modernization journey. It enables your critical backend applications to be web-enabled and accessible via web and mobile browsers.


    • Workflow discovery is supported, which aids in the development of a model that allows for end-to-end workflow visibility.
    • With electronic data interchange, web development has been simplified.
    • Supports drag-and-drop programming tools with runtime components.


    • Development tools with drag-and-drop functionality
    • easy workflows and navigation

    Pricing: Get in touch with their team and find out!

    4. Fresche Solutions

    Fresche Solutions is a premier IBM i modernization company.

    It has worked with over 2,200 clients from various industries around the world to transform their technological and organizational needs.


    • Provides a variety of AS400 development and IBM i modernization services.
    • Create code in Java or PHP that is portable and standard.
    • Aids in the testing of the security and usability of the software application.


    • Staff with years of experience and new developers.
    • Provides end-to-end project consulting services.
    • An automated method reduces errors while increasing accuracy.

    Pricing: Get in touch with their team and find out!

    5. ARCAD Software

    ARCAD offers comprehensive IBM i modernization tools from start to finish for each application tier. Its Observer product provides real-time insights into your current application’s system architecture and business rules.


    • Allows you to create I/O and workflow diagrams for existing AS400 systems.
    • Analyze your application architecture from a high level using functional dependency relationships and database relationships.
    • Aids in the creation of technical documentation that is assured to be current and accurate.
    • The impact analysis of changing existing applications allows you to make informed decisions about which aspects and areas of IBM i applications to modernize.


    Pricing: Get in touch with their team and find out!

    Why Is Integrative Systems Your Best Bet?

    Integrative Systems has gained significant technical expertise and industry knowledge on the IBM i AS400 platform over the last two decades, including:

    • RPG/400
    • AS/SET
    • J2EE
    • WebSphere
    • Domino/Notes

    Our IBM i AS400 project management and technical teams put themselves in the customers’ shoes to understand their problems and develop a comprehensive solution rather than just a quick fix.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Send us an email about your business goals and needs at [email protected], and let’s get started working towards them!

    Frequently Asked Questions (IBM i Modernization Tools and Services)

    Q1. Why do organizations need IBM i modernization?

    Organizations benefit from IBM i application modernization to modern platforms and technologies in a variety of ways:

    • Enhancing the customer experience
    • Simpler data management
    • Making application deployment easier and more efficient
    • Increasing the security and reliability of systems and applications
    • Developing effective innovations and scaling
    • following procedures and being prepared for audits

    Q2. What are the benefits of IBM i application modernization?

    IBM i application modernization contributes to increased security, fault tolerance, compliance with work procedures, and ever-increasing audits. With the changing technological ecosystems, it is critical to modernizing legacy applications in order to achieve long-term gains in productivity and increased profitability.

    Q3. What is the AS400 iSeries technology?

    The AS400, also known as the IBM i is a midrange computer system that was introduced in 2006. It is intended for small and mid-sized businesses and includes a world-class application server that is reliable, robust, and scalable.

    Apps developed on AS400 iSeries systems are typically business-critical, as they are a major revenue generator.

    However, advanced technologies have developed over time, rendering the AS400’s monolithic architecture obsolete. As a result, it is essential to modernize AS400 or IBM i software applications.

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