How to Back Up Your IBMi During a Global Pandemic

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    How to Back Up Your IBMi During a Global Pandemic?

    IBMi and its predecessor, like the AS400 systems, have always been known for its ease of use, integration, reliability, and dependability. As of now, most of the structures around the world are sold with internal storage.

    It’s just an additional chunk of the IBMi integration mystery. With an internal disk, the day to day storage, setup, and administration is easy. But the industry is changing rapidly. And the shutdown across the countries seems like a movie.

    A virus has stopped everything, and there is nobody to stop it. People shut themselves inside houses and maintained a distance from one another due to fear.

    Businesses and organizations worldwide suffered because there is no one present on the spot to make sure that crucial business applications need human intervention. Sadly, it’s not a movie it’s real life.

    Apart from this, we have hurricanes, storms, and wildfires. And many data centers have been destroyed by the disasters. But the real question is – Does the business have a perfect backup plan? Or how much dedicated they are to getting their backups offsite? If companies are not committed, then it’s next to impossible to get the recovery.

    In IBMi or AS400 systems, when we talk about backups, we talk about the importance of having a backup plan for such a reason, and you never know what will happen in the future. So, it’s better to be prepared before the chaos arises.

    Since the lockdown started, we have heard this multiple times from various companies worried about tape handling. As of now, the story is the same as we are continuously listening to the organization’s thoughts about this. We have concluded that a better way from all such conversations is needed to get our backups offsite.

    Real Problem with Physical Tapes

    In IBM AS400 systems, the real problem with physical tapes is that you need to physically remove the video from the building. And having a backup is not enough.

    An organization should have a copy of the backup offsite, which is a problem during the lockdown. If you are not going to the office in the lockdown, you should cross your fingers and wish yourself luck as you have all the data in one place. Unfortunately, if the building catches fire, you’ll be in trouble.

    The Solution

    At Integrative Systems, we have seen an interest in Virtual Tape Libraries since the start of this Pandemic. Virtual tape libraries are an application that emulates tape and can imitate from one VTL to another VTL, getting the backups offsite. The replication will start just after finishing the backup, and it will offer more protection to your business.

    In IBM AS400 systems, VTL will benefit you beyond the limit, and organizations will get tapes quickly with replication. Virtual tape libraries perform backups faster than tape and restore faster than video too. If an organization has an issue with the backup window, then a virtual tape library is the best choice.

    Suppose you are like many other companies who only have one IBM AS400 systems server and not any different virtual tape library target location. In that case, Integrative Systems can help you with the VTL replication service.

    As VTL can de-duplicate data, repetition is sped up by only sending changes over the target. Moreover, replication can start instantly after deduplication, and backups will be at the mark before you wake up in the morning.

    If you’re worried about encoding your backups, then IBM AS400 systems can help here too. With VTL, you can have encoded drives, which will shield your backups at rest. For businesses with broad maintenance policies, you can also make a copy of your backups. Moreover, you can also encrypt tapes that you created from VTL.

    Virtual tape libraries in AS400 check many boxes for organizations to ensure that they can recover from a disaster. VTL also helps to get rid of tape handling, which has proven to be more important than one can ever imagine. If you are worried about tape handling and getting your backups offsite, connect with us to learn more about how virtual tape libraries can help you?

    Either it’s about business or personal life, trust is challenging in every walk of life. In business terms, you wouldn’t merely trust anyone capable of IT systems; what about other system handlings? AS400 systems are very vast, and various organizations face a similar prospect. It’s merely the case of handling everything on their own or passing the baton to someone else.

    At Integrative Systems, we think of ourselves as a happy medium to connect with organizations worldwide. The company can provide complete support for all your IT needs—with IBM AS400 systems and AS400 services and iSeries. Either you want to integrate the IBMi application or enjoy support for the existing application, the AS400 systems expert can provide you all the solutions. The company is ready to take a step ahead and develop a long-term strategic roadmap.

    Integrative Systems understands that organizations need in-house teams to handle all such scenarios and handle these odds carefully. Moreover, the company can fill the gap related to time and money, and if resources are limited, why you want to struggle for weeks when you can solve your problems related to AS400 systems instantly.

    When it comes to IBM AS400 systems service and support, there is no shortage of talent on board in Integrative Systems. IBMi AS400 consultation is in our DNA, and we have experienced professionals on board that has been certified in IBMi best practices. Furthermore, we want to pass on the knowledge we have and let the organizations grow mutually.

    It is all up to you now. Whenever you need things from the initial, an implementation strategy, and items beyond that, we can make it happen.

    For more information about how we can make things happen and how the team at Integrative Systems can deliver AS400 systems support, feel free to share your query with us at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you with the best possible solution within 24 hours.

    At Integrative Systems, customer success comes before company success. The company has more than 20 years of experience in IBMi and AS400 support and one of IBM’s silver business partners. Apart from this, Integrative Systems is one of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in the USA.

    No matter what, you don’t need to worry about the trust, as you can completely trust Integrative Systems with your data. We maintain a long-term relationship with our clients and strive to be their partners throughout the journey.

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