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    Answering 9 Frequently Asked AS400 Questions for CTOs and CIOs

    As a technology leader, you are always in the spot to answer all questions pointed toward technology – Positive or Negative, with regard to ROI or Performance, about an Upgrade or the Migration; you must have the answers!

    Are you deeply invested in AS400 systems? – well there is an army of board members to launch questions like weapons at you.

    Well, we know, that just like every other CTO/CIO who relies on AS400 for the security and efficiency it brings to the business, you are furthering the faith.

    But are you harnessing the full potential of your AS400 investments?

    No one knows your AS400 system inside-out, as you do.

    Yet, there are nitty-gritties, technological advancements, and future developments happening every day.

    Being well-versed with this knowledge enables you to address the challenges right and answer the board confidently, without losing your peace of mind.

    Considering the modern business landscape, we have put together the top 9 questions that bother CTOs/CIOs like you, the most.

    We are confident that this shall help you understand everything essential related to AS400 for empowered decision-making.

    IBM i Expert

    Let’s begin to uncover AS400 essentials without further ado.

    What is the IBM AS400? Why does your business need it?

    In the age of old-generation stationary rotary phones and fax machines,

    International Business Machines (IBM) introduced an easy-to-use, mid-range computer application named Application System (AS400) which transformed the way the world looked at computing.

    From 1988 to the moment, you are reading this narrative, the AS400 has grown favorable and smarter.

    Why are you likely to fail without AS400 systems?

    Ever thought about whether you can thrive without the AS400 iSeries?

    Well, here is a wakeup call for you.

    Without it, you are more likely to be at the risk of:

    • Data dilemma
    • Software struggle
    • Efficiency paralysis
    • Expansion challenges
    • Security void, and more!

    Moving on, where did AS400 come from? Here is the timeline for all AS400 users to know.

    What’s the History of AS400?

    ibm iseries as400

    Why are the AS400 systems still in demand in 2024? Will it be in demand tomorrow?

    Many are asking questions like — Is IBM i still around? Is the IBM i/AS400 System Dead? Is IBM AS400 outdated? What’s the future of iSeries?

    Let us clear the clouds for you.

    AS/400 is far from dead.

    Instead, IBM is honing it to fight modern challenges like:

    – Data overload

    – Scalability demands

    – Cyber security threats

    – Modern user interface expectations

    – Legacy system migration

    – Integration complexity

    – Cost efficiency

    So, if you are a proud IBM i user or a curious adopter, one thing is clear. IBM iSeries is not on the verge of sunset instead it is armed to be the dawn of this tech landscape.

    IBM i is there today and will be there tomorrow too!

    This takes us to its important features. Let’s discover them one by one.

    What are the important features of today’s AS400 iSeries?

    Here are the top features of AS400 that will fast-forward your business growth.


    As compared to the AS/400 software, the IBM i is less expensive to operate. The users avail the benefit of the low cost of ownership, direct features, and combinatorial nature which makes it impressively cost-effective.

    Elements of Greater Integration:

    The iSeries AS400 opens the door for easy collaboration with other software systems. It is armed with ample features that make integration smoother.

    This includes web application servers, the DB2 rational database, web service servers, and more. The components, when combined can efficiently perform 300+ operations.

    All-in-one solution:

    Contrary to the AS400 legacy system, IBM i offers all-in-one solution that include an operating system, middleware, development tools, and a database. This replaces the need for multiple vendors for support and maintenance.

    Rapid AS400 application development:

    AS400 iSeries enables speedy application development owing to the conductive tools and environment, streamlining the software development and allowing you to improve the time to market.

    IBM i has more life than the AS/400. With reliability, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and high security at its top, the tech has extended its popularity and usability.

    This takes us to the next priority question about its modernization. Let’s explore it.

    How to achieve AS400 application modernization?

    AS400 application modernization

    Why should you modernize if the legacy system is working just fine?

    Over 59% of AS/400 organizations have modernization as their go-forward strategy, as per Azurite Research for Rocket Software.

    However, many leaders fail to modernize legacy systems owing to poorly managed time and resources.

    Don’t worry! Here’s how you can plan and execute an IBM i modernization strategy successfully:

    The IBM i Modernization success hinges on the 3 Ps: People, Planning, and Process.

    Let’s uncover them one by one.

    Right Talent – The AS/400 iSeries is here to stay but the same cannot be said about the IBM i talent. The veterans are retiring, and the educational institutions don’t have the course on the curriculum. That doesn’t mean the right talent isn’t accessible.

    Proper planning – Many IT leaders and solution partners fail to create a plan that delivers successful modernization. They need to smartly direct time and resources to create actionable plans with a focus on customer satisfaction and user efficiency.

    Process – With IBM i at the heart of many businesses, the modernization process cannot be a guessing game. To begin with, the leaders or their modernization partners must understand where to begin with the process. Building a deeper understanding of processes is critical for fruit-bearing AS400 systems modernization.

    Let us now move on to the IBM i Modernization.

    The IBM iSeries Modernization

    Once you have found the right talent, you have to select a suitable modernization approach.

    The choice depends on 3 business drivers and 3 IT drivers.

    The business drivers involve business fitbusiness value, and agility and the IT drivers include cost, complexity, and risk.

    Your AS400 application modernization should tick off most business and IT drivers for a worthwhile upshot.

    The next step is to evaluate the modernization approaches.

    Here are the 4 key approaches to modernization.

    Re-Hosting (lift-and-shift) Approach

    This approach includes lifting and shifting your existing application to the cloud ecosystem like Azure and AWS to continue the existing architecture and functionality.

    Renew the Existing Application Approach

    This method involves honing the existing features or user interface while preserving the root ecosystem.

    Re-Platform/Re-Engineering Approach

    This approach requires migrating the application to the new platform as well as making significant changes in the code to fit in the new ecosystem.

    Re-Architecting/Re-Factoring Approach

    This process involves 360-degree redesigning and refactoring of the setup and of the code to enhance scalability, performance, and sustainability.

    Moving on…

    What is IBM AS400 ERP? How can it help your business to grow?

    AS400 ERPCall it AS/400 ERP, iSeries ERP, IBM i, or System i, they all mean the same.

    Simply put, AS400 ERP software is generally positioned on the AS/400 hardware. Today, it has evolved into the IBM Power Systems.

    Here are 5 compelling benefits of the AS400 ERP System that no leader can ignore:

    Awesome scalability: Businesses can easily get the core server and then upgrade it to 256-core as per the demand.

    Good reliability: The IBM i ERP has high-standard reliability with up to 100% uptime, which is exceptional among its counterparts.

    High security: Rest easy as it offers uptight security to protect your operations.

    Modern capabilities: It delivers versatile language support including most programming languages like Java and RPG, so you won’t face difficulty finding the right talent.

    Wonderful compatibility: It offers incredibly easy transitions making it efficient and hassle-free for organizations.

    What are the AS400 support & maintenance services?

    AS400 is a reliable tech for sure, no second thought about it.

    But businesses face delays in advancements and a shortage of technical expertise, to enjoy the most of it.

    AS400 support services is a dedicated service that provides constant monitoring, system updates, and conflict resolution that help AS/400 users prevent IT downtime, improve security, and enjoy optimized versions of AS400 applications.

    A reliable AS400 consultant offers round-the-clock support for your team to enjoy smooth operations and minimal disruption.

    Next, we have the popular AS400 accounting software.

    What is AS400 accounting software? What is it used for?

    The AS400 software for accounting is developed to support your crucial financial operations including accounts payable & receivable, reporting, payroll, and others.

    It is used to build, develop, upgrade, and optimize your IBM i AS400 software application cost-effectively.

    Wondering how does it benefit your business?

    It supercharges your financial operations with:

    • Scalability in handling high-volume transactions
    • Hassle-free integration with other strategies
    • Data security from theft or accidental loss
    • Customization for unique business needs
    • Accessibility with minimal staff training
    • Automation for error-free operations
    • Reliability and up to 100% uptime
    • Multi-currency support
    • Cost-effectiveness

    Does your company process large volumes of financial data frequently? Or engage in crucial financial operations frequently?

    AS/400 accounting software can be your next strategic move to achieve financial success.

    What are the AS400 support & maintenance services?

    Wondering if you need IBM i/ AS/400 support services?

    The AS400 services are like the librarians, backbone of a library.

    The AS400 developers just like librarians organize, manage, safeguard, optimize, and ensure an organized environment in the IBM i ecosystem.

    Just as the librarians assist visitors in using the resources effectively, the IBM i developers assist the users in making the most of the iSeries library. Without their support, the platform’s management could potentially go haywire.

    Here are the top AS400 services for support:

    • AS400 Troubleshooting
    • AS400 Technical Support
    • AS/400 Production Support
    • AS400 Application Support
    • AS400 Systems Maintenance

    How Do AS400 Support Services Benefit Your Business?

    AS400 Support Services

    The IBM i support services are essential for your business to deal with whatever comes next.

    The variety of services enables you to focus on your crucial business goals without worrying about your IBM iSeries infrastructure.

    IBM i is great, but do we have enough as400 programmers?

    This is one of the widespread myths with the AS400 veterans and RPG programmers retiring, there is a shortage of qualified talent. It is true that they are on the verge of retirement. However —

    – There are new-age AS400 programmers well-versed with the legacy system, IBM i, and modern tech, capable of designing desirable, robust solutions to meet your unique iSeries needs.

    – Organizations have developed appropriate knowledge transfer planning to address the skills gap from veterans to the new-age talent.

    However, it is imperative for leaders to consider the cost of hiring RPG developers has shifted from what it was in the 1990s.

    Final thoughts

    Now you are well-versed with the essentials of investing in AS400, its history, present, and potential future, you are prepared to make the sound choice for AS400.

    Still have any doubts?

    We are Integrative Systems, your go-to IBM i consultant with 20+ years of AS400 development experience. Bring on your queries, plans, and ideas, and watch us help you succeed first.

    You can reach out to us at [email protected] and our AS400 experts shall get back to you within two business days.

    IBM i Expert

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