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    How to Manage IBM iSeries Infrastructure of Your Company in a Better Way?

    Do you find it hard to upgrade, integrate, and customize your IBM iSeries ecosystem?

    Is it becoming difficult for your company to make the most out of IBM iSeries systems and infrastructure?

    Well, you are not alone. Many companies across the globe find it difficult to manage and make the most out of the IBM iSeries environment to achieve their business goals.

    But if you want to overcome this issue and extract all the benefits from as400 iSeries, you need IBMi professionals to manage your infrastructure.

    But where can you find those professionals?

    And why is there’s need for IBM skilled professionals to manage your IBM iSeries systems?

    We’ll go through all the nitty-gritty aspects of iSeries IBMi and figure out the best way for your IBM iSeries management.

    Let’s kick-start the ride.

    History of IBMi

    Having a look at the history of IBMi will help you get your foundation strong. During the past few decades, IBM has changed the name and codes of its servers and operating system quite a few times.

    Have a look at the below table:

    Year Server Name OS Name
    1978 System/38 CPF
    1983 System/36 System/36
    1988 AS400 OS400
    2000 iSeries OS400
    2006 System i i5/OS
    2008 IBM Power System IBM i

    Now you also need to upgrade to the latest IBM operating system and servers to create your fully-fledged IBM iSeries ecosystem.

    Why is IBM iSeries Infrastructure Important for Your Company?

    IBM power system, iSeries, and as400 are developed keeping in mind the future developments in the technology field so that it’s easy to implement in the IBM ecosystem.

    There are some specific features/characteristics of IBM iSeries systems that make it important for your company.

    Extract Powerful Solutions

    Using IBM-based infrastructure for your company will help you extract robust solutions for all your complex business needs. Your developers and experts will have robust options to manage your entire business ecosystem with finesse.

    There will be limited limitations when it comes to deriving solutions for your business. It will help you to achieve your business goals more easily.

    Many Integrated Features

    You can cover all the complex tasks like networking, security, storage, and database with integrated features of IBM iSeries.

    It helps to seamlessly manage all the tasks, leverage the resources’ scalability, and achieve your business outcomes with minimal workflow leaks.

    Supports Multiple Open-Source Technologies

    IBMi supports a wide range of open-source technologies like RPGLE, RPG III, RPG IV, CLP, CLPLE, C, C++, Php/JAVA, DB2/400, MSSQL, DDM, LPAR, JVM, ODBC/JDBC for Java, .NET, RPG-XML, JSON, among others.

    You can install all the packages available in the RPG package format systematically. With the ability to work and integrate the latest technologies, you can create modern-day applications to tackle dynamic problems.

    These are some of the standout features of IBMi that you can use for your company, but before that, you need to decide who will manage all the IBM iSeries infrastructure operations.

    Why Should You Outsource Complete IBM iSeries management?

    When it comes to the professional management of IBM iSeries, you have two options on your side. Either you need to hire an in-house team or outsource your management to third-party professionals.

    Compared to hiring an in-house team, outsourcing is a more realistic and cost-effective way for you to create a solid and result-oriented IBM ecosystem. Here’s how:

    You Save Your Time, Energy, and Expenditure

    Once you decide to outsource, you save all the time, energy, and expenditure that might be drained when hiring and training your team of IBM professionals.

    You don’t need to individually look after all the team members to ensure they deliver the best outcome for your brand.

    You escape all the hassles that will help your core team look after more creative business without worrying about the IBM iSeries infrastructure management.

    You Boost the Overall Productivity of Your Business

    Productivity is one of the core aspects; you’ll improve it by outsourcing rather than hiring an in-house team. You’ll get an experienced team of IBM experts who have already helped multiple clients enhance their business processes by better managing their IBM iSeries infrastructure.

    It will help you to get a better optimized IBMi environment and skyrocket your business outcomes. You won’t have to put in much effort to boost the workflow because the outsourced team will work with dedication within the promised deadline because they have to maintain a reputation in the market.

    Add Flexibility and Scalability

    You’ll have a wide range of flexibility and scalability options if you decide to outsource your IBM power systems management and operations. With smoother workflow and robust management, you can bring versatility to your business solutions and scale your existing IBM ecosystem.

    You can draw the most out of your iSeries systems and achieve your business outcomes without worrying about the technical aspects related to management and integration.

    You’ll Inject Creativity and Innovation Into Your Existing Infrastructure

    When you hire an in-house team of professionals, your count will be limited due to budget restraints. But with outsourcing, you’ll get a large well-equipped team of IBM professionals, which will help you add technology advancements and implementations.

    You’ll have different perspectives and angles so that you tailor a more packaged solution for your IBM iSeries infrastructure.

    Improved Security Options

    You’ll have more focus on the security options with a third-party IBM iSeries team as they will ensure no unwanted external breach happens to your infrastructure.

    Because they don’t want their client to suffer losses just because of the security lapse in their operations. While in the case of employees, sometimes, they might get casual with the security aspect, which might result in causing havoc in your business ecosystem.

    You don’t want to take any risks, do you?

    24*7 Support

    Being an employee, you can’t expect your professional IBM experts to work 24*7 and manage all the issues and problems dynamically with no delays.

    But things change a bit with third-party professionals. You can get complete support from their end to get a top-notch user experience for your business.

    You can get in touch with the professional expert agency anytime and anywhere to get the work done swiftly. They’ll provide all the software, technical, operational, hardware support for your IBM power systems.

    These are some of the top benefits you’ll get if you decide to outsource your IBM infrastructure management project to IBM experts.

    But, with hundreds of options available worldwide and even in the United States, which one is best suited to your needs?

    Why Choose Integrative Systems For iSeries IBMi Management?

    Many agencies in the state offer services to manage your complete IBM iSeries ecosystem, but you don’t want an average team managing your vital processes.

    Having a skilled team of IBM experts and serving top-end clients with complete IBM iSeries services for the past 20 years, you need to associate with Integrative Systems to experience the best results for your company.

    Our team of thinkers and doers can handle all the following:

    • Integration
    • Upgradation
    • Security
    • Customization

    aspects of IBM iSeries in your organization. Even if you have an existing ecosystem, we’ll plan out the perfect way to handle all your processes with no hiccups to deliver your desired IT outcomes.

    Have a better overview of what you’ll get with our association:

    Complete Transparency

    You’ll get complete transparency from our end related to every stage of the project’s management. We ensure that you stay updated on all the updates and improvements in your IBM ecosystem. There will be no hidden charges that we’ll include during the project management; everything will be stated and made clear during the initial talks from our executives.


    We offer the most cost-effective price brackets for your project management. We deliver a top-notch user experience with minimal profit margins so that you get the best service in the IBM landscape for your company. We also offer customizable price brackets based on the dynamic requirements on your end. We’ll discuss all the details once you get in touch with our IBM experts for your project.

    Top-Notch Quality

    Delivering world-class quality is paramount at Integrative Systems. Our team is thoroughly experienced and drilled to follow all the standard operating procedures set to deliver the best results for your company. There’s no compromise in the quality, and we’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure that your IBM iSeries ecosystem is running to its full potential. Proper maintenance checks will be done at regular intervals so that there’s no room for trouble-causing agents.

    Your Team Extension

    Breaking all the barriers and friction between a company and an outsourcing agency, we help you create an in-house team environment with our team. You won’t feel like you are working with outsiders on your company’s projects. At Integrative Systems, we become an extension to your team and work in sync with all touchpoints involved in your business.

    Experience the best IBM iSeries management services in the States by hiring IBMi experts from Integrative Systems.

    Please get in touch at [email protected], and someone from our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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