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    Six Best Reasons to Understand Why Migrate IBM iSeries to Cloud

    Applications are the important ingredients of your business recipe. They control business cycles and assist you in collaborating with customers and clients. Creating applications that can automate your redundant tasks or can make things faster and better enables your organization to improve and contend in the market. Also, creating an application will allow you to gain deep business insight and enhance key decision-making capabilities. Be it any platform, applications give you an extra edge, and here we talk about how IBM Power Systems applications provide extra benefits to lots of companies due to their abilities.

    However, managing the IBM AS400 applications in-house can be risky to handle. But cloud hosting is the best alternative for application management. Our IBMi clients tell us that they are worried about providing continuous services to their users. And this is a common phenomenon that we hear about, specifically in the North American region.

    While they may have several options to continue their business services if they come across an issue, but still waiting for support services can be time-consuming, and it’s too expensive when downtime occurs. In such a scenario, again, cloud hosting is turning into an attractive option for IBM applications.

    When IBMi clients assess their choices, they are amazed to find that cloud hosting at an SSAE-18 is more dependable and tech-savvy compared to the current on-premises setup.

    Companies using IBM Power Systems should consider moving their application to IBM cloud setup to unlock more features.

    Six Reasons for Migration to IBM AS400

    Have a look at the six most important reasons to understand why you should migrate your setup to IBM AS400 cloud.

    Save Money

    In comparison to server management (on-premises), IBM AS400 cloud is 30%-70% cheaper. This is because IBM’s Power servers have more capacity and resources than the needs of IBMi users. If you rent a server or hosting, you can save around $3,000 – $15,000 per year by IBM AS400 cloud hosting. Cloud hosting not only eliminates the need to purchase a server, but it will also eliminate the cost of hardware and software maintenance and the cost of the IBM licensed program.

    Companies get regularly approached by businesses who have already hosted their IBM AS400 on the cloud, as they find it cheaper.

    IBM AS400 Expert support and Backend Service Management

    Potential cloud users think that the talent pool of IBMi is shrinking, the employees are retiring, new employees are not familiar with the scope of business, and consultants are leaving the field. That’s why, it is hard to find a talented replacement. Furthermore, many IBM AS400 related service and support companies are run by experts of other fields, and they need enhanced technical support from IBMi experts.

    As a conclusion to this, you can say – hosting with expert IBM AS400 cloud providers make you confident that your applications are safe, and support is available instantly.

    Great Security, Redundancy and Disaster Resilience

    Centralized data centres provide enhanced security in comparison to what most companies can provide. Generally, data centres have redundant power, secure physical access, internet access, and many more world-class features. Server hosting at data centres can range somewhere around $1000-$3000 per month.

    By hosting your applications on an AS400 IBM cloud, you will get benefits like security, disaster resilience, and redundancy at a very minimal cost.

    New Technology Access

    Cloud hosting will allow you to upgrade your IBM AS400 to the newest Power Server and open the doors to the latest OS level, while enabling you to use the latest hardware, features, and systems enhancements. This way, you will not need to be concerned about repurchasing a new server.

    No Major Capital Outlay

    Shifting to a new server is seen as a capital investment by several organizations, and it also requires various approvals, while IBM AS400 cloud hosting is an operational expense. And companies have discovered that it’s easy to get support for operating costs than a capital investment.

    Flexible terms

    On IBM AS400, cloud hosting terms are far more flexible in comparison to buying new hardware. For example, new software purchase is made by considering 3-5 years of operation time, while hosting terms can of a month, quarter, year, or maybe a duration that meets your needs.

    The Value of Migrating Legacy Applications to a Cloud Setup

    As businesses are growing in this digital world, the right cloud migration strategy and its deployment in the right way can improve business results.

    A flexible and hybrid cloud setup can provide modern ways to manage applications, increase transparency in business operations, and reduce security failure risks. By allying workloads with optimal IBM AS400 cloud, organizations can optimize the cloud deployment more effectively. In addition, an upgraded cloud base application will help you manage infrastructure, business complexities, strengthen insights and increase ROI through technologies like AI and IoT.
    Only you can transform your business by co-creating the strategies with a certified IBMi cloud services provider.

    Choosing the Right Cloud Provider for IBM Systems

    Many companies are providing IBM AS400 cloud services, but only a few of them are capable of offering IaaS for IBM Power Series. IBMi systems require special expertise and a deep understanding of using the licensing model to scale.

    Integrative Systems offers IBM AS400 related help in combination with knowledge and expertise and high-tech technology capability needed to migrate your mission-critical application to the cloud. We focus on IaaS and offer several services simultaneously to meet the needs of clients around the globe. Our expert and experienced professionals provide the best-in-class speed and reliable services to keep you connected on-cloud.

    If you wish to know more details about the IBM AS400 upgrade, feel free to connect with us at [email protected], and someone from our team will contact you soon.

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