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    5 Latest Hosting Trends About IBM iSeries AS400

    IBM’s AS/400 servers, also known as iSeries, can handle many things simultaneously. Its architecture has been developed to address enterprise resource planning (ERP) and many other robust tasks. Enterprise who doesn’t compromise on reliability and security, IBM iSeries AS400 is the answer for them. Companies have believed in the legacy of IBM iSeries AS/400 since its start; it’s just that now they are pulling out of their on-premises server duties and switching to IBMi hosting.

    In this blog, we have briefly described the five most significant hosting trends about IBM iSeries AS400. Have a look:

    1- Outsourcing IBM iSeries AS400 Expertise

    As the talent pool in IBM iSeries AS400 dwindles, IBM AS/400 users find it more challenging to get reliable and skilled IBMi experts.

    Minimum skills required for managing IBM AS400 iSeries include – IBM iSeries AS400 OS Management, IBM iSeries Administration, Backup & Retention, Version Upgrade, and troubleshooting.

    The reasons for this essential skill are many. This includes retiring in-house talent, implementing new technologies (ERP, e-commerce, CRM, analytics, etc.), and running various systems.

    IBM iSeries AS400 cloud hosting service provides these users with the resources they need to run their business in collaboration with IBM AS/400 experts that can be easily accessed whenever you need any help.

    2- Secure Data Centre

    Data centres are very popular because their companies get more security, redundancy, continuity, and disaster resistance than they can afford on an internal data centre.
    Most IBM iSeries AS400 users have limited security. Often, they do not have a disaster recovery plan in the context of natural disasters.

    For such reasons, many IBM iSeries AS400 users host their local servers in a single data centre.

    So, IBM AS/400 users get excited when they consider hosting a state-of-the-art IBM POWER server hosted. They now have a greater sense of security, continuity, and flexibility than they had earlier. If they already had the data centre facility, they could have saved lots of hosting money.

    3- Reduced Cost of Ownership

    Speaking to potential customers here at Integrative Systems, we explained that getting a hosting service would be less expensive if they compared the price of an on-premises server to the cost of 5 years of hosting.

    However, server costs are not the only costs incurred by IBM iSeries AS400 users. We explained to these potential customers that they could have included the cost of:

    • IBM iSeries AS400 support (hardware and software support, server management, backup and retention, software patches, version upgrades, and troubleshooting support).
    • Secure, redundant data centre and management (UPS, redundant power, redundant cooling, and fire suppression, firewall, internet security, etc.),
    • Ability to endure and recover.
    • And Many More

    4- Flexibility

    IBM iSeries hosting offers flexible terms. Most of the time, you only pay for what you need and only when you need it.

    This is especially appealing to businesses that intend to end their IBM AS/400 application support in the exchange of newer technologies. More specifically, they may be running older IBM iSeries servers without IBMi support. They may need more time to migrate to more recent applications, but they may not want to purchase a new server or enhance their IBM iSeries AS400 talent.

    5- Reduce the Deviation

    With IBM iSeries AS400 Hosting, users do not have to deal with deviations such as:

    • Hardware error messages
    • Respond to unexpected IBM service termination (EOS) announcements
    • IBM Support Renewal (HWMA and SWMA)
    • Backup media
    • Off-site backup management
    • UPS and battery management and replacement

    Why isn’t IBM AS400 iSeries Cloud Hosting Slowing Down?

    Have a look at a few reasons why IBM iSeries cloud hosting is not slowing down:

    1- Access to Talented IBM iSeries AS400 Specialists

    Following the retirement of the old IBM AS400 specialists, companies are looking for IBM experts who have specialized skills like:

    • Backup management
    • Programming
    • Perception
    • Version update

    Skilled programmers and advanced business applications in IBM iSeries AS400 are dwindling and can be difficult to replace when they are lost. By eliminating long and complex employee searches, experts can be sought from outside by hosting providers such as Integrative Systems.

    2- Big Security Benefits

    Disaster recovery is a major reason why companies prefer hosting with IBM iSeries AS/400 because of its internal equipment and its ability to recover data in the event of a breach. In addition, hosting outsourcing is more profitable as the hosting service provider can match the level of security required, as technically advanced equipment is needed for hosting.

    Companies can reap the benefits of modern technology when they choose to outsource hosting.

    3- No Hidden Expenses Like On-Premises Server

    Companies set the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the life of their on-premises servers. Over time, the internal server cost them more than its initial investment.
    Expenses include redundant data centre security functions and administrative data loss prevention measures such as:

    • Disaster recovery
    • Put out the fire
    • Firewall
    • Internet security
    • Overcooling/heating
    • An uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

    The cost of maintaining the server accrues, and once that cost is incurred, the server itself will expire. This single action can put the business at risk. IBM AS/400 hosting services enable enterprises to continue without spending too much money on server maintenance.

    4- Pay for the Usability Only

    Through IBM AS/400 hosting service, companies streamline their operating budgets. This way, it’s easier for them to leave their old servers and bring in new apps when they’re paying for the services they use. Furthermore, due to the age of the servers, the warranty and technical support that come with them become obsolete. IBM iSeries AS400 makes smooth transitions in the hosting cloud. With Integrative Systems, customers get a piece of the larger enterprise virtualized cloud infrastructure, making it easier to expand or downgrade as per their business needs.

    5- Eliminate Productivity-Wasting Diversions

    When error messages about any equipment appear, technical staff should stop working on the project and fix the problem. Meanwhile, productivity slows or stops. As with all computer-related devices, termination of service (EOS) announcements will be issued from time to time. Cloud hosting of IBM AS/400 takes the drama away, allowing IT staff to focus on development and implementation.

    Integrative Systems as your Go-to Cloud Hosting Partner

    IBM iSeries AS400 trends are growing every day and for a good reason. If you have questions about AS400 hosting services, we can answer them. Whether you’re in the cloud or need management or maintenance services, you can trust Integrative Systems and their team of IBM iSeries AS400 experts.

    We are a global provider of solutions focused on IT and IBM iSeries AS400 and have extensive experience providing technical support to companies in all sectors. Our company believes in accountability and integrity. Let’s discuss your IBM iSeries AS400 cloud hosting needs. Feel free to connect with us by sending an email at [email protected], and someone from our team will connect with you in the shortest time possible.

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