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    10 Points to Check before you Hire a Dedicated ASP.NET MVC Developer

    Are you shortlisting suitable candidates to hire a dedicated ASP dot NET MVC developer for a .NET development project? If so, this blog offers some crucial information you should take a look at before resuming your hunt for a dedicated developer.

    Anybody who jumps on the hiring process bandwagon soon realizes that it is more than just screening resumes based on top industry keywords.

    Hiring a top ASP .NET MVC developer can be stressful and time-consuming. You want to hire the most qualified candidate right off the bat, someone who is reliable, experienced, and skilled.

    If you’re actively looking to hire ASP dot NET developers, you should also be familiar with the framework to ensure that you are recruiting skilled coders for your project.

    Many IT companies these days prefer to recruit developers on a project basis rather than hiring them in-house for the long term.

    The goal is to hire a developer as soon as possible who will collaborate well with your in-house team or outsource a team of offshore developers who will help things move along for your .NET project.

    Let’s understand the roles and skills of an ASP .NET MVC developer and how you can hire them.

    What Is the Role of an ASP .NET MVC Developer?

    An ASP .NET MVC developer builds new technologies to support already-existing apps. They are responsible for developing client-side, back-end, and network application layers, frameworks, and patterns leveraging the most suitable and efficient technologies.

    In addition to designing and developing websites, an ASP .NET MVC developer works on solution design, releases patch updates, and provides excellent code. They should also keep up to date with the newest technologies and tools for software development.

    These technologies and tools will provide their usefulness while choosing the best technology for specific uses, testing their software creations, and resolving technical glitches.

    Only a handful of ASP .NET MVC developers have the experience and expertise to manage complex software development projects and provide top-notch services. This means you must search diligently for someone who meets your company’s business needs.

    What Important Skills Must an ASP .NET MVC Developer Have?

    Important Skills Must have an ASP.NET MVC Developer

    1. ASP.NET MVC Proficiency

    If you pay close attention to the IT market trends, you will notice that ASP.NET MVC is steadily replacing the .NET web development sector. Therefore, being proficient in ASP.NET MVC is necessary for working in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment because web development is growing rapidly.

    The convenience with which dot NET-based web applications can be built and managed relies on having a thorough understanding of .NET. On the other hand time, the expertise of ASP.NET MVC is beneficial for client-side web development and unit testing.

    2. Client-Side Technology

    Developers working with .NET MVC must have proficiency in client-side web development. This can broaden their skill set and boost their chances of being recruited by start-ups and established IT companies.

    Client-side technology enables .NET MVC developers to build aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly software application interfaces that will be convenient for end-users. Client-side technology includes programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS.

    3. Programming Languages

    .NET MVC software developers must be well-versed in programming languages such as F#, VB.NET, and C#.NET to perform their tasks effectively. Additionally, they must be adept at NoSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, and other database programs.

    4. Coding

    A .NET MVC developer must be skilled in writing code for the software application to run as intended. Understanding the purpose of the code aids developers in deciding what new code to write and what existing code could be modified to save time and money.

    As .NET MVC developers enhance their prototypes, they analyze their code’s performance and make any necessary modifications.

    5. Budget Planning

    When creating new software solutions, .NET MVC developers can use cost-effective strategies by having a clear understanding of budget planning and management.

    The scale of the project, the number of resources required, and if money needs to be set aside for future projects can all be determined by .NET MVC developers if they come up with budget plans before the development process of a project begins.

    Software developers must analyze their spending patterns to ensure they stay under their budget limits while building applications. Additionally, they can specify how much money they require and submit that data for assessment by the IT company’s management team.

    6. Time Management

    .NET MVC developers must manage their time efficiently so that they can finish their tasks ahead of schedule. This is because clients generally specify a deadline date for the project, which developers need to adhere to.

    The .NET MVC developer is in charge of scheduling all their tasks so they can be finished by the deadline. Additionally, developers sometimes take on multiple software development projects at once. Therefore, they must manage their time, so that one project is completed before beginning another.

    7. Problem-Solving Skills

    Problem-solving skills are essential for .NET MVC developers to identify and fix issues in their prototypes. They must evaluate the outputs of their testing as they create user interfaces.

    For instance, a mobile application may not function properly due to a source code error. Therefore, the .NET MVC developer must analyze their code and fix any issues they discover. Additionally, they must assess the user-friendliness of the interfaces of their projects.

    How to Hire an ASP.NET MVC Developer?

    You can find a thousand resumes on freelance websites and through .NET software development companies if you post that you’re looking to hire a .NET developer online.

    Let’s assume that you have chosen the .NET development company from which you intend to hire ASP .NET MVC developers. However, you are on a tight budget.

    What other choices do you have, then?

    Well, don’t worry!

    Most software development companies give you the option to work with highly qualified .NET developers on budget-friendly means. Here are a few pointers you must keep a note of:

    1. Outline Your Project’s Requirements

    To find the best ASP .NET developers for your .NET development, you need to understand and clearly outline your project’s requirements, including the tech stack. It would be beneficial to factor in your project’s goals and the tasks that need to be accomplished.

    The front end is a crucial component of the user interface, user experience, and agile development. A front-end developer works with the client side to guarantee that the Android or iOS application’s users can interact with it without experiencing any glitches. They employ coding languages such as Java, CSS, and HTML.

    Back-end developers are in charge of the server side of the .NET application. They design the database and server as well as the business logic. They employ coding languages such as C#, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript.

    2. Research the Market

    You must look into online platforms that rank ASP.NET MVC developers based on user reviews. The top ASP.NET developers who offer .NET development services in your preferred coding languages should appear in the search results.

    Some of these websites have sections for “Profile,” “Reviews,” “Overview,” and “Verification.” You may learn about the developer in these sections and look at their case studies and verification.

    3. Choose Your Hiring Locations

    A software development team for ASP.NET MVC can be located anywhere in the world. You could, for instance, hire offshore development teams from Asia and collaborate with them remotely if you’re in America.

    These offshore development teams have many advantages, including improved quality and better productivity at a reduced cost. A large talent pool is one more reason to consider hiring offshore.

    4. Check Reviews and Testimonials

    Reading reviews and testimonials is a great way to analyze if the chosen ASP.NET MVC developer is reliable and that they would truly work the hours for which you would be paying them. You can read reviews from the developer’s previous clients on most online job portals.

    Reputability can be determined by reading testimonials of current and past clients. You can also get in touch with past clients to learn about their experience working with the .NET developer.

    5. Analyze their Portfolios

    You can narrow down top .NET developers and review their portfolios in accordance with the requirements of your project. Pay special attention to the level of specificity with which the software developer describes their prior work. Look for the following in these descriptions:

    • Discuss the challenges that their clients faced before hiring them
    • Highlight the solutions they came up with and the tools they employed
    • Inform how long it took them to execute the job in its entirety

    Take into account all the elements described in the developer’s portfolio. Additionally, you may search for the apps and websites the developer has created on multiple platforms and check user reviews.

    6. Estimate Your Budget

    When hiring ASP.NET MVC developers for your .NET project from a software development company, you should also consider your budget.

    On online job portals like Upwork, you may see a developer’s typical hourly rates in the search results. Remember that each developer’s rates are determined by their skills and experience, which may change depending on their location.

    If you live in the United States, offshore developers offer more affordable prices than those here. In the US, costs range from $70 to $150 per hour. The same amount of work is charged between $35 to $70 by developers on other continents, such as Africa and Asia.

    However, if the rates are too low, you should tread cautiously in your search for good developers. The quality of the work may turn out to be mediocre, and it might cost you more to rebuild it.

    Because of this, it’s critical to read reviews and testimonials to see whether the service provider has a solid background and a proven track record.

    7. Hire Developers on a Short-term Basis

    If you have been searching to hire long-term or permanent, or full-time .NET employees, you may want to change your perspective on that.

    These days, there are options to hire employees on a contract basis for specific projects. They will only need to be part of your staff for as long as the project runs.

    Many .NET development companies offer the benefit of letting you hire their software developers on a short-term or project basis.

    8. Do you need Project Pricing or an Hourly Pricing Model

    You always have the option to hire .NET developers on hourly pricing or project pricing model. Most freelance software developers that you will come across online, generally charge based on the hourly pricing structure.

    On the other hand, regardless of how much time the software development might take to complete, the Majority of .NET development companies offer a project-based pricing model.

    Compared to hourly pricing, this pricing structure can be more advantageous for you. Here, the price is set on a project basis, and the.NET professional you recruited must complete the task within the deadline and efficiently.

    9. Look for an Analytical Mindset

    One of the most important characteristics you want in a.NET developer is the ability to analyze any project you propose. This level of expertise and experience are developed over time by working on numerous projects. Additionally, analytical abilities are absolutely crucial in any domain of programming.

    10. Assess Their Communication and Interpersonal Skills

    Soft skills are not a need but are advantageous when working with clients who are situated overseas and hail from different countries around the world. A minor miscommunication can result in significant variations in the outcomes of your tasks and projects.

    Therefore, it is always a plus if developers have adequate interpersonal and communication skills. It would be beneficial for both you as the client and the developer if you could communicate your thoughts to each other clearly.

    11. Hire Experienced .NET Developers for Your Project

    Several IT companies make the rookie mistake of hiring inexperienced and fresher .Net developers due to cheaper rates. When developers make silly mistakes, companies come to regret their hiring decisions.

    Therefore, always hire .NET developers from a reputable software development background with years of industry experience and expertise.

    Hire ASP.NET MVC Developers from Integrative Systems

    Finding dedicated developers for your .NET development project is now streamlined with Integrative Systems. The fact that we have over two decades of experience in the IT field is the greatest benefit of outsourcing to us.

    More than 500 .NET developers are actively engaged in a broad spectrum of projects, and we have over 15 years of experience creating .NET applications. Our.NET developers are well-versed in cutting-edge technologies that are applicable to the.NET platform.

    We can help you hire an experienced and qualified IT professional on a short-term basis without you having to look for and interview candidates to join your In-house team full-time.

    You tell us your requirements, and we recruit the most dedicated ASP.NET MVC developers to begin working with you.

    Contact us at [email protected] to get started discussing your .NET development project needs.

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