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      List of Top .NET Core Features You Need to Discover Right Now

      .NET Core features

      Decision makers, business leaders, IT managers, CIOs, and CTOs, around the world, love Dot NET framework for its impressive capabilities.

      Microsoft describes these qualities in one line as “A free, open-source, and cross-platform for developing all your apps.”

      Brief About .NET Core Features

      .NET is now known as .NET Core, and it’s an open-source, cross-platform framework with modular architecture. Developers are using this strong foundation to develop all kinds of high-performance applications that align with new-gen development needs.

      If you are looking for a modern framework, power-packed with modern capabilities including airtight security, versatility, cross-platform compatibility, and much more, .NET Core has got you covered.

      Your developers can use the .NET Core framework – the upgraded version of .NET to generate all types of new applications including cloud-based web applications, applications for IoT devices, blockchain applications, real-time applications for manufacturing, and much more.

      Interestingly, .NET Core is an upgraded version of the previous frameworks which means your .NET developers enjoy a feature-rich, enhanced, and modern framework that comes with two unique programming models –

      1. NET MVC
      2. NET Web API

      This upgraded framework has a lot more than surface-level benefits that thousands of decision-makers, such as yourself, are leveraging to develop world-class applications that solve modern challenges, boost ROI, improve efficiency, and much more.

      Curious to know how you can leverage .NET Core to your advantage?

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      Latest Dot NET Core Features that You can Benefit From

      1. Open-Source Framework

      One of the key reasons that technology leaders and asp.NET developers appreciate this framework is because of its open-source nature – one of the most unique .NET Core features.

      This means business leaders from .NET application development companies can modify their applications, back and forth, as per their evolving business needs without worrying about platform restrictions or compatibility challenges.

      What makes this framework more special is the .NET Core framework codes that are available in central repositories for all the asp.NET developers. Thus, the framework becomes seamless.

      It also means that business leaders and Dot NET Core developers from .NET development companies will get the best of asp.NET Core to deploy smart business applications.

      There’s more to it.

      With the .NET Core framework, a Dot NET Core developer is empowered to fix bugs more quickly without causing project delays and technical debt.

      As a result, business leaders, like yourself, can introduce their apps faster to the market. This accelerated time-to-market not only allows a competitive edge but also faster adaptation to emerging market dynamics.

      Along with faster time to market and innovative UX, the upgraded framework brings you the incredible flexibility required for modern application development.

      2. Razor Pages

      Another reason .NET Core is in high demand among modern business leaders is – It makes the programming of web pages extraordinarily focused and productive.

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      A carrier-based (coding model) .NET development application empowers .NET development companies to develop applications with innovative UI. Hence with the assistance of right .NET development tools and the expertise of Dot NET Core developers, you can create compelling apps.

      The reason for this efficiency is Razor Pages (one of the most popular .NET Core features – a simplified web-based programming model that embraces a file-based directing approach, empowering the ASP.NET Core programmers to easily integrate their code and design within the same file, instead of creating a separate structure.

      Additionally, Razor Pages is less complicated, as it contains its code and helps develop more organized .NET Core applications. The organized apps make it easy to deploy the applications and perform more efficiently.

      3. Innovatively Advanced

      In the next set of .NET Core features we have – Innovation.

      .NET empowers your team of app developers to develop runtime components and compilers within the application without stopping the application runtime.

      Moreover, ASP.NET Core developers can use various versions of ASP.NET Core on the same server.

      Let’s say, your ASP.NET developer needs to update the payment processing for a live e-commerce website built on ASP.NET Core in the peak sale season. Because the complex payment process is hindering their seamless customer experience.

      Leveraging .NET Core’s latest features, the Dot NET Core developer quickly simplifies the payment process without stopping the website, ensuring your customers are enjoying a seamless UX.

      Additionally, the ASP.NET Core developers are enabled to run diverse applications on the latest version, and the rest of the applications can be tested on other ASP.NET Core.

      4. Cross-Platform Support

      Does your business application heavily rely on third-party applications for critical functionalities?

      ASP.NET Core offers impressive cross-platform support, so that Dot NET users won’t need to stick to single platform.

      Having cross-platform flexibility means ASP.NET developers will have the freedom to develop an application compatible with all desired platforms, and it will smoothly run on multiple operating systems.

      This is one of the best .NET Core features and advantages that empower .NET development companies and Dot NET Core developers with the freedom to choose an operating system depending on their unique development needs.

      Whether you are developing custom applications for retail companies, airlines, or financial institutions, cross-platform compatibility remains one of the top features of Dot NET Core.

      Keeping the flexibility and cross-platform .NET Core features in mind – it won’t be an overstatement to say that .NET Core is one of the best platforms for .NET application development available.

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      5. Increased Security

      Are you a new-age decision-maker concerned with the vulnerable cyber security landscape? You’re not alone.

      For many, unencrypted software is a major issue, and encrypting it is again a severe concern.

      In the nascent era, business leaders turned toward HTTPS redirection as a pivotal strategy to protect their applications against SQL injection and CSRF attacks.

      Fortunately, .NET Core features offer a wide range of security benefits that fortify your applications against advanced security threats such as cross-site scripting (XSS), unauthorized access attempts, data breaches, etc.

      From authentication and authorization mechanisms to data protection and threats prevention, .NET Core has all you need.

      For example, Data Protection API and Azure Key Vault providers may use security features to guard statistics and generate keys. Moreover, you could develop more APIs by extending your business needs.

      ASP.NET Core permits you to combine your app with all third-party service providers.

      6. Unified MVC & Web API Frameworks

      Before .NET Core came into the picture, business leaders and asp.NET developers heavily relied on MVC and Web API frameworks to develop and maintain feature-rich applications.

      MVC was designed to develop applications to function with HTML, and Web API was designed to develop RESTful services using XML and JSON.

      For the benefit of users, the makers of ASP.NET Core have merged both applications as there was always an overlap within these frameworks.

      Now, after the merger, MVC can easily return data to JSON and not just to HTML. The combination of both the frameworks has transformed the landscape of .NET application development.

      7. Multiple Environments and Development Mode

      Multiple environment development is another most appreciated .NET Core features by business leaders.

      It allows  asp.NET developers  to easily differentiate the software codes in terms of staging, production, etc. Before the advent of ASP .NET Core, there was no standard procedure to accomplish this task.

      Let’s understand this with an example –

      Multiple environments and development mode is used within the Startup. cs file to help you configure the application. In this scenario, you’ll need to show a more detailed exceptional page for development purposes.

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      8. Dependency Injection

      Without any doubt, dependency injection is one of the best .NET Core features.

      The feature is heavily used by Dot NET Core developer in asp.NET MVC, and it is also their preferred way of handling things like database contexts and logging contexts, which are passed into your MVC controllers.

      9. Action Filters

      Does your business need a one-stop solution to handle cost-cutting concerns such as performance monitoring, and authorization?

      IT leaders, such as yourself, find support to extensible filters, as one of the most useful features of .NET Core.

      This lets you enforce capability that may be implemented to the whole controller or action without changing the action itself.

      The filters are used by the Dot NET Core developer to identify caching, handle errors, or execute any custom logic.

      10. Globalization and Localization

      Do you wish to use your Dot NET application globally?

      Asp.NET Core has got you covered.

      Another notable characteristic of Dot NET Core is its support for localization and globalization.

      .NET Core makes it relatively easy to localize numbers, dates, and text within the Dot NET application.

      This .NET Core feature makes it inevitable for business leaders aiming to create applications that serve diverse linguistic and cultural preferences.

      This .NET Core feature and advantage enables 360-degree customization of your asp .NET Core applications for multiple languages via resource documents.

      The Dot NET Core developer considers these resource documents as the central depot where all records are kept, and web pages can read these resource documents and get populated labels.

      11. Self-hosted Web Applications

      Do your web applications call for specific hardware or software requirements or do you require end-to-end control over your infrastructure?

      ASP .NET Core has got your back.

      Self-hosted web applications are one of the best .NET Core features and advantages provided by Microsoft that empowers .NET Core programmers and business leaders with unparalleled control.

      In addition to self-hosted applications, the Dot NET Core Developer can also host web applications via IIS i.e. Internet Information Services or integrate the App with IIS if required.

      Not sure whether your business will benefit from this feature?

      Let’s understand this differently-

      Let’s say you are an IT manager of a government agency tasked with managing sensitive data of citizens and requiring complete ownership of its infrastructure.

      With self-hosted web applications in Dot NET Core, your agency gains full authority over data management. This means your agency can implement robust data security and compliance measures as and when required without relying on external hosting services of a restrictive nature.

      Dot NET Core proves advantageous for business leaders who need full authority over customization, configuration, and data management.

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      12. Asynchronous Programming

      Do you belong to industries such as finance or healthcare where your web applications demand an independent and responsive flow of operations?

      ASP.NET Core’s asynchronous programming has got you covered.

      Asynchronous Programming is nothing but not having to wait for one task to complete before beginning another.

      It is one of the .NET Core features that facilitates a continuous flow of operations, empowering more responsive application performance.

      For example, in the insurance sector, instead of handling multiple claim requests separately, asynchronous programming in ASP.NET Core enables concurrent processing of multiple requests, ensuring a speedy workflow.

      13. Extensible Output Caching

      This ASP .NET Core feature enables the ASP.NET developer to catch and store the generated output and responses in an in-memory cache.

      This way, on subsequent requests, the .NET programmer can fetch content faster by retrieving and using the generated output from the cache instead of generating the output from scratch.

      This version also enables ASP.NET developers to specify for how long any request should be cached within the memory.

      14. WebSockets & SignalR

      Does your business application benefit from real-time communication such as dashboards, live chat, or game apps?

      Dot NET Core comes with WebSockets that is used for real-time, 2-way communication specifically used for building applications that require prompt updates such as multi-player games, social media apps, etc.

      It also supports SignalR, which enables data broadcast which is a practice of communicating the same data to a wide range of audiences at the same time such as e-learning applications or real-time location apps.

      These Dot NET Core features empower your developers to develop dynamic and responsive applications enabling seamless user experience.

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      15. High Performance

      The new and updated ASP.NET Core framework is a completely rewritten framework that has power-packed features and advantages.

      Powered with innovation, enhanced security, self-hosting, and much more, ASP.NET Core has everything modern business leaders, such as you, are seeking, to build robust web applications.

      Now, as you are aware of the top 15 .NET Core features that make it an attractive choice for decision-makers across diverse industries, let’s march toward an ASP.NET Core development company, that helps you make the most of .NET Core.

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      We are confident that you intend to step into the world of application development and thrive with ASP .NET Core.

      With 20+ years of experience in custom software development and .NET application development, we are a Microsoft partner, offering comprehensive .NET solutions and services for diverse industries.

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