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    10 Things About .Net Development You Probably Don’t Know

    Microsoft wanted to solve all types of problems for developers using a single platform, so they created the .NET development framework.

    The .NET platform has been actively used for web, mobile applications, and desktops for more than two decades. It has been in use at both enterprise and start-up levels.

    .NET can be defined as a free, open-source platform that helps construct separate apps and serverless functions. Using .NET, all your project files and the codes seem similar irrespective of the type of the app. You can access the same API, language, and run-time.


    Undoubtedly, .NET is essential for the software development industry. While .NET development is already quite famous, it has been grabbing more attention since the .NET 5. This pioneers the concept of universal software development.

    So, let us try to learn more about .NET development by looking at three important things you likely did not know.

    Types of Application Development

    Most tech companies utilize the strength of the Microsoft .NET development platform to construct dynamic client-side and server-side applications. The desirability of the .NET development platform is because of the wide range of features present in it. Before we understand the types of applications that you can create using .NET., let us take a quick look at these features:

    • .NET is cross-platform. This means that you can create .NET applications on numerous operational systems. .NET is compatible with over seven operating systems.
    • .NET is open source. This means that it used MIT and Apache 2 licenses. It is a project on the .NET foundation.
    • .NET works through Microsoft on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There are regular updates for quality and security. This update is monthly and happens on the second Tuesday.

    Several applications can be devised via the .NET development platform. These types of applications are:

    Web Applications

    Via the Microsoft .NET development process, you can build web apps with interoperable functionality with other platforms. This cross-platform functionality makes the .NET development much more desirable compared to other development processes out there.

    The web applications evolve with a higher focus on good design and robust features. Upon developing with the .NET developer, the default choices are ASP .NET Core and ASP .NET MVC.

    ASP .NET Core and ASP .NET MVC.

    Both the frameworks use an MVC architectural pattern. There are three main components – models, controllers, and views. Each of these is responsible for a different set of responsibilities.

    Rich Internet Applications

    When we say rich internet application, we refer to an advancement in a web application that relies on a site-specific browser. A virtual machine also backs it.

    In these applications, the browser’s plug-in is not required to reload every time the page is displayed. This saves on load time and bandwidth stock.

    Framework Applications

    In framework applications, the capabilities of a particular language are complemented with the aid of a native-language programmable package.

    It is constructed with security mechanisms in mind. These have two main features, including validation and verification, as well as Code Access Security.

    Advantages of .NET Development

    There are four major advantages of using the .NET development environment. These are:

    • Debugging and Security – With the help of the .NET development environment, the developer can leverage the in-built methods to incorporate code-level security. Additionally, the run-time diagnostics help in prompting a smooth debugging process.
    • Deployment and Registry – The Microsoft .NET development process includes a straightforward deployment with the use of assemblies. Assembly is defined as an executable DLL that includes metadata and code and a code description and version number. If you use an assembly, you can eliminate the need for registration of each DLL before deployment.
    • Managed Code – Using the Microsoft .NET development, you can do a robust allocation and deallocation of memory. This can be done using the virtue of a Common Language Runtime component. There is also a Garbage Collector component that gets notifications to clean up useless objects not required in coding.
    • Class Library – Within a class library, there is a series of namespaces. Under each namespace, some classes and interfaces define the particular behaviour and data for unique functionality. Typically, a class library is not limited by language. This is why any language can use it within the .NET development framework.
    • Easy to use Tools – A significant advantage of the modern Microsoft .NET development environment permits the analysts, architects, and developers to employ easy-to-use tools. Through this approach, one can get integrated solutions driven by the greatest scalability.
    • Reusing the Code – With code reuse, Microsoft .NET development services would witness heightened productivity and time-to-market. This would reduce costs and make sure that the organization recovers its investments in insignificant time.

    Each of these advantages adds up to the dynamism of the .NET development framework. Not only do they help in accentuating the popularity of the .NET development platform, but they also offer a secure platform for business needs.

    Major Components of the Microsoft .NET Test Environment

    The core approach used by Microsoft .NET development makes use of a test-driven development approach. In this, the requirements are converted to particular test cases in short spans at frequent intervals.

    Kent Buck first adopted this approach in 2003. The key components of the Microsoft .NET test environment include:

    Test Automation Framework –

    There is an exclusive unit testing framework within Microsoft .NET development services. This includes all the testing scenarios placed within one platform.

    Test Method –

    In the test method, the in-built lines of codes are prompted during test runs. These methods are put forth in three different forms, namely – Public, Private, and Protected. These also comprise an integral part of the Microsoft .NET development and testing environment.

    Asset Class –

    Assert class is a class code used in the Microsoft Unit Testing framework. This compares the actual results placed opposite to the expected result during the testing. This helps in the assessment of superficial performance gaps to fill them consequently.

    Emerging Need of .Net Development in Businesses

    We can safely say that the need for .NET development in business is ever-growing. Not only is this attributed to the dynamic nature of .NET, but it also relies on various other factors.

    Some factors are:

    • The .NET development is quite reliable and highly scalable. It is a very robust and dynamic application development platform for developing commercial applications. Ever since its launch 14 years ago, it has been used by all scales of businesses overwhelmingly.
    • After Microsoft released two editions of Windows 10 IoT to make and enhance the degree of ease and efficiency, most .NET developers make apps for devices connected to IoT. Resulting from this, the flow and security of interoperability have increased for the software created via the .NET development platform. There are many benefits to this. And businesses are attracted to .NET development even further due to this.
    • The intense safety of the .NET development framework is kept as a fierce technological framework within various organizations. Ranging from MNCs to governments across the globe, the .NET development framework plays the role of an information security framework.
    • In terms of mobility solutions, .NET web development gives you more flexibility and versatility for mobile app development solutions. These solutions are consistently expanding. The large community of .NET web development has devised multiple projects that support the interaction between websites and mobile devices. Typically, applications that are based on .NET offer a great user experience.

    Most global businesses realize that basing their application development on the .NET development framework is probably the best way to create applications on both web and mobile.

    Need a .NET Development Partner?

    No matter the kind of application you wish to make, using the .NET development framework is a good choice for you. You can develop robust mobile applications and great web applications, and much more.

    Want help in making your application? Get help from expert .NET developers through Integrative Systems.

    Integrative Systems has over 20+ years of developing .NET development frameworks and offers all the support you need. With Integrative Systems, you can do it all while keeping things secure and safe.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get the best .NET developers with the best .NET development company.

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