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    Want to know the Real Cost to Develop Software?

    Are you looking to outsource your custom application development? Are you looking for the best custom software development solutions for your enterprise?

    But do you know the actual cost to develop software that can fulfill your company’s requirements?

    Many professional and dedicated companies worldwide are looking for custom software application development to match up the competitive business landscape of the 21st century.

    Having custom-built software can help to boost productivity and efficiency, inject innovation in the existing business operations, and launch the latest and advanced business units.

    custom software development solutionsBut if you don’t have a dedicated IT professional team that can develop top-notch software solutions within your company, then outsourcing your development requirement is the most idealistic decision you can take.

    But there are thousands of developers and agencies out there that you need to shortlist based on their experience, terms, and pricing.

    So, now the question is – Should you hire a freelancer or look for one of the best custom software development companies?

    How much will it cost to develop your software?

    Can it fit in your budget?

    There is a sea of options available for you to choose from for your custom software application development but to tailor it to one, let’s go through all the broad options you have.

    So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    Different Types of Custom Software Application Development Service Providers

    If you want to know the correct cost to develop software based on your company requirements, you need to explore all the possible options you have.

    You’ll get different pricing and project terms options from different developers and agencies in a service niche.

    With our experience in the software development service for the past 20 years, you have six broad options to choose your solution providers from:

    Enterprise Custom Software Application Development Providers

    One of the biggest leaders in software development services is the enterprise-level development service provider. Here’s what they offer:

    • A solid network of thousands of developers spread worldwide, and experience of working with fortune 500 companies or government agencies.
    • They charge a hefty fee for their premium development services, and there’s no compromise in the quality of their work done. If you have a budget of over $500,000, then you can choose one of the enterprise-level development companies to manage all of your custom software application development requirements.
    • If you choose to go with the hourly rates, they can range from $250 to $850 per hour, depending upon the company or agency you associate with.

    They aim to build the entire software at once using the waterfall approach. The approach can be time-consuming, costly, and risky for some companies as there’s no room for future developments because the software is developed upfront.

    They aim to build the entire software at once using the waterfall approach. The approach can be time-consuming, costly, and risky for some companies as there’s no room for future developments because the software is developed upfront.

    Big Business Class Custom Software Application Development Providers

    If you want to explore options costing you lesser than the enterprise-level developers, a big business class is a great option for you. Look out for their offerings:

    • They have a team of developers from 100 to 1000 and have company offices located across the world. They might be the second option after enterprise-level, but software development costs can sometimes match the enterprise brackets.
    • The hourly rates can range from $200 to $300, and the big business class developers manage projects ranging from $125,000 to $500,000.

    But the quality of development service is never compromised as they hire the top talent from top universities to look after their premium projects.

    If you have a high budget and want to employ some of the best software development services, then the big business class is the option you should opt for.

    But if it exceeds your budget, then there’s more on the list…

    software development services

    Mid Cap Custom Software Development Providers

    The most balanced software development providers are the mid-market class software development, providers. They provide a balanced service keeping in mind the budget and the quality required by the client.

    • The average team size ranges from 10 to 100 developers depending upon the company. They can work with small to medium-sized companies and provide them with the best service tailored to their requirements.
    • The hourly budget for a mid-market class is around $125 to $175, and they can work on projects ranging over $50,000.

    If you have budget constraints for your development process, then you can associate with a mid-class software development company and even get a customized quote for your requirement.

    The work approach is different from an enterprise-class as you can ask them to develop a minimal viable product where you add or upgrade different functions over time.

    Keeping in mind the small size of the companies, you need to thoroughly check the previous track record of the software development providers to ensure that they have the ability and the experience to complete and fulfill your custom software requirement.

    Small-Cap Custom Software Application Development Providers

    Small-class software development companies are the right fit when managing and developing low-budget software requirements.

    • They have a handful of employees ranging from single-digit to double-digit, and they generally work for startups, local small and medium scale businesses.
    • The rates are highly affordable, ranging from $75 to $175 per hour, and the project budget ranges from $10,000 to $50,000.

    You’ll come across multiple small class software development services providers highly specialized in specific areas like eCommerce development, UX/UI design, mobile app development, or any specific language-based solutions.

    You can also approach a small class development firm to upgrade your existing software or make some minor changes. Considering the company’s small size, you might find a couple of service providers booked for months, loaded with different projects.

    Like with the mid-class developers, you need to thoroughly check the credibility and experience of the developers so that you are sure they are the right fit to deliver your desired solution within the promised time bracket.

    Freelance Developers

    In an emerging field where developers are working on their own to deliver quality results for companies worldwide, you have the option to hire a freelancer if you have a project requirement that an individual can handle.

    There are two types of freelancers you can come across, and their price brackets and professionalism will depend on both aspects.


    Developers who have acquired skills in recent times are excited and passionate about working on their initial projects. But sometimes, this passion can backfire, and they can under-deliver and over-promise to their clients.

    You need to keep a check on the way the individual is talking and showcasing their skills. Because they don’t have a solid background, these are the only aspects you can check.

    It can be a hit and trial for you, but if you get it right, it will be a jackpot for your business as a new freelancer can cost you from $50 to $75 per hour, and if you hire them for the entire project, they can charge you around $1000 to $50,000.


    A pro freelancer has experience behind their back and has worked with different clients for a longer time. They are skilled in many languages and can manage and customize your software application if you find the right one.

    They can charge you typical fees around $100 to $300 per hour, and in the case of an entire project, the cost can range somewhere between $5000 to $ 100,000.

    If you decide to go with a freelancer, ensure that you have the proper paperwork in place because chances are they might disappear, and unlike a fully-fledged firm or company, tracing them can be a task in hand.

    Nearshore/Offshore Software Development Companies

    When it comes to nearshore and offshore software developers, they have a large developer base spread across the world.

    Offshore development is slightly inexpensive compared to nearshore as the prices can range from $25 to $50 and $40 to $75 for offshore and nearshore, respectively.

    The size of the project they can manage is priced around $10,000 to 100,000.

    Suppose you don’t want to go with the individual developers, and the cost of other company-based developers doesn’t fit your budget. In that case, you can opt for nearshore or offshore development company.

    But you need to create a smooth communication channel and set a solid legal foundation to execute the project smoothly.

    These are all the different options you have with your custom software application development requirements.

    Now it’s your time to think and decide.

    Final Word

    If you want to boost your business workflow and automate redundant processes, having a customized software application for your enterprise is an ideal move.

    But associating with the best developers who can deliver your desired results within minimal costs is a difficult task to filter.

    Now that you know all the options and the price range for all the developers available for your business requirements, you need to decide and choose one.

    But if you need the blend of quality and cost-effective nature, there’s no better option than Integrative Systems.

    If you need more details, please get in touch with us. Please send us an email at [email protected], and someone from our team will get in touch with you soon.

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