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    Unlock The Power of BPCS ERP for a Rich Modern Experience

    Remember the day you kickstarted your business operations?

    You and your team usually used tools like Excel sheets or recorded data manually.

    But, as your business expanded, it became challenging to complete tasks manually and called for the need for reliable business management software.

    With the implementation of business management software, the tasks became streamlined and efficient. Instead of relying on manual data entries, this powerful tool provides you with

    • real-time data,
    • automated manual tasks,
    • improved collaboration across the organization, and much more.

    One such powerful tool is BPCS ERP is making strides in the business world. It has proven to be a prominent choice among decision-makers of SMBs to large enterprises,

    Known for its comprehensive capabilities, reliability, and efficiency, it is a must-have tool to thrive in the complex business landscape.

    Eager to explore how BPCS ERP software empowers your business?

    Let’s unleash the power of BPCS ERP for your modern business.

    What is BPCS in ERP?

    BPCS Business Planning and Control System in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to a special type of ERP. ERP is a digital toolbox for business leaders to get a bird’s eye view of complex business processes.

    The BPCS and ERP are closely related but not synonymous. They are all-inclusive software systems enabling businesses with a magic wand to integrate dispersed aspects of their operations, such as human resources, accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, and more.

    So, BPCS is a unique ERP system connecting all the dots of an organization, while ERP is a broader term that walls in multiple types of systems, including BPCS.

    How BPCS and ERP are interconnected?

    Let’s understand the connection between BPCS and ERP with an illustration.

    Suppose you’re responsible for multiple responsibilities in a big household including groceries, daily chores, meal preparation, and more. It can be backbreaking to keep track of all tasks.

    Now Imagine Having a Power Tool ERP:

    This smart tool helps you organize the house, keep track of all essentials, and run the household like a smart human. Right from your shopping and finances to even your children’s activities – it has everything in one place.

    Imagine Having a BPCS:

    This tool is again a smart organizer in the ERP. It is a part of ERP that caters only to priority things like managing the finances, ensuring the stock of groceries, and planning in advance for the coming occasions. It’s like a personal smart planner to manage and keep things under control.

    To sum up, ERP is a broader term, responsible for managing everything and BPCS is a smart planner who goes a step further, responsible for running the operations better, smoother, and easier.

    Changes you Can Make in Your BPCS System

    If you are using an old BPCS system, you must be feeling the need to upgrade the existing configuration, experience new ERP functionality, and integrate with the other modern systems in your organization.

    BPCS system can utilize business logic to provide new functionality and reduce the cost of operations for your company. Have a look at what you can do in BPCS.

    • Modernize BPCS Functionality
    • Modernize Your UIs
    • Integration with other Systems
    • Expand Your EDI Capabilities
    • Modernize Legacy Code
    • BPCS Software helps you Improve your Bottom Line through

    Read more  – What benefits can you get if you Upgrade BPCS with Integrative Systems?

    What Is BPCS Used For? Do I Need BPCS Software?

    BPCS is used to harmonize multiple operations with the intent to –

    • Streamline repetitive tasks
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Support calculated decision-making across different departments of your business.

    Wondering whether you need a BPCS ERP system?

    You need BPCS if you are a medium or large-scale enterprise dealing with

    • Complex Operations
    • Inventory Management
    • Data-Driven Decision-Making
    • Multi-Department Coordination
    • Streamlining Financial Processes
    • Production Planning and Scheduling
    • Enhancing Sales and Order Management
    • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

    Still, unsure if your business fit any of the above-mentioned criteria?

    Let’s look at the benefits and features of AS400 ERP software to help you arrive at a decision.

    A Comprehensive Understanding of its BPCS ERPs Core Capabilities

    Let’s study BPCS ERP solutions by different compartments:

    Human Resources

    BPCS ERP caries the HR department’s weight by simplifying HR operations, ensuring accurate employee compensation calculations, offering training and development programs, and much more.

    With this solution, your HR department is enabled to focus on more important operations such as creating a positive work environment, strategic workforce hiring, enhancing work culture, and building a bright future.

    Inventory Management

    BPCS ERP sits at the top of efficient inventory management. The system users enjoy real-time visibility, optimal stock levels, data-driven demand forecasting, and much more. It lightens the burden off the inventory managers avoiding overstocking and predicting the demand accurately.

    With better attention to core business activities, your business can focus on strategic planning, improving supplier relationships, and gaining a competitive stand among the competitors.

    Finance and Accounting

    BPCS ERP is the heart and soul of modern business with heavy reliance on financial and accounting operations. From tracking financial transactions and budgeting, managing cash flow, ensuring compliance, and generating financial insights, the perks of BPCS ERP solutions for the finance and accounting department are immense.

    It proves to be a blessing for finance leaders seeking a strategic move to streamline operations and achieve financial excellence.

    Supply Chain Management

    BPCS ERP services transform the way Supply Chain Management functions. It encourages

    you to say goodbye to inventory guesswork, supply disruptions, and order fulfillment delays.

    The result?

    It leads to better cost savings, improved procurement cycle, and superior financial management while boosting customer happiness.

    Welcome an efficient and modern way of managing your supply chain department.

    With those benefits at hand, let’s look at what functionalities does BPCS ERP software bring to empower your enterprise.

    What Are Some Important Modules in BPCS & ERP Software?

    There are multiple modules in the BPCS ERP software.

    Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

    Almost all businesses deal with accounts payable and accounts receivable businesses. The services are important to keep the business running by ensuring there is enough cash flow. The Accounts Payable (AP)& Accounts Receivable (AR) module consists of the potential to –

    • Manage finances, inventory, and other operations
    • Automate and streamline their AP & AR processes
    • Produce comprehensive payment reports
    • Keep track of invoices and payments
    • Achieve financial success

    Billing and Payroll

    Billing and payroll modules enable efficient billing and payroll management ensuring utmost satisfaction. It boosts financial stability by simplifying billing methods and tracking payments.

    The Billing module helps you via:

    • Providing tools for creating and managing customer accounts
    • Keeping track of their invoices, bills, and payments.
    • Saving time and money for businesses.

    The payroll module enables you with:

    • Time and attendance tracking
    • Employee self-service
    • Direct deposit

    Sales and Purchasing

    Sales and purchasing are the core operations for any organization. The purchasing and sales module helps your business operate effectively in the following ways.

    The Sales module includes:

    • purchase order management
    • supplier management
    • contract management

    The Purchasing module includes:

    • customer management
    • product management
    • order management

    With a brief idea about different modules in the BPCS ERP systems, we hope you have realized their importance.

    With the assistance of a BPCS solution provider, your business can hugely benefit from various BPCS ERP modules customized to fulfill your specific needs.

    Unable to decide if you need a BPCS solution provider or not?

    Let’s look at the privileges you get with a BPCS consulting for IBM i and different services offered by BPCS consultants

    How Can BPCS Consulting Services Unlock your Business Transformation?

    As a business leader, you constantly seek ways to lighten the burden address talent gaps, maximize your investments, and ensure effortless operations.

    BPCS Consulting Services checks all these boxes seamlessly.

    But what does these services precisely entail?

    The BPCS ERP system is more than just an ERP—it’s a holistic tool that drives efficiency and accuracy across your operations.

    – The consulting partner customizes BPCS solutions to meet your precise business needs and carefully migrates data for a successful transition.

    – Furthermore, they provide 360-degree training and ongoing support to maximize the use of the technology.

    – After the careful transition, they help in refining the business process to improve efficiency.

    – The customization is an ongoing process. The BPCS ERP consultants regularly integrate BPCS with emerging systems to hone the customizations.

    – Your BPCS consulting partner regularly keeps an eye on the emerging industry rules and meets the standards to secure your position.

    – The team typically enhances the BPCS ERP system’s speed through trouble shooting and performance evaluations.

    – The BPCS consulting partner protects your present system and enhances your future with a strategic roadmap for future scalability.

    How Integrative Systems BPCS ERP Consulting Helps Fast-Forward your Business?

    Integrative Systems is your go-to BPCS software solutions provider with 20 years of extensive experience providing customized solutions.

    Our team of BPCS experts offers round-the-clock support to improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, and meet customer needs well in time and within your budget.

    Sounds exciting, right?

    Read on to learn more about our services.

    Integrative Systems helps you Improve your Bottom Line through Range of Services:

    1. BPCS development and customization using (RPG, ASET/ADK, ODW)

    2. BPCS implementation and integration

    3. BPCS managed services and support

    4. BPCS analytics and reporting

    5. BPCS modernization services

    6. BPCS administration services

    7. BPCS consulting services

    8. BPCS migration services

    9. BPCS training services

    Whether you are a loyal BPCS user or a curious prospect, our knowledgeable experts will understand your demands and challenges internally and externally and offer cost-effective solutions.

    Got any queries? Reach out to us at [email protected] and our experts will get back to you within 2 business days.  


    1. What Are AS400 and BPCS?

    Ans: AS400 is a midrange computer system by IBM renowned for its reliability, scalability, and versatility. BPCS is an ERP software designed to efficiently manage dispersed business operations like human resources, finance supply chain, and more. BPCS is often used on AS400 systems to leverage its impressive computing power.T

    2. What Companies Use BPCS?

    Ans: Many industries heavily employ BPCS owing to its multiple benefits. Historically, the software has been popular in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Other than these 2 sectors, it has proven to be a valuable choice among finance, information and technology, inventory management, and human resource sectors.

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