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    Why ASP.NET Core Development is Popular in Banking & Financial Organizations?

    In this fast-paced world, multitasking has become the norm. The old days are gone where web applications were taking huge time to load, and customer waiting time was for several hours. And such incidents were the reason that customers drive away from an organization, either IT or financial. So, it can be concluded that end-customer satisfaction is based upon the performance of your web application.

    .Net Core is the latest open-source platform introduced by Microsoft as an upgraded version of Microsoft. This modernized version of Asp.Net encourages .Net developers to develop feature-rich applications and enables companies to hire dot net developers or a .net development company for their next project. Dot net platform is highly recommended to create applications for Banking/Finance, Education, Health, and many more.

    Asp.Net development is a perfect mix of web development models needed to develop robust mobile and web applications for the enterprise. Even though mobile and web developers needing organizations have various choices nowadays, hiring a dot net developer is the most suitable option. The platform was introduced more than a decade ago, and now it has introduced a wide range of functionalities.

    Today various industries are using .Net Core to create mobile and web applications. Let’s have a look at why the banking and finance sector has also adopted this.

    The banking industry has adopted various digitized platforms for its wide range of services. They keep integrating multiple tools into their systems and keep developing applications on the .net development platform.

    Asp.Net Core Development is a powerful platform, and hiring .net developers from a reputed service provider can leverage more benefits. Also, the banking industry is more transparent, flexible and can help financial institutions to meet their objectives.

    Hire a .net developer for your banking and finance industry because –

    • A dot net developer can build modern, cloud-optimized, and IoT applications.
    • Asp.Net application comes with multi-browser compatibility.
    • Developers can deploy the built-in application on cloud or can run on-premises.
    • Asp.Net is the outcome of MVC and web API.

    Usage Statistics of Mobile Banking

    Do you know about the mobile banking industry in the USA? Well, the banking industry is the backbone of the US economy. The concerned authorities in the sector offer customer-centric and friendly banking solutions.

    Size of US Banking Industry

    You can assume the size of the US banking industry with the fact that the USA banking industry has a budget of $17.9 trillion, and it’s constantly growing. With private institutions making banking policy and diversity and dept in the banking sector, the US banking sector stands like an elder brother in the world economy.

    Benefits of Web Banking Application

    • 24/7 services
    • Speed and Accuracy
    • Online bill payment for various services
    • Low overhead cost
    • Higher rate of Interest

    Why Banking and Finance Industry Needs .Net Core?


    Banking and financial web application can support multiple OS with one-time coding, as the banking institutions need support from all platforms. Moreover, with the introduction of .Net Core, it is easy to create apps and deploy them on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    Hiring .net developers and using Xamarin, you can gain maximum benefit by enhancing the capabilities of your mobile applications.

    Container Support

    Containers are eating clouds, and madness is with few technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, etc. Dot Net allows developers to use these technologies, and Azure supports deploying the application to containers and Kubernetes.

    High performance

    When someone says that speed matters for experiencing better performance and results, this is very true. The latest ASP.Net Core framework, after compiling the code, inevitably boosts the code and improves the implementation, and makes ASP.Net Core the fastest application framework.

    Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection

    When it comes to money, personal data in the IT field, defense is one of the best factors to prevent cyber-attacks. It increases the demand to work hard and prevent attackers from robbing the data or money.

    CSRF is a type of attack where a cyber hacker sends the request to a vulnerable site from the malicious site where the user is registered in. If the hacker got successful, he may access the entire account and access all your details, change them, and transfer funds.

    MVC uses anti-forgery tokens to disable CSRF attacks. These are also known as – Request verification tokens, in which two tickets are included in the server. The first token is sent as a cookie, and the other receipt is placed in the field in hidden form.


    Microsoft has invested much time in R&D before launching .Net Core with libraries like Odata, WebAPI, and SignalR. Furthermore, it also features language like Linq that ensures high productivity.

    Supports Cloud Environment

    It is always good to develop cloud-based applications if you have heavy-loaded projects. Dot net development services support entirely cloud-based services. Furthermore, if you need a feature-rich mobile application or a top-class app, hire .net developers from a leading company will be beneficial.

    Advantages of .Net Core in Banking

    • Dot net supports AngularJS, ReactJS, and Redux, etc.
    • Support modular requests.
    • Open-source and cross-platform framework
    • Support HTTP request (modular)
    • Fast processing and high performance
    • .Net Core can be hosted on IIS, Apache, Docker and support self-hosting.
    • Hiring .net developers will ensure guaranteed security
    • Banking apps work 30% faster.
    • A part of technology is free for use.
    • Able to solve critical banking issues.

    Benefits of Mobile App in Banking

    Improved Security:

    Banks can upgrade mobile app development to ensure a high level of security. Furthermore, additional hardware strength the safety of the app.

    Cutting Operational Cost:

    Banking and financial development solutions from .Net will help banking operations reduce the operational cost of banking. Furthermore, digital banking will reduce paper waste, reduce long queues, and save natural resources too.

    Additional Revenue:

    Banking and financial institutions application development means a robust app that improves the service quality and customer trust in the bank and ultimately increases business. A feature-rich banking application means more ROI. Furthermore, the mobile app is more engaging in comparison to physical bank visits.

    Better Customer Experience:

    Better customer experience is possible due to the online availability and mobility of the services ensure better customer experience as they are available 24/7. Here’s how you can give better customer services to customers with mobile banking:

    • Customers get their needs fulfilled anytime, anywhere.
    • Various opt-in and out options.
    • They are within their reach every time.
    • Mobile banking apps are always available.

    Final Words:

    Regarding banking and finance, you should go with Asp.Net Development technology because of its easy-to-use functionality, and it is a trusted platform globally. Hire .net developers from a reputed firm to accelerate your development process irrespective of your industry domain.
    Furthermore, the platform releases constant updates and enables companies to hire dot net developers with more expertise.

    I hope you have understood the role of Asp.Net in the financial sector. If you have any queries in mind or wish to build a banking application with a leading .net development company, feel free to reach out to Integrative Systems. We’ll be happy to help you!

    Share your requirements with us at [email protected], and someone from our team will connect you in 24 hours.

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