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    Azure Managed Services for Promising Cloud Success

    The cloud has become the symbol of efficiency and innovation for modern businesses.

    The real question isn’t whether to embrace the cloud technology but how to embrace it effectively?

    For today’s business leaders, the cloud opens the door to business transformation and new opportunities, but it’s a technology grappled with complexities.

    We understand your concerns.

    You’ve likely asked yourself – How can we maximize our cloud investments without compromising on performance?

    This is exactly why we are here.

    Azure Managed Services: A smart decision maker’s pathway to promising cloud success.

    It is one of the most used Microsoft Azure services thanks to its ability to make every business leader’s life easier.

    This status is achieved by delivering exceptional value to all-sized businesses.

    Today, you will explore the full potential of Azure Managed Services through –

    • Why you need to invest in them?
    • What these services will bring to your business?
    • How will it impact your Azure cloud synergies drastically?

    Let’s begin with WHY!

    Why Should You Invest in Azure Managed Services right now?

    There are many reasons to invest in Microsoft Azure managed IT services.

    Two-thirds of Cloud migrated Companies did not perform expectedly, as per a New Accenture Report.

    And you certainly don’t want to end up being one of them, do you?

    How will you ensure that you don’t end up being one of them?

    Simple – by investing in reliable managed services Azure.

    How will it make a difference?

    Let’s explore without any further ado.

    Tech Expertise

    Your Azure managed services provider dedicates a team of Azure professionals each armed with years of knowledge and hands-on experience with the tools and Azure ecosystem.

    Let’s say, you face a unique technical challenge within your Azure architecture. Your internal team runs a few online checks, but the challenge persists, and your operations stand discontinued.

    In such cases, the managed services Azure experts will walk in as a resourceful back up, identify the problem, analyze its root cause, and help you uproot the problem. 

    Precise technical expertise, with an experience devising complexities make Azure Managed Services provider a bet worth to count on.

    Boosted Security

    Although Microsoft Azure has robust security configurations, it may be difficult to leverage these features. Your Azure managed services provider (MSP) helps you with a proactive plan to leverage the ecosystem’s security features and protect your system, inside out.

    Let’s imagine, your Azure data is protected by Microsoft’s robust security measures. However, you lack expertise in ensuring that each defense mechanism is strategically utilized.

    On contrary, with an expert Azure cloud managed services provider you have a safety net to fall back with their best practices for the entire architecture so that you stay a step ahead of the modern-day cyber threats.

    Higher Return-on-Investment

    Azure infrastructure is a crucial investment in your business. Imagine struggling to achieve the expected return on investment. Scary, right?

    Your Azure managed services partner takes cognizance of the matter and optimizes the cloud expenditure, maximizing the ROI.

    Let’s consider, that after a few years of cloud investment, you realize that your asset hasn’t been as cost-effective as you planned.

    You reach out to a reliable MSP for expert advice. They scrutinize Microsoft Azure cloud ecosystem, examine your spending, spot the excess usage patterns, and even provide customized solutions to improve the ROI.

    Increased Efficiency

    Azure is a tech wonder transforming the way your business operates. However, to maximize its complete potential requires guidance.

    Let’s say, you have recently adopted Azure Cloud for your manufacturing business but struggling to optimize it due to a lack of knowledge.

    Now reimagine the scenario with an expert Azure Managed Services provider to help you out.

    With their expert assistance, you have implemented real-time analytics, automation, and even IoT solutions within the 2 months of your business. Resulting in lower operational costs, reduced errors, and better profitability.

    Lastly, they are not just problem-solvers, they are a promise that your Azure shall remain reliable, secured, and in safe hands.

    You simply leave the worry to the managed services Azure professionals who are deep-rooted in the technology and focus on growing your business.

    Done validating your thoughts on the investment in Azure managed services?

    Now, take a closer look at the services you’ll receive – the WHAT part.

    What Do You Gain from Azure Managed Services?

    Regular Azure Evaluation

    Generally, this step involves the initiation of the cloud journey to test the waters. The Azure cloud managed services provider thoroughly assess your ecosystem, data complexity, applications, and technology.

    Based on the final evaluation result and your cloud requirement, they develop a customized Azure solution to solve your business challenges and meet your unique business needs.

    Right Sizing the Azure Resources

    Right-sizing solutions are a crucial factor in the efficient use of cloud resources. It is a dynamic process of regularly monitoring the use cases and shutting down unused or inadequately performing resources.

    What about my changing business needs, you may ask.

    Since your business conditions are always journeying toward change, right-sizing is a continual process to ensure optimal resource and cost optimization.

    Driving Successful Azure Cloud Migration

    Cloud migration and deployments are the crucial services provided by Azure managed IT services partners.

    Whether you need aid choosing the suitable approach – rehosting, retaining, redeployment, repurchasing, repackaging, refactoring, retiring, or guiding your team in a specific phase such as execution or simply overlooking the entire migration process, the right Azure managed IT services provider has got your back 24X7.

    Continual Performance Management

    Your Azure cloud managed service partners duty doesn’t end up on the successful migration. With successful applications and data migration, your ally ensures the optimal functioning of the applications.

    Their services include post-migration optimization, ensuring legal compliance, testing and validation, automation, ensuring tight security, backup and disaster recovery management, and much more.

    Monitor your Azure Cloud

    Cloud Monitoring Services include continuous surveillance and assessment of your Azure cloud infrastructure. The Microsoft Azure Managed Services provider keeps an eye on your cloud environment to spot and resolve any new challenges while meeting performance, security, and compliance needs.

    Keeping Your Microsoft Azure Ecosystem Up-To-The-Minute

    Regular feature, application, and security updates are fundamental to enhancing features and maintaining the relevance of your Azure architecture.

    Your business highly benefits from this continuous development cycle, allowing you to fully leverage your cloud investments.

    That was about the services you’ll benefit from. Curious to know their involvement in your business? Their strategies? – the HOW part.

    How do Azure-Managed Services Work for You?

    Your reliable Microsoft Azure managed IT services provider employs a simple yet effective 3-step problem-solving model to solve your challenges.

    Problem Identification – Designing the Solution – Implementing the Designed Solution

    1. Identify the Obstacles

    The first step involves spotting the challenge. After a careful assessment of your Azure ecosystem, the managed services Azure providers understand the obstacles and pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

    2. Design a Tailored Solution

    Moving on, they leverage their expertise and experience to design a customized solution that precisely addresses the challenge.

    3. Implement the Solution

    After understanding the problem, setting clear goals, designing the solution, and allocating the resources, your Azure managed service team implements and tests the solution until the desired result is achieved.

    Complex Azure challenges are solved by the teams, working in groups, ensuring that every angle is thoroughly examined, and no detail is ignored.

    azure managed service provider

    This was all about the benefits, services, and the Azure managed service provider’s involvement in your Azure initiatives.

    By leveraging their expertise, you can dodge costly mistakes, guaranteeing that every Azure dollar you invest returns maximum gains.

    Willing to harness the maximum potential off an Azure cloud managed services partner for your business?

    Your choice of partner is a deciding factor between achieving a masterpiece or landing into a mess.

    The next step is paramount: picking the right partner.

    Thinking how will you do it just right?

    Consider the following factors as you choose your Azure managed service provider.

    5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Azure Managed Services Provider

    A proven track record of experience and expertise

    This substantially helps you drop out the mediocre agencies and boosts the possibility of associating with a promising partner.

    Adherence to Security and Compliance

    This factor mitigates the risk of data breaches and drops out the careless companies, ensuring you peace of mind.

    Scope for Scalability and Flexibility

    Check your managed services Azure partner’s previous work to ensure whether they have the required talent, experience, and skills to manage your evolving business needs. This assessment will give you an idea of the level of complexity managed by them.

    Post-Implementation Support

    This judgment will ensure that your Azure managed service provider will support you during and after the implementation of Azure Cloud services.

    Transparent Budget and Service-Quality

    The qualifying Azure managed services must strike a balance between the budget and the quality.

    It is recommended to judge the partners with an unbiased set of eyes to enjoy long-term returns, stress-free partnership, and optimum service quality.

    Remember to chew over the potential benefits instead of solely focusing on the costs.


    1. What is Azure Managed Services Pricing?

    Ans: There are varied pricing models depending on special services and the service partner. They include:

    – Pay as you go

    – Pay per service

    – Pay a fixed monthly fee

    – Pay a fee for customization

    2. What are Azure managed services vs cloud services?

    Ans: The 2 services are related but differ at a fundamental level.

    The Cloud services include infrastructure services, and scalability services and follow a pay-as-you-go model.

    However, the Azure managed IT services include proactive support, detailed customization, and active service management and follow various payment models.

    3. What is the Azure managed services list?

    Ans: Here’s a list of the managed services in Azure:

    • Azure Cloud Support
    • Azure Cloud Migration
    • Azure Cloud Services Optimization
    • Azure Cloud Security Management
    • Azure Cloud Monitoring and Management
    • Azure Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

    4. What is an example of Azure managed services?

    Ans: Security is a crucial example of a Microsoft Azure Managed service. The service partner provides proactive protection against threat assessment, regular monitoring, implementing security patches, etc. All in all, it includes a reliable security service required for your cloud architecture.

    About Integrative Systems: Your Trusted Azure Managed Services Provider

    • A recognized Microsoft Partner.
    • A team of 250+ experts on board.
    • 20+ years’ experience in the industry.
    • 203+ projects delivered and counting.
    • Included thrice in the INC 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies

    We have been making waves in the domain of Microsoft for ages. We have helped small-sized companies to transition from caterpillar to butterfly and guided large enterprises in their rough journey to smooth sailing.

    Reach out to us at [email protected] and our team of Azure cloud managed services experts will get back to you in 2 business days.

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