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    Do Companies Still Rely on AS400 iSeries Technology?

    Are you wondering how your organization can benefit from the AS400 iSeries technology? Well, data is essential in any industry, including banking, manufacturing, logistics, and insurance. You’ll need a secure server option to access and use this data, which is exactly where the AS400 iSeries technology comes in.

    In this blog, you will learn everything essential related to the AS400 technology. Read on to find out!

    What Is AS400 iSeries Technology?

    In 1988, IBMi launched the AS400 system. It was a unified system that included hardware technology called AS400 and an operating system called OS400. It also included several vital capabilities, such as a centralized database.

    Over the years, both the hardware technology and the software application have undergone numerous upgrades, modifications, and name changes.

    IBMThis AS400 system’s upward compatibility has been one of its most prominent features since its inception. A software application developed using the AS400 I series in 1988 can still be operated on a power systems server with hardly any improvements necessary.

    This excellent adaptability is one of the reasons why many organizations that purchased the AS400 i series system years ago still refer to it as AS400, despite the fact that their power server is faster and incorporates cutting-edge capabilities. Even though AS400 is referenced in many credentials and organizations, its relevance still remains an open question.

    Given that it was first launched in 1988, the question is relevant. And now, with a gap of more or less three decades, the AS400 technology today is well ahead of its time, and it continues to progress exponentially with time.

    IBM is always modernizing the system and has huge goals for the development and growth of AS400. It releases new versions of the AS400 hardware and software every couple of years, with huge advances in its processing power and capabilities.

    This leads us to its top features. Let’s uncover them one by one.

    Top Features of iSeries

    The following are the primary features of the AS400/iSeries system:

    Object-Oriented Operating System

    The object-based operating system offers unique capabilities that are not accessible in other varieties of operating systems. For instance, it offers single-level storage.

    Because of its individuality, the AS400 i series system is more secure and reliable for business operations.

    Components of Greater Integration

    The AS400 technology is simple to utilize in collaboration with other software systems. It offers a number of features that make integration seamless.

    These include web services servers, the DB2 relational database, web application servers, and others. These components, when integrated, can perform over 300 operations.

    Effective Allocation

    The AS400 i series is a hybrid system based on technology that performs better than certain modern server applications.

    Well-Designed and Functional Administrator Interface

    IBM offers excellent solutions for performing routine operations within a company. The same cannot be said for Linux and Windows since they must rely on third-party providers for solutions.

    It Costs Very Little to Operate

    There are fewer hardware processors in the AS400 system.

    As a result, it is less expensive and easier to install on your cloud server.

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    Is AS400 still used?

    To this very day, over a million companies and organizations rely on AS400 technology, which is available within IBM I, to power their most critical application software.

    These businesses range from hospitals and banks to distribution and manufacturing facilities, retailers, and governmental institutions.

    Instead of running common software applications such as employee-based operations or office functions, the AS400/i-series servers are utilized in legacy systems.

    According to statistics, the majority of users rely on the AS400 i series to run their commercial applications.

    There is also a chance that the pressure on the program will increase. However, there will always be a segment of people who would prefer to switch to another server for various other reasons.

    Since iseries was created about three decades ago, there has been some concern about its validity in today’s competitive business world.

    Another factor to consider is the knowledge and expertise required to maintain and operate this specialized platform. Because it was built a long time ago, even the people who created it may be on the verge of moving it.

    This also implies that their expertise is being disseminated. As a result, it is critical to have a succession plan in place to guarantee that expertise does not fade out with them.

    Considering its stability, flexibility, security, and compatibility, the following are key reasons why the AS400 i series platform is still a great choice today:

    • As pointed out previously, AS400 is upwardly compatible. This means that it helps to save money by eliminating expensive and time-consuming code migrations when platforms are upgraded.
    • Its reputation as a dated platform could hardly be further from the reality. Indeed, its good blend of native and open source programming languages provides modern and conventional stability.
    • Any security vulnerabilities or potential threats can be eliminated with the right AS400 software application.
    • More significantly, the AS400 i series can handle not just a quad-core server but even systems with up to 256 cores.
    • And when it comes to reliability, flexibility, and performance, AS400 is at the top of the list. Almost all of the time, the platform is known to be functioning well.

    What Is AS400/i-Series Used for?

    The AS400 i series platform is widely used for enterprise resource planning and other mission-critical operations. It is especially used in industries that demand high levels of reliability, such as production and manufacturing.

    Customers of systems, applications, and products as well as users of competing database management systems choose the AS400 power systems.

    With the advent of the AS400 cloud, the iseries framework has become a more prominent cloud solution. Secure-24, an AS400 channel partner, works closely with AS400 to develop iseries solutions for a variety of applications.

    At this stage, iseries can host anything, but various use cases might necessitate entirely different implementations. A manufacturing organization might require a hybrid AS400/i-series cloud to ensure extremely low latency. However, a retailer might prefer the cost management features and scalability of a cloud-only system.

    Now that you know how prominent and useful iseries is, let’s learn some of its crucial benefits.

    Benefits of iSeries

    Here are the top compelling benefits of the AS400 i series server:

    AS400 Offers Increased Productivity and Efficiency

    One of the reasons for the AS400/i-series’ popularity is that it has served as a model for how much data and resolutions software can handle in various industries.

    A developer will be able to easily apply the same concepts from one product to a subsequent project with an identical layout. Things will be even faster and more productive as a result of this.

    Furthermore, the AS400 system works effectively with large data sets at once, which is not always the case with its competitors. If you’re working with a lot of complex calculations, for instance, you should be able to receive the data-driven conclusions you need quickly.

     AS400/i-Series Requires Less Staff

    If you’re a small firm or a startup, this is a perfect choice for you. This software does not require a large workforce to run. In fact, the AS400 system can be managed by a single administrator.

    The iseries system was created with a minimal cost of ownership in mind. In fact, this system is beneficial to business organizations that are striving to cut costs in this domain.

    This software will be updated and developed on a regular basis by IBM. You won’t have any problems continuing to develop the intellectual property your company requires without having to switch to a new system.

    AS400 is an incredibly reliable software system that has been around for a long time. When compared to competitors, it rarely has any form of maintenance issues, which is one of its greatest aspects.

    Today, server security and stability are inextricably linked, especially as businesses continue to store their most sensitive data and resources on their servers. That data is subject to assault if there are no reliable security measures in place.The AS400/i-series has an object-based framework, which means it handles all data and devices as objects. This is one of the reasons it is so safe. It also offers single-level storage, which assures that any form of an enterprise system is completely secure.

    AS400 iSeries Is User-Friendly and Flexible

    IBM created the AS400/i-series to ensure that hardware and software upgrades won’t interfere with one another. Any modifications to the software or upgrades to that part of the programming, for instance, will have no effect on how the hardware technology operates.

    This allows the user to easily upgrade or change things as needed without having to deal with multiple deployments.

    Now that we have covered everything that AS400 can offer, let’s move to a company that can modernize your software, improve your security, and help scale your business operations.

    How Can Integrative Systems Help?

    Integrative System’s only objective as an AS400 software application development company is to assist you in making your vision a reality. We accomplish this by providing you with outstanding AS400 software and services support.

    We’ve been working in this field for over 20 years and are an IBM silver business partner, so you can entrust us with any AS400 application.

    Our in-house AS400 developers and IT specialists are qualified and experienced in designing and building high-end AS400 I series applications for a variety of businesses.

    Contact us at [email protected] with your ideas and visions, and we’ll get back to you in a couple of days to discuss matters in detail.

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