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    How Can AS400 Outsourcing Help You Mitigate iSeries Staffing Challenges?

    Have your Company’s AS400 veterans approaching retirement made you consider AS400 outsourcing? Two of the very important reasons why some business organizations fail: lack of experienced IT professionals and reliable skill sets.

    Such organizations just do not have the workforce to optimize the function of their IBM i system.

    If your company is struggling with similar situations, then this blog is for you.

    Read ahead to understand the iSeries Services Staffing Challenges and learn how to mitigate them successfully with ease.

    Staffing Bottlenecks of AS400 Services

    With so much value in the AS400 system’s data and core application programs, depending on the existing legacy system is not a reasonable solution.

    A major concern is that the IBM i AS400 may become a roadblock to expansion as many veteran IBM specialists are set to retire.

    The problem can become critical in organizations with fewer employees, some of whom are nearing retirement. Even if they do have IT personnel, their teams may lack some necessary abilities. When they hire a new employee, onboarding takes far too long.

    You can ensure that your IT team has all the necessary skill sets by recruiting, hiring, and training new personnel. That, on the other hand, is far easier said than done.

    Companies that are competitive and successful are constantly seeking strategies to cut costs while increasing revenue sales.

    As you should be aware, this corporate reality has a significant impact on the IT department. Unless your organization utilizes AS400 technology to its greatest capacity, your company risks falling behind the competition.

    Unfortunately, some business organizations only have the means to preserve the existing circumstances of their IBM i AS400 system and fail to fulfill the needs of a growing firm.

    However, outsourcing as400 services from a reputable corporation or independent professional is yet another alternative that is generally more cost-effective.

    Hiring AS400 outsourcing services from a reliable iSeries software development company saves you time that would otherwise be spent on recruiting and training. It also lowers your long-term financial burden because contracts have expiration dates.

    What is iSeries Outsourcing?

    AS400 outsourcing takes place when an organization relies on a third-party company to perform certain tasks in order to reduce the load of handling such tasks in-house.

    Because of the latest advancements in cloud computing technological solutions, iSeries outsourcing is now available in remote regions. And because of this single change, many organizations now have the option of outsourcing work to several third-party providers of AS400 support services.

    BPCS Manufacturing industryOutsourcing AS400 as a service can assist you in cutting costs, optimizing operational efficiencies, streamlining existing internal IT systems, and increasing performance and quality standards.

    When it is time, AS400 outsourcing can help smooth your company’s transfer from mainframe legacy operations to modernized enterprise-wide technologies.

    Now how can outsourcing iSeries services help mitigate staffing bottlenecks?

    AS400 Outsourcing can Help Mitigate iSeries Staffing Challenges

    Access to a Pool of Expert IT Specialists

    AS400 outsourcing will assist you in bringing on board a team of IT experts with years of experience handling IBM iSeries AS400 administration. You’ll make room for new and innovative ideas to achieve the best business outcomes.

    Access to a Pool of Expert IT Specialists

    You’ll be able to easily maintain, update, and deploy all AS400 hardware and software, as well as enhance the efficacy of your existing IBM platform. Outsourcing experts can even assist you in making well-informed decisions and facilitating effective business operations while attaining the targeted business goals.

    Segmenting Your Work and Priorities

    You free up your time when you delegate your iSeries responsibilities and backlog to an experienced and skilled expert. Furthermore, conducting a work assessment to determine what to outsource allows you to prioritize your IT workload better.

    The outsourcing strategy allows you to plan for the future instead of resolving bugs and dealing with upkeep or operational difficulties from the past. The truth is that delegating and assigning those tedious maintenance jobs can help you get a lot of things in order.

    Outsourced professionals will listen to you, understand what you’re saying, and apply their skills to meet your needs.

    Saving Costs in the Long Run

    In general, recruitment agencies usually charge a 20% premium on top of the wage of the new employee you recruit. Hourly-waged or contract-based external sources, on the other hand, can have a significant impact on the budget.

    You might well have attempted recruiting in the past that took major effort on your parts, such as more time, energy, and money. Furthermore, the screening fees required for marketing or advertising the position are rather high. The truth is that full-time staff require a major investment.

    Saving Costs in the Long Run

    On the other hand, outsourcing might appear to be costly until you include all of the hidden costs of an in-house employee. And if you choose your outsourcer wisely, you’ll almost certainly find a skilled professional who is well-suited to the task at hand.

    Increased Flexibility and Growth

    You’ll be able to scale your AS400 ecosystem and add flexibility to your work processes with agile end-to-end iSeries management from an experienced IBM service provider. It will be easy to monitor progress and performance if you have strong management, communication, and collaboration in place.

    There will be no compromising on the efficiency of the management, which will aid in drawing the most from iSeries systems. You will be able to instruct all of your issues via emails, chat, and phone calls, allowing the outsourced AS400 iSeries professionals to manage all tasks and responsibilities remotely.

    Increased Focus

    iSeries outsourcing can help you improve your competitive edge by allowing you to focus on key activities such as research and product development, new industry prospects, and building client connections.

    Instead of worrying about where to find qualified staff to replace veterans approaching retirement, you can concentrate and work on outsourcing top industry talents to improve vital aspects or promote new initiatives. You can re-direct IT professionals into more strategic planning, organizing, and exploring new options.

    Significantly Better Outcomes

    Outsourcing iSeries services is a versatile solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. You can cut expenditures while still ensuring excellent performance and 24-hour support and maintenance. Consistent and reliable service standards eliminate concerns about equipment failure or workforce shortages when employees get sick, go on vacation, retire, or quit.

    Your outsourcing partner can offer ideas and suggestions to streamline and upgrade existing in-house IT infrastructure and services. Instead of letting increasing Mainframe issues overwhelm other needs, outsourcing allows you to play to your company’s strategic goals.

    Improved Customer Support

    You will receive faster and 24×7 customer assistance because providing an exceptional and premium user experience is important for a skilled and professional AS400 staff. You might not be able to achieve this with your in-house staff due to workforce constraints.

    Improved Customer Support

    Effective customer support allows you to consult an expert team at any time and from any location, allowing you to complete all of your tasks as soon as possible. There will be no reduction in work performance, and you will get access to all forms of technical, operational, software, and application assistance for a full as400 management.

    Where to Find Top-Class AS400 Outsourcing Services?

    An outsourcing partner is your best bet if you want to get access to top-tier iSeries outsourcing services.

    iSeries outsourcing partners who specialize in working with businesses like yours can provide relevant and reliable technological solutions.

    A skilled and competent as400 outsourcing partner can often discover flaws or opportunities that you may have overlooked.

    Now that you are aware of all the benefits you would receive if you resorted to AS400 outsourcing services, let’s lead you to one such leading and secure outsourcing partner.

    How Can Integrative Systems Help Scale Your Business? 

    Integrative Systems is a software development firm of repute, situated in Chicago with clients across North America and Canada.

    Our company has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and has successfully delivered over 1150 projects.

    Our AS400 support services are of the greatest quality, thanks to our team of AS400 specialists. Here are a few skills from their extensive skill set:

    • In-depth RPG knowledge and expertise
    • Well versed in writing complex SQL statements, Query, and Stored Procedures
    • Expertise in legacy application automation and modernization
    • Experience with migration and operating system upgrades
    • Provide extensive iSeries AS400 application support, upgrade, and development
    • Can troubleshoot complicated problems on IBMi AS400 servers
    • Extensive knowledge of IBMi system administration duties
    • Capable of managing backups and maintaining documentation
    • Have advanced knowledge of application code analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, and maintenance

    Let us know about your AS400 software application concerns, so we can finalize if you require a dedicated team of outsourced IT experts based on:

    • Contracts
    • Fixed rates for one-time projects
    • Hourly rates for ongoing development

    Contact us today at [email protected], and we will get back to you in a day or two.

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