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    Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best IBM AS400 Consulting Company

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    Choosing an AS400 consulting company can be challenging, especially for those who have not worked with one earlier. Almost every firm claims to have considerable experience in terms of the services they provide. How will you assess which consulting firm is best for your business and help you achieve your business goals? This article presents the key aspects that you should consider while choosing an IBM AS400 consulting firm.

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    Hiring a consultant company can help you improve business performance and help you to achieve success.

    • A consulting company can help you overcome business challenges and increase revenue.
    • Before choosing a consulting firm, make sure to check their experience and projects they have completed successfully in the past.
    • Also, remember, the pricing policy of consulting firms may vary, depending upon the requirements.

    IBM AS400 consulting services firms help organizations like yours to improve their performance and efficiency. The consulting firm professionals analyze your businesses and suggest solutions that can help companies achieve their goals. Organizations should consider hiring consulting firms when they need help or a catalyst for change in their current setup.

    5 Important Tips While Choosing a Consultant

    Entrepreneurs are independent risk-takers by nature compared to small business owners, as they will not ask for help when needed. Entrepreneurs who have started a company; it is like their baby, and they know how to raise it.

    However, it is normal if they do not know everything about managing a business. Sometimes, it makes sense to consult others about the same, but how will you decide who is right for your business? When choosing a consultant, follow these five tips:

    1. Unimpeachable Character

    The first tip, an effective consultant must be a company with high values. They must be the consummate professional and must be willing to put the client’s interest ahead of their own.
    For example, they must have the guts to say what the client wants to hear instead of saying something by sugar-coating. The consulting company must care about their clients deeply.

    2. Solid Experience

    A perfect consulting company must have a similar experience with the challenges you face as a client. They may not be familiar with your company specifically, but they should be familiar with your service industry quite well. What an IBM AS400 consulting company brings to the table is addressing the issues you are facing.

    3. Creative Problem-solving Approach

    As a client, you must be wishing to engage with an outstanding problem-solving company. After all, you are looking to hire a consultant to solve business problems. The successful consulting company must have outstanding analytical skills to synthesize their thoughts and practices and then conclude. They should be an imaginative, creative and effective learner.

    4. Outstanding Business Communication

    A good AS400 consulting company must be articulated. They should possess strong business communications, both internally and externally. No matter how innovative AS/400 consulting company you choose, they will not be able to help you until their team cannot fully understand the issues you are facing.

    5. Excellent Interpersonal Skills

    For a consulting firm to help your company, a trust-based relationship is needed to be developed. It would be best if you were comfortable in revealing the secured details about your business, and they should only implement it for your business. The relationship between consultant and client should be like a relationship between doctor and patient. Without complete honesty, the consulting company is hindered in its efforts to help your business. Choose a consulting company with whom you can develop such a professional relationship.

    The right IBM AS400 iSeries consulting company can create incredible business value, and choosing the wrong consulting firm can destroy that value. Following these five tips will help you choose the right firm or individual.

    Integrative Consulting Resources to Support Your AS400 Project Requirements

    As a silver business partner of IBM AS400 iSeries, we have all the expertise and resources in place to help you with your long-term and short-term project.

    IBM AS400 iSeries Consulting and Development

    Looking for help while upgrading your AS400 or consultant support? We are ready for everything and can help you with business analysis, application design, and application programming.

    IBM AS400 RPG Staffing

    Is someone from your team going to retire? Or are you facing a shortage of RPG developers?

    Well, you do not need to worry as we can do staffing for you. Instead of hiring someone full-time, your company can save time and money by having the right expertise onboard as per the project.

    IBM AS400 Modernization Services

    Looking for something new in your IBM AS/400 software or wish to move away from your AS400 system? Well, you can keep your existing setup in place while improving the overall user experience. With AS400 modernization, you can maintain business effectively and efficiently.

    IBM AS/400 Integration Services

    Fully leverage your IBMi environment and extend its capabilities by integrating third-party applications, e-commerce solutions like Magento.

    IBM AS400 Software Third-party Integrations: You can integrate technologies like CRM, Warehouse management system, and security applications.

    IBM AS/400 e-Commerce Integration: The IBM AS400 e-commerce integration will take your business to the next level in terms of online purchase, safe and secure transaction, and quick process.

    IBM AS400 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Implementation Support

    EDI plays an important role in companies, as it reduces the order-to-cash cycle time by 20% and improves business transactions. But EDI rate can be affected by various factors like- backlog or code change and can cost time and money to your company. So, as a company, you cannot afford to lose such a high grip due to an outdated system. Take a self-assessment from Integrative Systems to know more about the benefits of EDI and how to keep it updated.

    IBMi AS400 Security

    You must have heard that the IBM AS400 system is untouchable and resistant to security threats. While IBMi AS400 is one of the safest platforms, everyone is exposed to security threats.

    How are your IBM AS400 security levels? Often companies assume that the integrated security features of IBMi AS400 are enough to keep the data secure. But AS400 software requires consistent monitoring and maintenance to ensure that its security is up to date. The proper security audit from Integrative will help you deploy the best practices and decrease exposure risk.

    IBMi AS400 Consulting Services from Integrative Systems

    Integrative Systems has an experience of more than two decades in IBM AS/400 iSeries consulting. Integrative’s team of IBMi AS400 professionals can ensure that your projects are well managed, and implementations done on time and within budget.

    The exhaustive list of consulting services from Integrative Systems includes –

    • iSeries OS Upgrade
    • Business Application Upgrade
    • Performance Analysis
    • 3rd Party Application Upgradation
    • Deployment Across Multiple Systems
    • Identifying specific business requirements and provide solutions as per requirements
    • Planning and management of all phases of an application

    Let Integrative’s decades of experience satisfy your diverse needs of the IBM AS400 iSeries. share your requirements with us at [email protected], and someone from our team will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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