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    Why You Should Consider Investing in AS400 iSeries?


    According to statistics by IBM, over 100,000 companies worldwide use IBMi for powering their mission-critical, robust, computing-heavy applications. Companies that run on iSeries fall into verticals right from banking to the health sector, from manufacturing to distribution centers & retailers. Even Government sectors trust their data to the secure infrastructure of the AS400 system. If you ask our clients, 65% say they are running 85-100% of their workload and business applications on iSeries and the rest are planning to increase workloads on the platform. This simply reflects the enduring nature and the legacy of IBMi platform & clearly explains why you should invest in it.

    IBM AS400 iSeries is one of the most robust systems in the world. Out of all the application servers, IBM AS400 operating system has an incredible – uptime rate of 99.97%. That is why it is one of the most reliable and secure methods for every vertical.

    Even after three decades with more than seven lakhs+ application systems, as400 iSeries is installed in over 150 countries. The current AS400 programmers are not generally enthusiastic about replacing IBM AS400 / i-series with something else, which is yet to prove it’s worth.

    The importance of the IBM AS400 iSeries system has increased a few notches higher for enterprises, as it’s working well and able to avoid the necessity of yet-to-prove new technologies.

    Newcomers need to know that the IBM AS400 iSeries platform is the best business tool for over 30 years. And the fully integrated database of IBM AS400 iSeries comes with full system logging via journals that cannot be accomplished by any other system.

    Why IBM AS400 / iSeries Is Irreplaceable?

    Making an entry into the market 30 years prior and still, IBM AS400 iSeries is regarded as the most reliable and secure server worldwide. Hence, IT organizations are reluctant to move away from their dear IBM AS400 iSeries.

    Furthermore, IBM AS400 iSeries is fully compatible, and the upward compatibility of AS400 software protects your revenue by avoiding costly code migrations at the time of platform update. Many organizations that purchased IBM AS400 iSeries web services years ago continue to refer it due to this seamless compatibility.

    IBM continuously updates the platform and has big plans for the future of IBM AS400/iSeries software. Every 2 to 3 years, IBM release a new version of hardware and software that features enormous leaps forward in terms of processing power and functionality.

    Organizations around the globe are running on AS400 / i-series software. AS400 iSeries software forms the foundation some of the most powerful servers and OS in the market today, and both, i.e., power systems and AS400 iSeries software, are alive and kicking.

    AS400/iSeries software is continuously evolving, embracing modern techniques, and becoming increasingly robust and giving a competitive edge to the world’s top server systems.

    For various industries like – insurance, banking, and manufacturing, data is their lifeline, and businesses generally don’t switch the servers or operating systems on which they are working for a long time.

    In the current scenario, when integration and development in IBM AS400 / iSeries are becoming much more comfortable, there is no point in neglecting this legacy system. Also, moving to something entirely new always poses a risk of uncertainty regarding performance and robustness.

    Even though the AS400 iSeries platform has heavy-hitting technology, people still have some misconceptions in their minds.

    Here, let’s try to clear the misconceptions and give you the reasons to invest in this advanced technology.

    AS400 Is Outdated:

    The software was created in 1988, and since then, it has been renamed several times, and renaming has not helped in changing the mindset that it is a modern platform. But the fact is, AS400 iSeries software and AS400 iSeries services are critical parts of many top organizations’ computing infrastructure worldwide.

    AS400 Talent Is Retiring:

    According to a few experts, the veterans on the as400 iSeries platform are reaching retirement age, and all their knowledge and expertise will go along them. But, they are unaware that there are several as400 development companies and on-demand developers of AS400 / i-series software, working with various top organizations worldwide.

    Just have a look at the pointers to know where AS400 iSeries is still used

    • Over 10,000 companies worldwide use AS400 iSeries technology as it exists within IBM to power their most critical applications. These companies work in various sectors like banks, healthcare, manufacturing, government agencies, and distribution centers.
    • The AS400 iSeries software is like an unsung hero. It is not used for general office functions or to increase employee’s productivity; instead, it handles heavy applications like ERP or health information systems.
    • According to the recent survey of AS400 iSeries software users, 39% of them manage their 75-100% workload through this software only.
    • Moreover, the statistics also indicated the importance of this platform in the future. As per statistics, 20% of the users are ready to increase IBM’s workload of IBMi web services.

    AS400 Software Performance with its Marketing Competitors

    When comparing the technology and scope, you need to be aware of the market or the application category it currently fits in.

    If you will resemble a user mobile application technology against a huge transnational server application, it is altogether in a different context.

    The sole purpose of their existence is other. The problem each of them solves is also different.

    For example, it is better to compare Android vs. iOS or Linux vs. Windows or even SAP vs. Oracle.

    Why AS400/iSeries is Still Considered?


    Never question AS400/iSeries software reliability. The AS400 iSeries is still recognized because maintenance problems associated with it are rare. As per IBM, AS400 iSeries developers experience only around 5.1 hours of unavailability per year, which counts to 99.99% uptime.


    Today, server security is more critical than ever, and the AS400 iSeries software has never been infected with similar viruses that affect other systems.

    Moreover, its object-based design has been the heart of power systems since the start, and still today, it’s the key to IT security since viruses often penetrate systems into data form and not objects.

    Web Servers:

    More than 70% of organizations are running their web servers on AS400 iSeries software, and the number has increased by 2% if compared to last year. With this trend, more organizations are expected to adopt this technology in the future.


    Most AS400 / iSeries software enables organizations can function with limited staff or with one administrator only. This thing results in low TCO of the platform.

    At least one AS400 programmer speaks to the amount of intellectual property created on AS400 iSeries software in every organization. The AS400 / iSeries software community is active in furthering development on IBMi.


    A large number of unattended organizations prove that automation is a feasible strategy for AS400/iSeries software. Large organizations with 2-4 servers are more likely to run alone in comparison to small organizations.

    Moreover, the decision of automation is not decided as per size; this depends upon the project.

    Percentage of Core Business on IBM AS400/iSeries:

    AS400 software is a critical platform for most organizations, as more than half of their core business runs on AS400 iSeries software. Without this platform, some organizations will struggle to run their businesses.

    What it means is, these organizations are running their business on AS400 iSeries software, not because other technologies are ignorant, but because only “IBMi” suits their needs.

    Return on Investment:

    The vast majority of AS400 service providers and the AS400/iSeries development company believe that this platform delivers a better ROI than others.

    And this shows that the marketplace is highly stable. Also, 76% of survey takers are placed in a varied IT environment and positioned to compare as400 iSeries software with other available options.

    System Administration:

    Every tool that AS400 developers and AS400 programmers need to administer the IBM AS400/iSeries already exists and is provided by IBM. On the other hand, other companies spend valuable time in buying software licenses and monitoring.

    Modern Application Building:

    Do not be surprised by this. You can build modern applications running on AS400 / iSeries software. As400 developers can build applications that can be hosted directly on the IBMi.

    They can also take advantage of iSeries sockets to build modern desktop applications in the technology of your own choice.


    The volume of information and exchanges overseen by the AS400 iSeries is still today the reference in enterprises, such as banking and retail.

    In opposition to specific conditions that require complex estimations, this environment favors data.


    Compared with a Windows server, where you need to add CPU to expand the number of clients, the Power server allows an enormous number of clients to work. Therefore, developing the framework usage and improving ROI.

    As described earlier also, the application codes of AS400 iSeries were written three decades ago, and people feel there is a shortage of experts in this field, and there is a challenge in maintaining them.

    Many of application experts have retired long ago, and people with limited knowledge base left.

    But that’s not the truth, as companies like Integrative Systems have more than 20 years of experience in IBM AS400 / iSeries application and have many experts on board, capable of making application codes and implementing them within the systems.

    Apart from this, the Ibmi community is there to help programmers and developers. A group of experts exchange ideas and help IBM users if they come across any issue.

    Here, users can instantly support, beyond just technical, in running their organization. This is a mature platform of its kind, and no other forum exists with such a model.

    Furthermore, RPG IV is evolving as a user base maintained language like COBOL, and both of the languages are widely used, especially in core enterprise solutions.

    Moreover, IBM AS400 iSeries is here to handle modern-day languages like PHP, Java, etc. It is no wonder that the IBM iSeries AS400 will be the most secure system with merged technology in the coming times.

    In case you are looking for an IBM AS400 iSeries service provider company, Integrative Systems will be your best choice. With over 20 years of experience in this field, we can provide our clients with peace of mind and help them yield more from investment. With services like modernization, transformation, service extension, and development, clients can reap maximum benefits with minimal investments.

    With Integrative, IBM AS400 iSeries expertise, one can get real advantage of advanced technology and drive business to greater heights.

    What More Integrative Can Do for You?

    • AS400 UI Modernization: Improve functionality and looks Real-time Web Reporting and Dashboard:
    • Transform AS400/iSeries software: Restructure business modules as web services and integrate web services into mobile or tablet applications
    • Continuous Integration: Streamline application delivery process and recurring business process
    • Improve Database Design: Migrate from DDS to DDL and improve indexes and views

    Why Choose Integrative for AS400 / iSeries Services?

    As discussed above also, Integrative has enviable expertise on IBM AS400 / iSeries for developing customized applications, application up-gradation, modernization, and enhancing ERP applications.

    We are experts in various domains like manufacturing, distribution, IT, and retail. The other cost-effective services available are – application development, software maintenance on the AS400 / iSeries software platform.

    Apart from this, we provide various RPG (versions – II, III, IV, RPG/400 & ILE RPG) programming solutions. Furthermore, services like iSeries software OS upgrade, AS400 administration, and maintenance of legacy applications and modernization.

    Moreover, at Integrative systems, we also provide support and maintenance services through IBM AS400 / iSeries, which includes application and product maintenance and documentation services. And have the proper setup for managing testing in all phases, analyze performance and system administration.

    Feel free to share your requirements at [email protected] with us about your AS400 / iSeries, and we will reach out to you within 24 hours with the best possible solution.

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