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    Why AS400 Green Screen to GUI Is a Strategic Investment in 2023?

    Have you ever considered replacing your AS400 (application) green screen?

    The thought may be unsettling for IT managers and their teams who are deep-rooted in the legacy system.

    But in 2023, the age of innovation, it will be a sheer injustice to overlook the possibility solely because of its familiarity and dependency.

    Is your business heavily invested in AS/400 iSeries and green screen technology?

    Here’s a food for your thought:

    Moving from AS400 green screens to modern GUI interfaces may sound uncomfortable but it has proven to be a significant step towards improved efficiency and a more user-friendly experience for modern businesses.

    This means the same old confidence of AS-400 is now available in a modern and user-friendly format.

    Curious to know more?

    In this blog, we will discuss – Its challenges, solutions, and what you can achieve with the AS400 green screen modernization.

    Ready to go beyond the familiar and tap into the potential of IBM’s green screen?

    Let’s begin!

    5 Reasons to Put Aside the As400 Green Screen Now

    Remember why you and your team chose AS-400?

    It was for its ability to make your job easier and faster, pull everything under one umbrella, and boost overall efficiency.

    Today, the green screen AS400 applications have their own share of challenges, and it is high time to look for modern options to remain relevant.

    Here are the top 4 urgent reasons you to put the iSeries (application) green screen aside.

    Reduced User Productivity

    Ease of use, user Experience & accessibility are important factors when considering modern technology. Green screen’s plain, text-based interface lacks an intuitive, responsive, and human-centered design hampering the stakeholder’s efficiency and slowing down the workflow.

    If your team’s productivity is suffering, green screens of AS400 systems can be a crucial reason.

    Graphical Constraints

    Decision-making using charts, images, and graphs has proven to be more effective than the text-based environment. In an age of data, this limitation of the AS400 application green screen has called for the urgent attention of leaders, seeking a modern replacement for visual decision-making.

    Integration Challenges

    Modern CIOs and CTOs are leveraging seamless integration such as cloud solutions, APIs, and web services for streamlined operations and simplified communication. The age-old green screen struggles to offer seamless integration with modern-day solutions, luring it from being used in forward-thinking businesses.

    Competitive Disadvantage

    Competitive advantage is hard-earned in this ruthless landscape. The last thing you want is it to be left behind. With 5250 green screens for iSeries applications, you can barely match the speed of your competitors.

    As a solution, start considering IBM i (AS400) green screen modernization. It offers more than appealing aesthetics.

    Let’s now take a deep look into why you should invest in GUI on IBM iSeries applications today!

    Why Should You Invest in IBM I (AS400) Green Screen Modernization, today?

    If you are one of the CIOs, CTOs, and IBM i decision makers who are so committed to the green screen, here’s why you should modernize it right now.

    Here are the top reasons why you should do it today:

    A few technical advantages of modernizing your AS400 green screen to GUI are:

    Multimodal Input

    The AS400 GUI interface supports multimodal input which accepts commands from multiple modes of input including touchscreens, voice commands, and mouse interactions. You can choose your preference as per your need.

    Responsive Design

    Responsive design is crucial for all business leaders aiming to reach a diverse audience. Modernizing AS400 (application) green screens is a way to unlock easy access and interaction with business applications, improving the user experience.

    Multi-Platform Compatibility

    iSeries green screen GUI opens the door for multi-platform compatibility, which is valuable for businesses that need to operate on different devices. Unlike the old green screens, you can effortlessly enjoy cross-platform compatibility with minimal effort.

    These are a few reasons why AS-400 technology leaders are increasingly pivoting toward the Graphical User Interface.

    As you are well-versed with its technical advantages, let’s move on to explore the operational advantages.

    Operational Advantages

    Apart from aesthetics and technical benefits, GUI brings you many operational advantages you weren’t aware of.

    Risk Mitigation

    The AS400 (application) green screen lacks modern-day security features making your system vulnerable. With iSeries green screen GUI, you welcome advanced security measures such as end-to-end encryption, and user-based access preparing your system to tackle the modern security challenges.

    Reduced Costs

    Like your fellow leaders, are you seeking ways to reduce operational costs and drive better ROI? If yes, GUI modernization may be the solution you’re looking for. It helps you to multitask, enable better productivity, and expedite decision-making, ultimately reducing the cost and improving the ROI.

    Employee Satisfaction

    A happy workforce is equal to better business performance, agreed?

    GUI on IBM iSeries applications helps you unlock the secret of a happy workforce by automating mundane tasks, offers better accessibility, lowers the learning curve, and ultimately helps your employees experience job satisfaction.

    Green screen as400

    Moving on, let’s discuss how the AS400 (application) green screen is leveraged in diverse domains.

    Transition to AS400 Green Screen from GUI

    In the highly competitive business landscape, transitioning from the IBM AS400 application green screen to GUI can be a game changer.

    Let’s zoom into diverse sectors and how GUI helps them stay agile.

    Information Technology

    Be it a software development company or a data company transitioning from a green screen enables you to enjoy:

    • Enhanced user experience
    • Better integration with modern tech
    • Improved workforce productivity and reduced errors
    • Enhanced adaptability to the rapidly evolving IT environment
    • And ultimately, gaining a competitive advantage.

    Finance and Banking

    Whether you are a mid-sized banking institution or an enterprise-level insurance company, modernizing AS400 green screens has got you covered.

    Thinking about how?

    It brings you:

    • Airtight security against modern cyber attacks
    • User-friendly interface for complex operations
    • Enhanced data analysis
    • Regulatory compliance

    Warehouse Management

    Be it an enterprise-level distribution center or a government warehouse, the GUI on IBM iSeries can brush off multiple challenges.

    It empowers you with:

    • Real-time visibility
    • Improved multitasking
    • Streamlined order processing
    • Scalability and futureproofing
    • Efficient inventory management
    • Advanced reporting and analytics, and more.

    Companies that have adopted IBM i green screen modernization are witnessing noteworthy growth and improved performance.

    However, this shift should be carefully planned to guarantee a seamless transition and minimal disruption to the existing workflow.

    This is when an IBM i green screen modernization partner comes into the picture.

    Let’s now discuss the frequently asked questions by decision-makers, such as you.

    IBM i Expert


    1. How old is 5250 green screen technology?

    Ans: The 5250-terminal emulator, or green screen is a be exact add the timeline. The 5250 apps were the reason why decision-makers heavily relied on it. It served as a powerful and safe tool for enterprises for many years without changes.

    2. What are the security implications of using the AS/400 green screen in our organization?

    Ans: There are multiple factors concerned with the AS400 green screen. It has poor authentication, outdated software, and limited encryption, making it vulnerable in the age of cyber security.

    As a solution, users must modernize the iSeries (application) green screen

    while enjoying the legacy RPG software’s benefits.

    3. Can AS-00 green screen applications be integrated with newer systems and technologies?

    Ans: Yes! Many visionary CIOs and CTOs have already integrated their IBM AS 400 green screens applications with modern technologies and achieved 10x productivity, employee satisfaction, competitive edge, and much more with the help of a service provider.

    4. What are the potential cost savings or ROI benefits of maintaining or upgrading our AS400 green screen infrastructure?

    Ans: Here’s what you potentially gain by modernizing AS/400 greenscreens.

    • 14% hike in the annual revenue
    • 15-35% cost savings on infrastructure
    • 74% of lowered costs of hardware, software, and staff

    5. What are the migration strategies available for transitioning from AS/400 green screen applications to more modern and user-friendly interfaces?

    Ans: Following are the approaches for modernizing the AS400 green screen to GUI:

    • API & UI Framework
    • Screen Re-facing
    • RPG Open Access
    • Zend PHP Server

    Bridge Your AS400 Green Screen Gap with Modernization with Integrative Systems

    When it comes to modernizing your AS-400 applications, we are the partner you can trust.


    We are an IBM Silver Business partner with a legacy of 25+ years.

    Here’s our approach for a successful AS400 application GUI modernization.

    1. At first, we thoroughly assess your current AS-400 set-up

    2. Then, we plan for GUI AS/400 application modernization

    3. Improvise & offer support during the process

    4. Analyze the effect of modernization

    5. Implement the modernization plan

    Our team of IBM i professionals leverages their wealth of knowledge and expertise to handle every aspect of delivering tailored solutions and maximizing your return on investment.

    We understand that the iSeries (application) green screen modernization is beyond appealing aesthetics. It’s about achieving the complete system enhancement.

    By choosing Integrative Systems, you are getting more than a service provider. You are getting a team of experienced professionals striving for your success and growth.

    Modernizing AS400 Green Screens

    Don’t wait until tomorrow to approach your modernization initiative. Drop us an email at [email protected] with your iSeries (application) green screen modernization needs, and our team of experts will get back to you in 2 business days.

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