IBM AS400 iSeries in banking

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    This is Exactly Why banks around the World Rely on IBM AS400 iSeries

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    Around 16000 banks around the world rely on the IBM AS400 iSeries system because IBM iSeries can address the needs of banks indisputably and offer flexible and cost saving solutions. You must have read about AS400 in our previous blog.

    The system is known for its security, reliability, and availability, and it supports multiple operating systems on a single system. If you are looking to expand your core banking solutions, you must consider IBM AS400 iSeries. This blog explains how software addresses the challenges that banks face and will bring value to your business.

    IBM AS400 iSeries in Banking Sector

    The IBM AS400 iSeries system has the world’s most diverse portfolio for banking solutions. It offers unparalleled freedom to bank executives for choosing the best applications for their banking needs.

    IBM AS400 provides integrated, secure capabilities to help banks grow cost-effectively. IBM AS400 is meant to streamline banking infrastructure and operations, so banks can save money and invest in expanding themselves in the industry.

    This blog from Integrative Systems explains why IBM AS400 iSeries is a unique system to run banking solutions. We have written this blog for bank executives and other IT experts in the banking sector looking for an extra-ordinary solution to solve banking challenges.

    IBM iSeries solved lots of challenges for banks, such as – driving down business costs, increasing revenue, addressing government regulations, and business continuity. Today, the banking industry is facing a lot of challenges collectively, and those challenges are causing a huge hurdle in the banking business.

    The IBM AS400 system is savior, as it is helping banks maintain their complex business demands within a streamlined business environment. IBM iSeries is well known for its security, and in comparison, to other available options, the safety of AS400 is easy to implement and manage.

    With IBM AS400 on board, banks can secure their business records, client data, and transactions against inside and outside breaches. The technology will prevent customer data tampering and will also reduce the risk of fraud – which is the most important operational aspect for a bank.

    How IBM AS400 iSeries Address the Challenges of the Banking Sector?

    IBM AS400 iSeries are specially designed with all necessary modules like operating system, hardware, security, storage, and middleware to support a bank process. All the modules are thoroughly tested, and IBM ensures that all the functions work seamlessly and cohesively before releasing them into the market for bank use.

    IBM has an extensive group of independent software vendors that provide AS400 solutions. Moreover, the reliability and security of IBM systems are well known, and that is why 16000+ banks worldwide rely on IBM AS400 iSeries for their business process. The reason behind this overall success is unmatched support from IBM to the banks.

    The AS400 solutions from IBM is helping banks to respond to various challenges, like Drive Down Business Cost

    Banks acquire or merge with other banks to drive down the cost of doing business. They come together and reduce dependability on IT resources and staffing, which ultimately reduces the business operations cost. Banks often arrive at a less complex IT environment and operate with reduced staff.

    However, in such an environment, banks are expected to enable a high level of services. All such factors and issues affect the efficiency ratio of banks (how the bank fiscally manages its business). IBM AS400 can also help you in enabling a high level of services, as it will reduce the time spent on unnecessary tasks, shrink the chances of human error, and improve overall operations through automation.

    Increase Revenue

    The best way for banks to increase revenue is to expand business in non-traditional areas. Like a bank, you always need to search for ways to establish yourself as a complete financial center. You can provide traditional banking services, along with new services like- insurance, stocks, and investment services. With AS400 on board, banks can handle multiple services through automation capabilities of the software and increase revenue.

    Address Government Regulations with Business Continuity

    The government put regulations on banks to ensure proper functioning according to laws. Regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the PATRIOT Act are very critical to banks, and there are many more to come.

    Such an act often requires banks to put strict control over transactions and provide excellent stability. Banks looking for ways to respond quickly to these regulations in an error way can trust IBM AS400 systems for fast processing of operations.

    IBM AS/400 is the leading business system for banks that want a simplified approach, value integration, and support several services.

    The IBM AS400 system is specially designed to integrate with the latest business technologies and extensively work with them. The iSeries provide a faster, reliable, and highly secured way for banks to simplify their business environment by decreasing the number of required servers. Furthermore, the IBM AS/400 will help you optimize the efficiency ratio and save money.


    Security and Reliability of IBM AS400 for Banks

    IBM AS400 iSeries is a completely secure, time-proven, and reliable technology. It can help banks with the security compliance process and secure customer data with built-in advanced security features. The software is entirely virus resistant and capable of avoiding productivity loss.

    The AS/400 iSeries systems are designed to add new hardware or features to the existing setup without any disruption and exceed the uptime upto 99.9%. Have a look at some of its features:

    • The AS400 iSeries banking system comes with i5/OS and a real-time virus scanning interface.
    • The IBM iSeries has the highest bank vertical client satisfaction rate in the industry.
    • The AS400 system vigorously protects the user investments and user skills, as it does not require application recompiling after every update.
    • The software comes with the ability to run the business application without recompilation on the upcoming OS or server.
    • IBM AS400 support is available for premium users worldwide.
    • The reliability of AS400 systems is well known worldwide; additionally, it comes with an integrated design feature to provide continuous availability.
    • IBM AS400 software is tested at a vast temperature, from -40°F to 140°F.

    The IBM AS400 iSeries has provided a clear roadmap for the future. For the past 30 years, IBM has been consistently delivering world class services and releasing continuous upgrades for its hardware and software products.

    IBM AS/400 has full control over its future strategy and product direction. With business-driven, secure, and reliable solutions, IBM AS400 is perfectly positioned to solve the banking industry’s challenges.

    IBM AS400 iSeries Value in Banking

    • AS400 iSeries is tested by IBM
    • Its the integrated server of IBM
    • From top to bottom, IBM provides services and support, along with channel partners.
    • IBM iSeries is Reliable, and Robust Technology

    IBM Technology in Banking

    • IBM AS400 features 1-way to 64-way binary compatible scalability
    •  Integrated with i5 operating system

    IBM AS400 Security and Availability

    • 24*7*365 Availability
    • High-level security that is easy to manage

    IBM AS/400 iSeries: Core Banking Solution

    The key strength of IBM AS400 in the banking sector begins with the suitable banking environment. A suitable environment refers to the traditional setup that requires security, scalability, reliability, and availability.

    These key features of IBM AS400 iSeries have attracted over 16000 banks to use this technology in their banking system. IBM AS400 service providers that offer core banking services offer various options to clients around the world.

    As a silver business partner of IBM, Integrative Systems has worked with several financial industry experts worldwide facing various data privacy concerns. If you are also facing security concerns within your organization, schedule a meeting now. Or you can also connect us at [email protected] if you have any queries about IBM AS400 iSeries.

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