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    Why Should You Invest in AS400 ERP?

    Decision makers like you, face multifaceted challenges while working with the IBM iSeries AS400.

    One of the significant challenges is hiring skilled IT professionals as the AS400 veterans are retiring soon.

    Let’s understand how you can mitigate the scarcity of AS400 to drive your company toward IBM i success.

    What are the AS400 ERP Staffing Challenges?

    There are a few common AS400 ERP staffing challenges that include:

    Skill shortage as it can be challenging to find AS400 experts with the required skill set because AS400 is a niche skill.

    – Many experienced AS/400 professionals are walking toward retirement, and there are no relevant programs taught at the colleges leading to a shortage of experienced AS400 developers.

    – Millions of companies highly rely on IBM i for critical operations. However, the demand for its developers is greater than its supply; leading to challenges in hiring adept AS400 experts.

    Budget constraints can be a headstrong challenge in hiring and retaining skilled AS400 ERP developers.

    Now as you are exposed to the most common IBM iSeries staffing challenges, here’s how you can tackle them.

    AS400 ERP Systems

    How to Mitigate the AS400 ERP Staffing Challenges?


    The majority of the decision-makers choose to outsource to economically cheaper countries such as India. It can be a strategic decision to reduce the cost and boost efficiency by hiring an AS400 consulting service that provides reliable assistance and handles operations that were previously performed by your in-house employees.


    Another effective way to mitigate the AS400 ERP staffing challenges is with practical cross-training. It is like creating a multi-functional IT team with diverse skills. Instead of hiring a new team, you invest in the knowledge and proficiency of the existing team to create a versatile workforce.

    To construct a successful cross-training approach, you as a decision maker have to design the most effective cross-training program to minimize the disruption.

    Strategic Hiring

    Strategic hiring is about hiring talent with niche skills to overcome specific AS/400 challenges. It’s about identifying the flaw in your AS400 system and onboarding the right professionals who drive the ERP project to the pathway of success.

    This is the most suitable approach when you have a dedicated human resource department, an ample amount of time and resources, and no urgency.

    Did you know? A bad hire can cost you between $17,000 to $240,000, as per Business News Daily.

    Knowledge Transfer

    It is one of the best approaches in case of a retiring IBM i talent. The expertise and knowledge of the veteran AS400 professionals are essential for seamless operations.

    You should validate the knowledge transfer with the documentation of the best practices, and procedures to follow, one-on-one interaction, use of digital tools, knowledge-sharing sessions, and comprehensive training programs to bridge the knowledge gap.

    AS400 Consulting Services to Help You Mitigate iSeries ERP Challenges

    With our 20+ years of AS400 development experience, we assure you that outsourcing the AS400 ERP programmers from a consulting company is the best choice.

    Why, you ask. Because it –

    • Saves you time and resources.
    • Reduces your long-term financial burden.
    • Brings in the expertise of industry leaders.
    • Onboards IT professionals on fixed-term contracts.
    • Takes the prolonged hiring & training burden off your shoulders.
    • Offers stability & flexibility along with reliable business partnership.

    Final thoughts

    Now that you are well-versed with the benefits of investing in AS400 ERP, what are various staffing challenges, and how to overcome them, you are set to make the most of successful iSeries AS400 services.

    We are Integrative Systems, your AS400 iSeries IBM i consulting partner with 2 decades of development experience. Bring on your AS/400 project ideas and we will build a strategic plan to help you succeed first.

    Drop us a line at [email protected] and our experts shall connect with you in the two business days.

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